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1 Tsunami

Lets be honest and ask ourselves what will happen if you see a Tsunami in real life with your own eyes. I'll tell you what will happen. You are not going to live. It's as simple as that. Nothing can stop a Tsunami. Period. You will either drown to death, which takes 3 minutes to die, or you will die in another way just as bad. TSUNAMIS ARE THE WORST.

Big wave coming at you, little to no warning, wall of water 100 feet high and a 300 feet in length, no where to go, crushed by hundreds of tons of force, rebel being swept on top of you, water can go miles inland where no one expects I to go, there is always more than one tsunami that hits when a tsunami hits causing more damage


You can swim to safety

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2 Earthquake

It can happen without warning. Buildings fall down, people run through the streets. Other disasters can come from it. It causes the tsunamis and landslides that killed hundreds of thousands. The 2004 tsunami was caused by a magnitude 9 earthquake. Plus, there's the fires that rage on due to destroyed gas lines. You can't escape, because roads have been destroyed. Electricity goes out, and you can't get running water because pipes are destroyed. The downed power lines serve as a hazard. There's rubble and glass in the streets, and you might be trapped under it. And it gets worse as smaller earthquakes called aftershocks follow. - ethanmeinster

You can literally predict any natural disaster except this one, and it's effects are much worse and unpredictable than any others. All are scary, but this is the worst.

Earthquakes, are the scariest ones. Cause they demolish Buildings and almost anything else. They open giant cracks on the Floor and also cause Tsunamis. -RMJ

Hurricanes only last a couple of minutes unlike hurricanes which can last a week

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3 Tornado

Personally, I believe tornados are the scariest. Things like tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanoes, you can all PREDICT them weeks or even months ahead of time. You can escape. Sure, you may lose your house, or your car, but at least you are ALIVE (assuming you heeded the warning). But with tornadoes? Nope. it just appears. You try to get out, all roads are blocked by maniacs trying to leave. It's scary as hell.

Tornadoes are terrifying. Just imagine being in your house, when all of a sudden you hear the Tornado Sirens start going off. You go outside and see a huge funnel wiping out everything in it's past. These things can last from 1 minute to 1 hour, destroying everything and everyone in its path.

Now, you can predict most of this stuff. But TORNADOES on the other hand, you can't. They appear out of absolutly no where, and can be 2 miles wide! It's a 25% chance you'll live, and 75% chance you'll get hurt or DIE. Tornadoes can be on the ground for a MINUTE and destroy everything! Tornadoes by far are the scariest!


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4 Hurricane

Hurricanes are scary, but you have a lot of time to evacuate before it make landfall. - NicholasYellow

Hurricane Katrina:everyone dies. Hurricane has wind, lightning, and storm surges which are like mini tsunamis. They are the biggest natural disasters being up to 1200 miles - Ghostyolo

Hurricane is the the badass disaster. It's big that you can't escape it!

Badassed and u don't see them coming

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5 Volcano

Good lord! How is this not higher? How would you like to suffocate in a humongous blob of pyroclastic flow, or better yet- be burnt to a crisp? How would you like the flesh to melt off your skin? I vote this to be higher than tsunami.

If the super volcano in yellow stone were to erupt. Everything in a 60mile radius would be desimated and then after the survivors would die because of the lack of crop due to the ash in the atmosphere

I think lava is the most deadly element, and pyroclastic flows are the most effective in quick kills.

The world would be swallowed by ash.

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6 Acid Rain

Now you can't use an umbrella so whats going to happen

U can't us an umbrella so duck for cover ohh wait your already dead

7 Sinkholes

This is like being buried alive and no one can go rescue you because its way too dangerous and the sinkhole might close up! And even if you are still alive after you fall you can't get out you have to wait for your death!

Sinkholes are a big fear of mine. Imagine suddenly being swallowed up by the ground without any warning.

Ou fall in a huge hole in the world out of nowhere than you get barried alive..tsunamis scare me too but sinkholes can happen anywhere at any time and I don't think anyone has ever survived a sinkhole incident..

8 Flood

Not as scary as it seems I have been trough 4 inch rainfall

Imagine that verything in your house is going to be wet and everything will go away

9 Avalanche

Would you be happy if a huge jumble of rocks was crashing down right behind you and you had no way to stop it? Didn't think so

10 Forest Fire

Honestly I will feel safer if a fire was Godzilla.

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11 Asteroid Impact

If one hits humans may die out. - Gabriola

It killed the Dinos so we should be afraid of this more than tsunamis or earthquakes! (not to mention meteors manipulate other natural disasters)

Asteroids didn't kill the dinos I did lol


12 Waterspout

Not really that scary as soon as it gets to land it doesn't sort of dies. But just imagine fish or other living creatures dropping out of the air

They're usually weaker then land tornadoes but they can still be dangerous. - Gabriola


13 Thunderstorm

Deadly, but 1/700,000 chance to be struck, and even if you do get struck you can survive (don't know how people manage to survive 50,000 Fahrenheit temperature, which is MANY times higher than lava! )

I have a crazy fear of lightning b/c I think it will kill me with fire! I don't understand how everyone else acts so CALM when there's a thunderstorm. Even though I know that hardly any people are killed by it.

14 Gamma Ray Burst

Probably not going to happen for thousands, maybe millions of years, but if it did happen, it would be scary! - pepeagrees1

15 Landslide
16 Drought
17 Bushfire
18 Sandstorm V 2 Comments
19 Rockslide
20 Whirlpool
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