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41 Jeepers Creepers Jeepers Creepers

This one was messed up, creepy, and psychotic. A villain that keeps coming and there is nothing you can do to stop him except hope he takes someone else.

Not a very good movie but I loved the "pipe scene" when the guy looks at all the corpses above him.

Was scary and funny I still can't get over when the villain finds the boy's underwear and the boy says darn it now he knows my name - Helloworld

Mom get the Rocket Launcher!

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42 Final Destination 3 Final Destination 3

Much scarier than the exorcist and much gorier than the saw and final destination 2 - hamidabuat

Love all of them they surprise me every time in a spooky way

The scariest part is the tanning bed scene

Are people lost there mind? These is the best - Putridorky

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43 Candyman Candyman

First and last scary movie I saw as kid... still know what happens in front of the mirror, never been more scared after that in my life!

The only horror movie that really scares me beyond my comfort zone (and I've seen many). The Candyman character is creepy as hell and I find the overall vibe of the film disturbing. I will only watch this during daylight hours...

I made my friend play the game in the church bathroom

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44 House of 1,000 Corpses House of 1,000 Corpses

This movie should be rated higher. This is the only movie I have ever seen where people ran out of the theater, and that was only half way through! Rob Zombie proved that he was indeed as twisted as his music when he brought this movie to us.

I've heard of this movie on the Big Bang Theory (when Raj watches it while his girlfriend might be a psycho) and it seems scary and gory but also a love story... - PEANUT318

Another amazing movie! Rob Zombie is a twisted man! LOVE it! I can watch his movies over and over again. If you want a twisted, creepy, hilarious movie. This is it!

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45 Mama Mama

I don't see my mom the same way anymore she can't be alone with me anymore cause of that movie and my closet had to go I took every thing out of my closet and I check it every day in the morning in the afternoon and at night its crazy.

I still can't look at a wall the same

The number one scary movie that I watched when I first saw it. After watching it a few times, it still makes me jump.

Thought it was a tree woman. Couple of minutes later. Nightmare.

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46 The Human Centipede The Human Centipede

I borrowed some movies and saw one called the human centipede I asked my brother and my dad what it was and recieved looks of shock fear and disgust but they said its f-ed up so I watched it and...
yeah scary because I read it is all 100 medically correct and this insane crap could actually happen I think its fairly new and I would not recomend watching this mentally scarring f-ed up movie - sillywalks

If you think the first one is scary the second one makes it look like nothing. They are both the scariest most twisted movies I've ever seen. What makes the first one so scary is the fact that its 100 % medically accurate and it is possible n could happen. Also, the way the people in the movie are humiliated is horrible and you can't get nemore humiliated than that. These movies gave me nightmares and has kinda thrown me off since watching them recently

I haven't seen it. It is the first movie ever since I was born that I don't even have to watch trailer, just its plot that creep me out and made me unable to eat comfortably for weeks! Don't forget that I didn't have to watch it to vote for it - elletequila

This movie is sick but awesome - Sabbath

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47 Poltergeist Poltergeist

Most terrifying movie ever made in my opinion! The only one to ever give me nightmares! The part that really messed me up was the last scene with those rotting corpses and those Caskets! I don't get scared in horror film that much but this one did it to me! It's the only one that I dread!

This movie shattered my youth. It wasn't about gore; it was about scary psychological manipulation. The real-life trail of hauntings, curses and deaths that followed everyone who worked on the film helps, too.

Is this movie really that low?! Poltergeist is super scary!

Must be in the top 10!

Still the outright-scariest movie I've ever seen. I had a clown that had long, spindly arms, that sat in a chair. He went in the closet and the door was shut immediately after I saw that movie--9 years old, new VCR...I still can't believe this is a PG movie. Even scarier than The Exorcist and The Omen, in my humble opinion.

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48 Wrong Turn Wrong Turn

This scared me so bad, when I was watching it, I couldn't MOVE at all during the commercials, and my sister was asleep next to me! I've never been so scared of a movie in my life! - Splashstorm

WATCXHED IT AWESOME. THEY ran away from ugly dudes who wanted to kill 'em. house was nasty, too. awesome. I haveit by the way. want to buy wrong turn 2. it should be even better than this one. - RDK1


In Wrong Turn 4,5,6, There are some scenes that you can notice. Especially 5.

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49 Stay Alive Stay Alive

oh my god that movie scared me to death one day after the movie I dremt that I was playing the game and I lost then that old creepy lady was following me with a saw and I don't have any roses so I died

I really like the storyline. Although it's not very scary for me, but I really interested in watching this film. This film is very surprising, yet exciting. Well maybe it will be very scary if the game was real, but it's sure a good game to play except the death in real world part.

