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101 Coraline

Being the first movie to mentally scar me, it holds a dear place to my heart. Am I the only one terrified of the scene when Coraline is leaving to the normal world for the last time while the other door is getting closer while the other mother screams 'I'll die without you! ' On the other side? That is what scarred me.

Never seen a scarier kids movie... It was amazing though!

Messed up button eyes. The dreaded I'm your mum now great stuff where is monster house another good one

I'm not tryna be a wuss or anything but this can get pretty creepy at times. It shouldn't really be aimed at kids. - AlphaQ

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102 Salo

I'm scared of people because of it - mood333

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103 Annabelle

Dude I'm not even 13 yet and it wasn't scary! Yes, I watched it during the day while my mom was moving around and cleaning, but the house was very quiet and come on. I'm around 10-11 and it wasn't scary! - Untildawn8

I just want to post it to see what you guys think I'm 14 and it wasn't scary like it's a view jump scary en some oh! But nothing that scares you

Dude I have bitty babies in my kids room and I had to lock them in the closet

To be frank, it was BORING! I slept in the middle and when I woke up, the credits were rolling. Oh well, that rhymes! LOL! Anyways, it was boring and horrible.
~Yours sincerely, Aastha

P.S. I'm 11 years old

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104 Unfriended

Watched it in the cinema couple days ago... really awesome movie, creepy, some scary and shocking scenes. Wether it deserves a better rank here or not, go watch it! Will make you jump next time your phone rings...

The guy put his hand in a blender... That's beyond creepy. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This movie literally scarred me for life. And I just saw the trailer!

Scare fest for life

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105 Children of the Corn

More like Children Of The Corn Bread (Breadwinners) and Children of The Porn (What I originally call it.)

He who walks behind the road... Or something like that

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106 Voices
107 The Devil's Rejects

My favorite movie. It's not a jumpy, boo type of horror but it is an amazing movie, & a must see. I class this movie as a thriller not a horror movie. Rob zombie really has become a great film maker.

Not that scary but dope story n twisted good movie people...

One of the Greatest movies of all time!

108 Damien: Omen II
109 Eyes Without a Face
110 Orphan

This movie is like so creepy! Esther is actually a 32 year old woman who has this rare dwarfism that makes her appear to be a 9 year old.

A creepy movie, I love how the girl has the mind of a 32 year old when she is actually only 8 or 9, and the things that she does to the family that she is adopted into as well :/

Scared me couldn't go to the backroom all by myself IF you love scary movie you should watch it if your not a fan than don't prefered 14 and older

This movie is super scary

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111 30 Days of Night

With my opinion this is the outta this world vampire movie ever made!

This is my one of the scariest horror movies I've ever watched and it is most high rated'

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112 Suspiria

This is the masterpiece of scaryness. The best horror soundtrack ever will keep you frozen stiff! This is the second scariest film after The Exorcist. Unique suspense, perfect soundtrack, EXCELLENT HORROR. Idiots voted for king kong, wrong turn and... Juno?!? What?!

80? You're Kidding Right It Should Be In Top 20 At Least.

Not that scary. - utahman1971

113 Oculus

I watched this with my sister. We couldn't really be scared by it because when we were watching it at her apartment her cat was jumping around. But it was really good.

You don't know whats real, what's in the minds of our mentally tortured protagonists, and you don't know whats hallucinations caused by that damn mirror.

Very good movie. Really gets under your skin. One of the best in recent years...

Underrated by far. Scary because makes you question everything. Not the jumpscare trash that is modern horrors. Psychological is where it is at.

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114 Friday the 13th Part 2

I honestly thought jason with that potato sack over his head was a lot scarier than his trademark hockey mask.

One of the very few horror sequels to be as good as the original. A must-see from a great era in horror.

Fun fact: Jason's hockey mask is a molded Detroit red wings goalie mask.

115 Mulholland Dr.
116 Poltergeist (2015)
117 Hellraiser

112? Wrong List! Very frightening movie!

When that guy came out of the floor with no skin and all his bones and muscles showing

All time favourite, and so low on this list.

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118 I Am Legend

Ok, this IS NOT a scary film... But I'm voting for it because its such an AWESOME film! I love Will Smith!

Absolutely scary, especially when he meets the Infected for the first time, its a great film! - roblist

Dude this film is awesome. It's not that scary though.

This movie is scary but it is also super sad, am I right? - cadespencer

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119 The Unborn

This movie is better than some of the movies above.

The unborn made me jump but not scared that's it.

120 Devil's Pass

What can I say, I wanted to B-slap the idiot girl who wouldn't listen to any of her friends. So in turn a massacre.

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