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461 Groupie
462 The Fly (1958)
463 Whiplash

This movie is scary in a real way. There are no demons or monsters, but Terence Fletcher is honestly terrifying. I say this as a high school music student now too scared to continue with band in college.

464 Reagan

Bed time for Bonzo

Reagan is freaky because it is worse than the excorst way scarier NEVER watch it if you do you will die the next day

465 Coma
466 Milo
467 Tony
468 Goosebumps
469 Toy Story 2

Actually it is kind of scary because the movie shows that toys can actually see and hear.

Lmao this is why I love these types of trolls! - IAmNotARobot

Not even scary. I actually love this movie.

Didn't sleep for weeks. - AlphaQ

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470 Spice World

Still gives people nightmares. Acting from 6 feet below.

Not a horror movie. Just a stupid movie.

Aw come on stop it

471 The Evil Within
472 Friday
473 Kutukan Arwah Santet

Indonesian horror movie is -vulgar and not scary...

474 4Bia
475 Crimson Peak

Nothing but your typical crap modern movie that has nothing but killing, why can't good movies be made anymore, at least that will happen again when the new Star Wars movie comes out.

476 Watership Down

Scary real & really sad.should damage minds of all ages.

477 Happy Gilmore

Billy Madison is even creepier.

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478 Disturbia
479 Dabbe: The Curse of Jinn

This Movie Should Be In Top Three

480 The Lost Boys

Not scary at all. The first time I watched it I jumped twice.Second time I watched it,I didn't get scared at all. I just sat down looking at the T.V. screen like it was a comedy. Seriously. I just sat there. It's very rare for me to ever get scared of a horror movie.

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