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61 Hostel

Very gory I watched this at six I walked in in to my dads room to find a man getting a drill in his tendons

This is one of the best goriest and disturbing movies but not that scary. - utahman1971

This movie gives a range of deeply negative emotions. It is not 100% scary, not 100% depressing, not 100% gross, but an awful coctail of all of the above!

Its a good movie but don't watch it.

So scary that this really could happen.

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62 Thirteen Ghosts

In this movie I REALLY hated the Jackal. Personally, I think that he was the scariest part of that whole movie. It wasn't just a gory movie it was scary.. And gave me nightmares.

This movie scared the hell out of me when I was a child. And it was my favorite until now because all of the ghosts have a shockingly deep dark story about their past - monicaaudrey

one of the best friggin movies I have ever seen ever man

I love this movie and one of the best. - utahman1971

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63 The Sixth Sense

The most intelligently made movie on spirits is the Sixth Sense, loved the concept of the movie and love to watch it alone and think about myself in the place of a spirit which still lives when it is dead... So much to think and make such a simple movie like this

I felt goosebumps on my arms when I saw this movie. This can't be one of the scariest movies, but it'll surely be on the top 10 list for the best movies. The acting, the scenario, everything was perfect! - TheDarkWolf

This movie wasn't scary at all to me, like, I watched it 4 times in a row one night because it's so good. Honestly, I didn't even know that it was supposed to be scary

I was meh, when my sister rented it and was more bored than scared. - utahman1971

Again, I agree. While the ghost images are certainly spooky, this one took a long time to get going for me. Too long - Ned964

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64 A Serbian Film

The fact that this movie isn't rated number one is simply an indication of the fact that so few people have ever seen it. Don't watch it. That's my best advice. I'll never be the same again after having watched something so horrifically disturbing.

That's right, guys. Stay in the safe under-50 zone. Don't want to give people ideas. Lie low. Stay safe. Sh - kerthesh

Brutal and horrifying would undercut the nature of this movie.

Should be in top 5

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65 28 Weeks Later

Best horror film ever made and I've watched all of the movies on "scariest films" lists, Better than 28 days later, Exorcist, Shining, Halloween, Hellraiser, the Ring, Blair Witch, any zombie movie, etc.

This is way better than 28 Days Later. - utahman1971

66 Insidious: Chapter 3

This is not scary in my opinion I think Annabelle is more scarier than this movie for real.

This is the scariest out of all the Insidious films

Not scary but some of the part is scary and shocked me. - BeaM456

Did not dare to watch since the first two sucked. - utahman1971

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67 The Fourth Kind

This is not your average alien horror movie. It is based on actual films and tapes from a psychiatrist who is curing patients in Alaska with hypnosis, these patients all have the same dream of being watch by a white owl but only remember this part. When induced into hypnosis they go crazy until they snap out of it. The one person who remembers his dream goes crazy and kills his family and himself, the scary part is that though it is mainly actors the movie cuts to real clips. In the clip he says "they" are coming for him. This leads to the doctor being under house arrest because they blame her. But after continuing the investigation the doctor finds a clip of her screaming, then she remembers she was abducted too eventually this leads to the aliens trying to get her and taking her daughter, in real life her daughter is still missing and the only person who wished to be interview was the doctor who had become a terrified sickly person. Don't watch this movie no matter how ...more

This movie should be number one, not because of the storyline, but because its based on true events and has real footage and sound recordings from a number of sources including the police that show some of the most twisted scariest things ever. Now you need to think that this was the material released and allowed to be shown, so it begs the question, what hasn't been released? And if these things did truly happen, what does it mean for us humans as a species? That's the scariest part of it all. Oh yeah, and how the hell does someone get sucked up through the roof of a house and disappear from the face of the planet? So many questions, but do you really wanna know the answer?

This should be number one. After watching this I developed a phobia of white owls. This movie is based off of a real event and they show you actually footage. I was telling my friends about the movie when I first saw it and I was on the verge of tears just explaining it to them. This movie is extremely terrifying and seems to get scarrier every time I watch it. I watch the movie years ago but thinking about it makes me shake to the bone.

Aliens are very scary. Although, I wouldn't say this is the scariest, it was definitely scary and a really good movie.