Oh. My. God. This film is the scariest I have ever seen and gave me nightmares for months and months. I can't even mention the name and when I hear the words together it freaks me out! Even just writing this is me out. I hate this film so much :(

Staying alive staying alive ah ah ah! Was I the only one thinking about that during this movie - Helloworld

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50 Alien Alien

Yes, I agree that this is a brilliant film, the best sci-fi film ever made... But it is in no way even the slightest bit scary. I suppose it could have been back when it first came out though...

Yeah, beside the fact that Ridley Scott's movie is a Sci-Fi masterpiece and one of the best from all time, it was scary because we didn't know what to expect from the unexpected creature called ALIEN - MatrixGuy

The overwhelming sense of dread throughout this movie has rarely been equaled. The alien is still being copied and of course, Sigourney Weaver.

Totally overrated in the scary department. The alien is more badass than scary.

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51 Chucky Chucky

Ill beat that little dude up he not that scary to me matter fact he not scary I don't see how people are scared of him they made some dumb movies back in the days I have a chucky doll and he sleeps right on my dresser and I wake up every day just fine chucky is a funny movie to me.

This doll is so scary he throws nails in people's faces he is a serial killer. In addition the film leads you feeling more scared of what chucky could do than what he has done so far; therefore a thriller all the way through.

Alright, I can deal with every other movie except for this one. I'm serious. Even The Exorcist. But I have the worst fear of Ventriloquist Dummies, it's not even funny.

If you are scared of ventriloquism dummies, You my friend have Automatonophobia. we both do

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52 The Grudge 2 The Grudge 2

What was once trapped.
Will now be unleashed.

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53 Freddy vs. Jason Freddy vs. Jason

Again. This movie was just great. It provided us with some actual scares, for a change, a couple of wonderful kills, and, of course, an epic clash between the two horror giants. It's a perfect blend of horror and action, just the way I likes it.

Two of my favorite killers fighting, yes please! This fight could go on forever, since neither one of them can permanently die. JASON I LOVE you!

Isn't the jason that has a hockey mask and a chainsaw or a knife? - Simon4545

Not scary at all but it was awesome

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54 The Cabin in the Woods The Cabin in the Woods

Not the scariest of movies, but downright brilliant! Everything about this movie was done perfect. One of the absolute greatest movies ever made.

A very unique twist to the usual friends staying in a creepy place... Makes this movie well worth watching!

I was sad when the guy who was kinda high died I was like noo you need him laugh out loud but it's kinda scary not like 100% scary only a little

The ending was stupid, but otherwise, I've got no complaints. It's just awesome.

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55 The Last Exorcism The Last Exorcism
56 Cannibal Holocaust Cannibal Holocaust

My friends and I decided to watch this... I was the last woman watching. (Well, basically because we were all girls.) They were all covering their eyes though, so we had to stop it. One even had nightmares about it!

Anyway, I can always revisit this saved in my desktop.

Dude my cousin watched this and after the movie he got such a stomach ache

57 Final Destination 5 Final Destination 5

I watched it, not a bit scary. You just get thrilled on who is gonna die next. Awesome movie gonna vote anyway

I mean, if your sensitive to blood, like a bit squeamish, then this movie is not for you...I'm lucky I'm not one of those people. - Nick-brick8

AWE.. SOME. With a great blend of both tension and gore, this is my favorite film of the franchise.

Most great movies like saw I love movie that like saw and final destination

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58 Suspiria Suspiria

This is the masterpiece of scaryness. The best horror soundtrack ever will keep you frozen stiff! This is the second scariest film after The Exorcist. Unique suspense, perfect soundtrack, EXCELLENT HORROR. Idiots voted for king kong, wrong turn and... Juno?!? What?!

80? You're Kidding Right It Should Be In Top 20 At Least.

59 Final Destination Final Destination

What is scarry movy doing here... It's a comic film... Though final destination is amazing!... Just waitin for fnal destination 5...

Most scariest, horrible and disturbing movie.
Horrible and disturbing death scenes... :S
Please... Don't Watch the this movie.

60 Quarantine Quarantine

What is this movie doing way down here it was a master piece! I loved every bit of it, the horror was placed accurately and I love the gore. Personally I think rec 1 & 2 were better, but for someone who wants to be walking in their own house as if an infected is around every corner the well this is the movie for you. This movie stands on the Paranormal Activity level of horror, but it brings it to you in a gory, fast, & distinct way, this ain't just a zombie survival horror...


I watched 100s of horror movies like the ring, insidious, the grudge, etc. And they are NOT scary! Quarantine and rec scaried me so much I can never watch this movie in the dark! And I think you should listen to my advice I laughed watching the ring, the grudge, insidious and etc. This is the only movie that can scare me to death!

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