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1 Tsunami

Tsunamis cause serious damage when reaching on shore - illusion

RIght after the big first on there's a bigger one right after

All these natural disasters are horrible in there on way but a gigantic wave coming in from miles out, has the edge. I would probably die from the freight of seeing one.

Lets be honest and ask ourselves what will happen if you see a Tsunami in real life with your own eyes. I'll tell you what will happen. You are not going to live. It's as simple as that. Nothing can stop a Tsunami. Period. You will either drown to death, which takes 3 minutes to die, or you will die in another way just as bad. TSUNAMIS ARE THE WORST.

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2 Earthquake

Unpredictably dangerous is enough to describe this natural terror. - illusion

It can happen without warning. Buildings fall down, people run through the streets. Other disasters can come from it. It causes the tsunamis and landslides that killed hundreds of thousands. The 2004 tsunami was caused by a magnitude 9 earthquake. Plus, there's the fires that rage on due to destroyed gas lines. You can't escape, because roads have been destroyed. Electricity goes out, and you can't get running water because pipes are destroyed. The downed power lines serve as a hazard. There's rubble and glass in the streets, and you might be trapped under it. And it gets worse as smaller earthquakes called aftershocks follow. - ethanmeinster

You can literally predict any natural disaster except this one, and it's effects are much worse and unpredictable than any others. All are scary, but this is the worst.

Earthquakes, are the scariest ones. Cause they demolish Buildings and almost anything else. They open giant cracks on the Floor and also cause Tsunamis. -RMJ

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3 Tornado

Not as deadly as other disasters, but the suspense is what really gets you. The whole sky turns dark, things get eerily silent & then the tornado makes the eeriest of noise. Then a black funnel of death materializes & slowly approaches you. You can suffocate, get crushed by debris, get trapped or even get sucked up & tossed to your death. There can be hundreds of them at a time, some even enormous EF5 tornadoes, with the destructive capacity to eat your entire house. And there is very little warning before they appear.

Unpredictable as the earthquake, tornados cause destruction depending on the form and severity of the tornado. - illusion

Tornadoes happen everywhere

A tornado forming at your house is rare but terrifying. - illusion

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4 Hurricane

Especially if you live in Florida and it's august

Why is tornado higher? Hurricanes can CREATE tornadoes, and hurricanes are basically bigger tornadoes

Hurricanes are scary, but you have a lot of time to evacuate before it make landfall. - NicholasYellow

MY top ten worst hurricanes #1 hurricane Katrina. #2 hurricane Mitch #3 hurricane Wilma #4 hurricane Andrew #5 hurricane Camille #6 hurricane Irma #7 hurricane sandy. #8 hurricane Mathew. #9 hurricane Ivan #10 hurricane Isabel

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5 Volcano

Volcanoes are extremely deadly depending on the severity of the eruption, and the amount of expelled ash. - illusion

Every natural disaster here (maybe except for hurricanes and definitely volcanoes) end in a short amount of time. Volcanoes don't just erupt. They spread, they kill a whole part of the ocean, they cover a whole island with ash, they burn everything in their path, cause forest fires, and were contagious. No human had ever found out a way to survive a volcano...

Good lord! How is this not higher? How would you like to suffocate in a humongous blob of pyroclastic flow, or better yet- be burnt to a crisp? How would you like the flesh to melt off your skin? I vote this to be higher than tsunami.

If the super volcano in yellow stone were to erupt. Everything in a 60mile radius would be desimated and then after the survivors would die because of the lack of crop due to the ash in the atmosphere

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6 Sinkholes

Like earthquakes and tsunamis, they are unpredictable. Getting caught in a sinkhole is a traumatic nightmare for anyone. - illusion

We have lots of sinkhole problems where we live because of dolomite and lots of rain.It's in the news almost every week.And there is a dolomite mine nearby so that doesn't help. - Francois21

Sinkholes seem like the longest, excruciating deaths you could have with a natural disaster. Tysunamis can drown you and it takes appoximately three minutes to die when drowning. Sinkholes on the other hand sound way worse. Just the though of suddenly being swallowed up by the ground and closed in inside the earth. You quickly suffocate and slowly die. It’s already your own grave. - NightJinx

This is like being buried alive and no one can go rescue you because its way too dangerous and the sinkhole might close up! And even if you are still alive after you fall you can't get out you have to wait for your death!