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68 The Ring Two

Its the best movie ever I have seen I love samara, racheal, and lovely adan

The first one better then this one

Another so so PG-13. - utahman1971

69 1408

I'm not sure why this one isn't much higher I love the horror genre but I rarely feel unsettled by a scary movie. After scrolling through this list I can say that I've seen nearly all of them but only this one and the ring were actually frightening.

Honestly didn't scare me at all. I have the HARDEST time finding movies that scare me & I still have yet to find one that makes me feel like I can't sleep. maybe I'm just not afraid of much, but this kinda bored me. it did have a good switch up towards the end, but that's about it.

Lets just say it's a sad demented creepy monster of a movie. I suggest putting this on the list, especially since Chucky is there. Chucky isn't scary at all...

1st horror movie I ever watched.

70 The Cabin in the Woods

Not the scariest of movies, but downright brilliant! Everything about this movie was done perfect. One of the absolute greatest movies ever made.

A very unique twist to the usual friends staying in a creepy place... Makes this movie well worth watching!

This is better than most say it is. Either you love it or hate it. Not that scary but very fun and entertaining movie and love it every time I watch it. - utahman1971

I saw the scene where some mystical creatures attacked people inside that weird looking cabin. But the most weirdest part was the unicorn killed the scientist with magic horn.
Yeah, the ending is really disappointing when two main characters died together and that giant hand at the end really made me wonder what happened to the world like "the world is going to end" and something like that.
I wish this movie deserves a sequel with good ending and new characters.

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71 Inside
72 The Last House on the Left

The original movie was better then the remake. It bothered me for days

Love it for the suspense but not that scary but love the gore. - utahman1971

Talk about one hell of a nightmare.

73 The Emoji Movie

Haven't slept in a week - sunnydhamm

I almost died of fright just watching the trailer

Look at the cover and you wont sleep for weeks


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74 Signs
75 Pulse

This one really freaked me out, you don´┐Ż't exactly know what it is that scares you - and see these things move, ugh

76 The Wicker Man

Very creepy and disturbing but scary?

Not the bees! Not the bees! - kaisietoo

77 Drag Me to Hell

Oh My God! If you want to pee n your pants then go for it, I watched the day before! I still have nightmares! But yeah! Its just awesome! Unless you can't handle horror, then go for something else! I LOVE IT

This movie is the scariest movie that has anything to do with satan, demons, and hell. None of the others on this list are anywhere near as terrifying as this one. I watched it outside in the dark (peed myself. Yes, you heard me, I actually peed myself) at 10:00-11:00 and I'm just going to say; "thanks my dear satan for making me not fall asleep for a week! I truly enjoyed it. I really did. So romantic! " (Complete sarcasm! )

God, this movie should be ranked no. 1...! Yeah, I almost died when I saw this movie first time... If you'll watch this movie at night and earphones on then surely you're gonna pee your pants..! Whatever but the story was awesome...! Ahh lamia was really very scary.,... I'm looking' forward to watch this movie in 3d...!

I think you are right guys this movie is very scary and should be ranked on the top and don't try to see this movie at midnight

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78 Seven

Wasn't scary, but nasty as hell. - The reason for my vote is simply because it's brilliant. Couldn't agree more with a murder.

This movie is scary. John Doe gives me nightmares. And who can forget the "What's in the box"!

79 Phone Booth

What isn't scary about a dude trapped in a phonebooth by a sniper in the buildings who no one can see? The sniper makes him do whatever he wants, and the scariest thing is his voice. Imagine a bone-chilling, everyday American voice, but calm and evilly saying- "hello stu. " DAMN, this jerked me for ages. I certainly ain't been in any phone booths for a while, and I intend to keep it that way, even if the nearest one is next to my best friends house! - Mushroom99

80 The Babadook

Oh my god. This should at least be in the top tens. If you want a creepy psychological horror movie this is your movie. But seriously. I had countless nightmares about the babadook

Scariest movie I ever did see. Far, far, more terrifying than Insidious.

It's a very scary movie. It's not a monster movie, it's a movie about grief and how it effects people which makes it scarier...

This movie TERRIFIED me.

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