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341 A Talking Cat?!?


342 Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
343 The Masque of Red Death
344 The City of the Dead
345 Gremlins
346 The Swarm
347 Stay Alive

oh my god that movie scared me to death one day after the movie I dremt that I was playing the game and I lost then that old creepy lady was following me with a saw and I don't have any roses so I died

I really like the storyline. Although it's not very scary for me, but I really interested in watching this film. This film is very surprising, yet exciting. Well maybe it will be very scary if the game was real, but it's sure a good game to play except the death in real world part.

Oh. My. God. This film is the scariest I have ever seen and gave me nightmares for months and months. I can't even mention the name and when I hear the words together it freaks me out! Even just writing this is me out. I hate this film so much :(

This is an awesome movie scary but not the scariest but really underrated. - utahman1971

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348 House of Wax

This movie scared the hell out of me. Imagine a town so far away that it can't even be tracked by GPS. And that town is headed by two psychopathic brothers who kill people just to make wax figures out of them to show them in a lonely museum. It's very, very scary!

I watched this movie a couple of months ago and it still creeps me out, its not exactly scary, but it is very creepy in a way because it could be real, also on of the girls in the movie has the same name as me (paris hiltons charecter) which also kinda freaked me out too

I love this movie it's so scary and good. It scared me the first time I watched it but now, not so much. Paris Hilton was great in this movie but in other movies she plays in are Crap.

Is this the original or the remake?

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349 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
350 Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem
351 Copycat

This is the scariest thriller ever! - Alexandr

I was scared to go to the bathroom when I was a kid because of this movie.

352 Don't Look Under the Bed

Saw this when I was a kid and it freaked the hell outta me, I couldn't sleep alone in my room for weeks.

All these other ones are scary adult films, but I this one was, no joke, the genuine reason why I asked my parents to get me a nightlight to sleep with

This movie was so scary I had to keep the T.V. on at night so I could fall asleep!
I really didn't want to watch this but my brother made me!

353 Silent Hill

Once you enter Silent Hill there is no turning back.

The first time I saw this movie I had nightmares! My boyfriend had to wake me up because I was whimpering in my sleep. My friend who went with us to the movie, went home and turned on all the lights in her house because she was so freaked out after the movie!

Was scary in some parts, but mostly thrilling! But if you haven't played the games than it is harder to understand the storyline and not many people got it while watching it... But if you gave played the games- man! Scary as heck

#1 was the movie who would want to live in a town burnt & have burnt people after you then have those creepy sirens go off into the dark

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354 Real Friend
355 Alone in the Dark
356 Lake Dead
357 Borderline
358 Scary Movie

Ha Ha nice one. Really scairily stupid.

Scary Movie makes fun of movies. The main movie it was making fun of was scream.

THIS is the funniest scary movie I ever saw just funny as hell keep making more.

Why did you even put on this list

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359 Predators
360 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Well, this was very dark and a bit creepy butt not scary. - AlphaQ

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