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421 Dead Birds
422 Cameron's Closet
423 Iron Man 3

Not scary at all. It's just exciting.

This movie sucks.

Didn't sleep for weeks!
20/10 on the spooqi scale

Worst CB movie.

424 Eden Lake
425 The Innkeepers
426 Dolls

This movie here was crazy when I was little. it had chucky beat. now I just laugh at it but them some mean lil dolls though

427 The Night of the Hunter
428 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Multi-realistic. The camera gives you a low-tech feeling and its like the real thing. Man this movie is so old that-AHH

429 Leprechaun

No opinion on this this is why I'm afraid of leprechauns this movie I shur don't want a leprechaun pinching me so I wear green

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430 Horror Story
431 An American Ghost Story

This movie scares me in the nighttime and the daytime especially when you're all alone I couldn't stop watching it.

432 The Girl Next Door

This movie disturbed me for days

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433 Child's Play 2

Not scary I find it funny

434 Finding Nemo

Not scary at all if you think this is scary you don't know what scary is

Not to mention there's some references to horror movies like psycho and the shinning.

Some movies might scare little kids but this shouldn't be on this list because it is not a horror movie - cadespencer

This is so scary it should be banned - YOSHIA2121

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435 White Noise
436 The Echo
437 My Little Pony

This is the scariest movie I have ever seen I have nightmares about it every night

Nothing can compare to how horrifying this movie is

Haha not scary

Spare our children from this dross.

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438 Nine Lives
439 Scooby-Doo: The Movie

Mrs. Porche causes her classmates to watch it at ABC East (along with Stuart Little). - pinkaliciousgurl66

440 The Divide

All these movies listed are nothing close to scary. Older movies were somewhat scary, the fly, etc. SAW is NOTHING close to scary, some of them were interesting to watch, but didn't make me scared, just in left me in awe. "The Divide" movie is not bloody scary, but just horrific to watch. It was the only movie that moved me, and made me sleep bad the next few nights. Its not a horror movie, but an end of the world movie, and trust me, anyone watching, you'll be shocked... Literally speechless after watching it.. I can't believe my little brother told me to watch this, watched it in the middle of the night by my self. It was depressing..

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