The Top 10 Scariest Nintendo Bosses

Nintendo has been giving us alot of family friendly titles. Like Mario! But some have crossed the line with their creepiness level. I present to you, The Top 10 Scariest Nintendo Bosses.

The only rules: Respect my opinion and the others as well. You are allowed to add something to the list. Make sure that it is from a Nintendo game and is scary. Don't forget to add the name of the game, so that we don't get confused.

Anyways, ENJOY!

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1 Giygas (Earthbound) Giygas (Earthbound)

Zoinks, I haven't played Earthbound but after looking this thing up... - DapperPickle

Earthbound's final boss is pretty darn horrifying for Nintendo. Plus it was rated K-A (Kids to adults) by the ESRB. Why was this in here? To haunt children's nightmares for years? It was based on Shigesato Itoi (The creator of the game) Walking into the wrong theater. Still very creepy. - Malcolm54046

2 Majora's Wrath (The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask)

Two words: Nightmare Fuel. Go check it for yourself. - Malcolm54046

3 Dark Star Core (Mario And Luigi Bowser's Inside Story)

Those eyes.. That smile.. This is what came to mind the first time I saw it. - Malcolm54046

4 Dead Hand (The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask)

What would you do if blood stained hands and a creature from your nightmares would imerse from the ground? Obviously it's Majora's mask, so it's one of the scariest game of the franchise in my opinion.

(Edit: It's from The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time. I messed up) - Malcolm54046

5 Boolossus (Luigi's Mansion)

The music honestly isn't THAT bad, but it still is pretty freaky. Music is part of what makes a boss scary. They nailed the music, but not the boss itself. REMEMBER it is a game targeted towards younger gamers. Still, it is creepy. - Malcolm54046

6 Shadow Queen (Paper Mario and The Tousand Year Door)

If it wasn't for that music start, it would NOT had been on this list. It sounds like distorted baby crying noises. - Malcolm54046

7 Baby Bowser's Final Form (Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island)

Beating him was easy. Now what? Ugh, Kamek always ruins the fun.. OH MY GOD IT'S HUGE! If you're brave enough to look up "yoshi's island giant baby bowser" on Google or your searching tool, you'll stumble across a picture of GIANT Bowser with lifeless eyes and creepy atmosphere. - Malcolm54046

8 Void Termina (Kirby Star Allies)

His soul completely mimics Kirby's face, as if he's fought him before.

Hah, for a kirby game, it shoudn't be dark or sinister. But, it's face or mask... I don't know! It reminds me of something really disturbing. - Malcolm54046

9 Zero Two (Kirby's Dreamland 3)

Zero Two is the final boss of the game. He shoots blood at you and attacks kirby with drops of blood. Plus, he's a giant eyeball!

When his doom ends him, it's pupil emerges out of his body.

(Edit: Actually, I messed up. It's "Zero", not "Zero Two") - Malcolm54046

10 Mimi (Super Paper Mario) Mimi (Super Paper Mario)

Don't need to explain why this is here. - Malcolm54046

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11 Metroid Prime
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