Top 10 Scariest Paranoias

Paranoias are a thought inside a persons head that cause them to go crazy thinking something scary is there and is going to get them. And I will show you this list about the kind of paranoias people can have.

The Top Ten

1 Dolls


Your paranoia will be dolls moving by themselves even though there not. and them talking.

2 Slenderman The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen

If you read his creepy pasta, Then you will be paranoid By him. You will hear noises, See Slenderman, and see his shadow.

3 Care Bears

Sounds Stupid? Then you will see. This Paranoia will cause nightmares, Not going near teddy bears, and some similar effects with dolls.

4 Venus Fly Traps

This paranoia will cause you to check on the Venus fly trap, and you to pee or poop your pants.

5 Happy Appy

Another Creepypasta, If you read it, Your paranoia will be eating an apple fast, not going near apples, and staring at every apple in the store.

6 Corpse

This Paranoia will cause vomiting, breaking the T.V. every time you see one, and some similar effects from Slenderman. Oh yea and fainting.

7 Spiders

This kind of paranoia will cause Screaming, locking doors, and setting out every mouse trap.

This paranoia will cause you to buy flame throwers, and nuke the smallest spider (no small spider exists) from orbit

8 Micky Mouse Mascot

If you read the creepypasta called Abandoned by Disney or room zero, This will cause not going to Disneyland, and beating up or running away from Micky mouse costume.

I'm already paranoid of Disneyland because of movie Escape from Tomorrow - happyhappyjoyjoy

9 Rap Rat

This is the last creepypasta so far on my list. if you read the creepypasta. This paranoia will cause vomiting, Be even more scared of rats, and checking on or never playing the board game ever again.

10 Face Freeze (Spongebob Episode)

If you watch that episode, This Paranoia will cause Vomiting Not seeing SpongeBob or Patrick for a while, and Running away. Oh yea and nightmares. Well that's it. Tell me what's your paranoia! So bye

The Contenders

11 Finding Nemo Jellyfish Happy Meal Toy

This may cause nightmares, not going near jellyfish, and beating up or running away from every jellyfish you see.
Pen from bfdi

12 Campfire Stories (Teen Titans Go! Episode)

This may cause nightmares, not seeing the teen titans in a while, and running away. Oh yeah, and turning off the T.V.
Pen from bfdi

13 Happy Bunny

If you find him on the internet or read his books, this paranoia will cause running away from Rabbits, Nightmares (Because of his smile) or starring at rabbits at the pet store.

14 Puppets
15 Clowns
16 Snakes Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears.
17 Golden Freddy
18 Being locked in/out

This paranoia will cause keeping doors open and panicking when you're in a room with a closed door - Officialpen

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