Scariest Music from Non-Horror Video Games

These are the video games that are not that scary. But have creepy musics. They are meant for fun of enjoyment for children of all ages, but that's not the case when you hear something that can haunt your dreams and become a nightmare.

The Top Ten

1 Password - Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

The only word I can describe with the music is...r-u-n!

RUN! - asantalo

2 Final Boss - Sonic CD (US)
3 Lavender Town - Pokemon Red/Green
4 Giygas Battle - Earthbound
5 Scarecrow's Nightmare World - Batman: Arkham Asylum
6 Haunted House - Super Mario 64
7 Mother Brain's Theme - Super Metroid
8 Scary Graveyard - Kirby Mass Attack
9 Castle - Super Mario World
10 River Twygz Bed - Super Paper Mario

Lyrics: Apples in the roach, eat the roach eat the apple, (a mutated 4 year old girl yelling kinda low pitched). It's weird... by the way, it's in the deep of the ocean in 7-1.

The Contenders

11 N's Room - Pokemon Black and White 2

I am going with N's room from pokemon black and white, it is even scarier and creepier than giygas battle.

Still the scariest video game musics

Scarier than every music I ever heard

Scariest soundtrack I ever heard, scarier than the pokemon X and Y team flare encounter (password theme from godzilla: monster of monsters)

12 World of Nothing - Super Paper Mario
13 Thief - Sims 1
14 Clock Town 3rd Day - Majora's Mask
15 Dog Pound - Dog's Life

Trust me when I say this, Dog's Life is not nearly as innocent as it seems. This place gave me nightmares as a kid.

16 River Twgyz - Super Paper Mario

WHY isn't THIS #1!?

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1. Password - Godzilla: Monster of Monsters
2. Final Boss - Sonic CD (US)
3. Lavender Town - Pokemon Red/Green


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