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101 Wolf Creek

Scarey movie... How can the star of Play School be such an evil man

102 Voices
103 Eyes Without a Face
104 A Serbian Film

The fact that this movie isn't rated number one is simply an indication of the fact that so few people have ever seen it. Don't watch it. That's my best advice. I'll never be the same again after having watched something so horrifically disturbing.

That's right, guys. Stay in the safe under-50 zone. Don't want to give people ideas. Lie low. Stay safe. Sh - kerthesh

Brutal and horrifying would undercut the nature of this movie.

Should be in top 5

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105 30 Days of Night

With my opinion this is the outta this world vampire movie ever made!

This is my one of the scariest horror movies I've ever watched and it is most high rated'

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106 1408

I'm not sure why this one isn't much higher I love the horror genre but I rarely feel unsettled by a scary movie. After scrolling through this list I can say that I've seen nearly all of them but only this one and the ring were actually frightening.

Honestly didn't scare me at all. I have the HARDEST time finding movies that scare me & I still have yet to find one that makes me feel like I can't sleep. maybe I'm just not afraid of much, but this kinda bored me. it did have a good switch up towards the end, but that's about it.

Lets just say it's a sad demented creepy monster of a movie. I suggest putting this on the list, especially since Chucky is there. Chucky isn't scary at all...

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107 Annabelle

Dude I'm not even 13 yet and it wasn't scary! Yes, I watched it during the day while my mom was moving around and cleaning, but the house was very quiet and come on. I'm around 10-11 and it wasn't scary! - Untildawn8

I just want to post it to see what you guys think I'm 14 and it wasn't scary like it's a view jump scary en some oh! But nothing that scares you

Dude I have bitty babies in my kids room and I had to lock them in the closet

This movie is SCARY its all demons and crazy stuff just like The CONJURING.

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108 Children of the Corn

More like Children Of The Corn Bread (Breadwinners) and Children of The Porn (What I originally call it.)

He who walks behind the road... Or something like that

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109 Oculus

I watched this with my sister. We couldn't really be scared by it because when we were watching it at her apartment her cat was jumping around. But it was really good.

You don't know whats real, what's in the minds of our mentally tortured protagonists, and you don't know whats hallucinations caused by that damn mirror.

Very good movie. Really gets under your skin. One of the best in recent years...

Nice movie but not scary - phenylamine

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110 Mulholland Dr.
111 Friday the 13th Part 2

I honestly thought jason with that potato sack over his head was a lot scarier than his trademark hockey mask.

Fun fact: Jason's hockey mask is a molded Detroit red wings goalie mask.

112 I Am Legend

Ok, this IS NOT a scary film... But I'm voting for it because its such an AWESOME film! I love Will Smith!

Absolutely scary, especially when he meets the Infected for the first time, its a great film! - roblist

Dude this film is awesome. It's not that scary though.

This movie is scary but it is also super sad - cadespencer

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113 The Unborn

This movie is better than some of the movies above.

The unborn made me jump but not scared that's it.

114 Begotten

Why the hell is Spy Kids above this?! SPY KIDS isn't EVEN SCARY! Begotten is true horror at its finest. When I first saw it I was scarred for a very long time. The God Disembowels Himself scene was the worst. That scene was used for a Silencer music video - SirSkeletorThe3rd

115 House on Haunted Hill

I loved this movie so much when I was a kid. It wasn't super scary, but freaky. The end was pretty eh too but still good. I recommend it

116 Cloverfield

It's scary as hell man, bis ass monster and his or her evil babies running around eating citizens of New York

Original movie, plus the whole thing with the camera scares the crap out of me...

This is my favorite movie of all time

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118 Cujo

Really scary! I had closed my eyes and ears for some parts of the movie, but what was weird is well I should let you watch. Don't want to ruin it for you guys and you should watch it with another person with you to hand you the pillow!

This is super scary, Definitely give a watch. Uh oh, My dog is rabid. Holy sh ah. I'm gonna get you.

What's up with the poster. Cujo has blood and salvia on his face.

Cujo has rabies. It's very deadly. But poor cujo just had rabies. Poor cujo. Cujo is in heaven. People think he is evil. But he will die anyways. Kidding. F cujo.

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119 Curse of Chucky

It's a REALLY good movie I wouldn't say its scary their is WAY to much screaming

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120 Devil

I hate elevators and I hate demons. This movie had both!

Getting stuck in a lift with a devil is worst thing that could happen.
the suspense is kept on its edge till the climax
and of course if there is god then there must be DEVIL too

Very underrated and kind of creepy.

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