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1 Thriller - Michael Jackson

This really isn't scaary werewolf transformations aren't creepy and how is wrecking ball not even on the list - simpsondude

I know this is creepy, but what about the song called 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley? It's WAY TOO SCARY! It should be #1. - RedRakuten

MJ transorms into a wol and almost attacks his girlfriend... It's too scary for me to finish. - MaxAttaxSportz

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2 Come to Daddy - Aphex Twin

My friend Polly sent me the link to this video. That crap was scary as hell!

You guys seriously think Thriller is scarier than this? And how is "baby" higher than "Kids" by MGMT? - 445956

I've never finished this one cause it's so scary! - MaxAttaxSportz

I sat through the whole thing without jumping.
Chris Cunningham was a genius. - djpenquin999

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3 Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

This video is creepy


4 Wall to Wall - Chris Brown
5 Sheena Is a Parasite - The Horrors
6 Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell
7 Baby - Justin Bieber

This gave me nightmares. I would vote all of Lady Gaga's music videos until I saw this...

WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUSTIN That's dangerous! You can dance on bowling alleys. I've tried it and it hurts. - AlphaQ

You don't dance on bowling alleys. If you did you would get kicked out of the bowling alley. - RiverClanRocks


8 The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

The beautiful people is by far the most overrated song by Manson. God listen to the whole Antichrist superstar album its brilliant

Dear god I had nightmares from watching this. Not even a good song.

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9 Beat It - Michael Jackson

How is this scary? People are just voting for their own personal favorite songs now instead of music videos that are actually scary

Not a scary song.

THIS IS NOT SCARY. - hayden3009

10 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson

This should definitely be #1. This was the first Marilyn Manson song and video that I watched and I watched it around 1 AM and I dreamed of slender man and jeff the killer because Manson use to remind me of Jeff the Killer. By the way this was about 8 months ago when I first saw this. Fun fact this is the song that got me into Manson and now I'm a die hard fan :D

Billboard rated this as the scariest music video ever made? Please! If you people want a REALLY scary music video, then check out the music video to Cattle Decapitation's Forced Gender Reassignment. That video makes Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams video look hillarious!

Creepy for a lot people but I don't think so because this man has his own ideas and beliefs about everything although I personally don't like most of his videos.

Where is the banned video at? I only see alternative version?

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11 Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation

This one is very terribly disturbing. I am actually glad it isn't on the top ten, because that means not many people have been disturbed about what they have done on this music video...

How is this not number 1 it disturbed me NOTHING has EVER disturbed me until I saw this video it was ban from YouTube for a reason

This, my god, why did I watch this? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The video for this is so disturbing...
I couldn't even get 2 minutes in without wanting to throw up. - wrests

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12 3 A.M - Eminem

Freaks me put. - AlphaQ

Damn, great song but freaks the hell outta me SO MUCH

13 If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray
14 XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

Have you seem this? It's demonic at all costs. There's satanic shtt everywhere in this video and the quality is not good at all which makes it even spookier.

Also, what is Abel doing in this video?

15 Goosebumps - Travis Scott
16 Another Brick In the Wall - Pink Floyd

Their faces...just watch them...look like monsters...get shred in a shredder...and have a creepy sadist as a teacher...horrifyingly good music in the background grooving the hell outa me...brbrbrrr... - waldo

17 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

This music video is scary, and it should be number one!

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18 Obscure - Dir En Grey

Love it! Its not that gross though, it�'s more the disturbing geishas that creep me out

19 Mein Teil - Rammstein
20 Walking On Air - Kerli
21 The Devil In I - Slipknot

The way Mick Thomson went Poltergeist on our asses was enough to give me nightmares for a whole week.

Clearly this list is just a joke! If it wasnt you would see this clearly in at least top 3! My friend couldn't even get through a quarter of the video it's so f'd up!


22 Black Skinhead - Kanye West
23 Yonkers - Tyler, The Creator

He eats a cockroach and hangs himself. Tyler is spooky. - AlphaQ

24 Happiness in Slavery - Nine Inch Nails

How is this only number 72? A guy gets dressed up for like a ceremony, a machine straps him down, strips him, and rips off his nipples and his blood fertilizes some garden. Then it peels his skin. Lastly (yes, you get a wang shot) then the machine rips off his wang and he enjoys it. This should be number one

Should be number 1 in my opinion. Scarier than the top 3 combined. - pancakess

25 Lullaby - The Cure
26 Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson
27 The Kill (Bury Me) - 30 Seconds to Mars
28 First of the Year (Equinox) - Skrillex
29 Friday - Rebecca Black

I couldn't sleep for a decade. - AlphaQ

30 Haunted - Beyonce

Watch the alternative version and come back here - JaysTop10List

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31 Going Under - Evanescence
32 The Carpal Tunnel of Love - Fall Out Boy

It features Happy Tree Friends animation and characters. It shows characters from the show and the band members (animated HTF style) being killed in gruesome ways. - Catacorn

33 There, There - Radiohead
34 Ridin' (Dirty) - Chammillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone

This is NOT a scary song. Whoever put this on here is an idiot.

35 Breathe - The Prodigy
36 The Trial - Pink Floyd
37 A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold

Ha ha ha very funny you really think this video is messed up

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38 The Prime Time of Your Life - Daft Punk

No, not the video that pops up on Google when you type in "The Prime Time of Your Life - Daft Punk," but the ACTUAL one that had an age restriction on YouTube before being banned from the site. You know, where the girl sees everyone around her as skeletons and eventually PEELS OFF her skin (rather graphically, I might add) in order to try and be like everyone, and then dies? What's worse is that this video is a big metaphor for things that really happen, which are eating disorders and the like. - squid_887

The music video is CREEPY! - EastZombie

39 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

The video really is creepy when you think about it.

Not that scary to me.

40 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Big eyes

41 Clint Eastwood - The Gorillaz
42 Land Of Confusion - Genesis
43 Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy

How is this video even scary?

Not scary, but very graphic.

44 Spike In My Veins - Korn

You people need to stop hating on this video so much. There is a reason this video exists. It is a way of saying that the media should stop shoving people like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus down our throats. Plus, you can't deny that one day Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus will be viewed by the media as bad role models for people.

I agree. Most people think they did this video because they sold out with their dubstep album. They didn't sell out. They just wanted to try something new. I guarantee you that if they never did a dubstep album, they still would've made this video.

It's scary because it has clips of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus in it!

45 Closer - Nine Inch Nails
46 Schism - Tool

Stop motion just freaks me out - Jonerman

47 Kids - MGMT

How is "Baby" number 7 and this 44? - 445956

48 Marka - Dub Phizix
49 No Problem - Chase & Status
50 Slo-mo-tion - Marilyn Manson
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