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401 Devil's Due V 1 Comment
402 The Fly

Not so much scary as in jump scene type, but certainly one of the most creepy and spine tingling scenes towards the end of the movie. For anyone with arachnophobia the image of an enormous spider looming over you while your trapped there in the web is enough to give anyone sleepless nights - romanreigns919

403 Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
404 4 Minute Mile
405 A Clockwork Orange

Another Stanley masterpiece.introduce your kids to classical music.

This is totally NOT scary
It's just stupid and weird
But thankfully it's rated NC-17 for all the creepiness

"There we are in the Korova milk bar, where they serve milk vellocet, plus, and drencrom, which is what we were drinking. It got you ready for a bit of the old 'Ultraviolets'.

406 Strange Circus
407 The Bride of Frankenstein
408 Dracula

I have not watched it but my friend told me about it and it almost made me shiver

409 Night of the Demons

Best movie and scariest - cooliobaconbitz

410 A Tale of the Two Sisters
411 The Broken
412 Alien Abduction

Based on a true story - Cassixonfire

413 Drop Dead Fred V 3 Comments
414 Videodrome
415 The Changeling
416 Batman

Not a horror movie.

But The Joker is scary

417 The Legend of Boggy Creek
418 Groupie
419 The Fly (1958)
420 Whiplash

This movie is scary in a real way. There are no demons or monsters, but Terence Fletcher is honestly terrifying. I say this as a high school music student now too scared to continue with band in college.

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