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7 Acid Rain

Acid Rain can affect a vast majority of fish on lakes and oceans. - illusion

Very rare - NightJinx

Acid rain is bad but it is just rain which is acidic because of burning resources causing pollution so it mostly just kills plants and bugs but it wont kill you if you touch it as it is much weaker than normal acid the only bad thing that will happen is a very small chance to get health problems by the pollution

Acid rain caused by the air pollution is toxic to humans due to the nitrogen oxides and various chemicals present on the rain. Additionally; acid rain is known to damage lakes and rivers populated by fish. The chances of getting health problems vary by severity of the pollution. - illusion

Now you can't use an umbrella so whats going to happen

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8 Flood

Even if you don’t drown and you dread the waters, the flow of the rapids could swallow you under, debris impales you, or you get attacked by a ten foot gator or snake. - NightJinx

Not as scary as it seems I have been trough 4 inch rainfall

Imagine that verything in your house is going to be wet and everything will go away

9 Avalanche

Caused by earthquakes, ground disruption and other natural causes. - illusion

Would you be happy if a huge jumble of rocks was crashing down right behind you and you had no way to stop it? Didn't think so

10 Forest Fire

Forest fires could be severe, uncontrollable. It is a common natural disaster that wreak havoc on forests and nearby structures. - illusion

Honestly I will feel safer if a fire was Godzilla.

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11 Asteroid Impact

Asteroids are rare for Earth to encounter; one that's large enough can destroy countless species and humans. - illusion

This could destroy the whole planet. An asteroid is basically a cosmic nuke. - RubyParagon

If one hits humans and all other life forms may die out. - Gabriola

It killed the Dinos so we should be afraid of this more than tsunamis or earthquakes! (not to mention meteors manipulate other natural disasters)

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12 Waterspout

Not really that scary as soon as it gets to land it doesn't sort of dies. But just imagine fish or other living creatures dropping out of the air

13 Gamma Ray Burst

HULK SMASH - NightJinx

Probably not going to happen for thousands, maybe millions of years, but if it did happen, it would be scary! - pepeagrees1

We’ll all be hulks

14 Thunderstorm

Deadly, but 1/700,000 chance to be struck, and even if you do get struck you can survive (don't know how people manage to survive 50,000 Fahrenheit temperature, which is MANY times higher than lava! )

I have a crazy fear of lightning b/c I think it will kill me with fire! I don't understand how everyone else acts so CALM when there's a thunderstorm. Even though I know that hardly any people are killed by it.

Ok man up - Spiritualsavedboy

15 Landslide

Unlikely chance of surviving - NightJinx

16 Bushfire
17 Flash Flood
18 Drought

Consistent lack of water sources may also result in lack of food sources, damaging human health. - illusion

19 Whirlpool
20 Typhoon

Just No

Typhoons and Hurricanes are the same thing.

21 Sandstorm

Scary, but you CAN survive!

By Darude.

22 Rockslide
23 Pandemic

Some day, a new deadly strain may appear at any given time and may start from a local outbreak to a global pandemic. - illusion

When epidemics reach greater proportions, you get a pandemic. Most disasters are scary enough, but few have the power to wipe out all of humanity like a pandemic does. - macaryl95

Two words; BLACK DEATH. very hard to stop when started.

24 Fire Swirl

A tornado made out of fire how do you survive. But still not as scary as a tsunami.

25 Pyroclastic Flow
26 Limnic Eruption

A giant asphyxiatiating cloud of carbon dioxide that is also invisible to the naked eye is what this rare occurrence is.

27 Vortex

Is this referring to whirlpools? If so, that would be scary if you're in the middle of the ocean when you're enjoying a normal day boating. - illusion

28 Heatwaves
29 Blizzards

Could be damaging. - illusion

Not to scary I've been through like ten but worth mentioning

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