Top Ten Scariest Places to Be Haunted

A list of places that would be really scary if they were haunted.

The Top Ten

1 Mental Asylum

Dead psycho spirits searching for seven more years to live...*shudders* - Camaro6

All the spirits would be crazy or messed up in some way. - Catlover2004

2 Jail

I'm from Philly and I live near a former penitentiary that is said to be haunted. It's called Eastern State Penitentiary. It's a very popular attraction in my hometown. They have a haunted house attraction around every Halloween (which I have attended once). It's really cool!

There's this old jail that I've been to a few times. It's said to be haunted. - Catlover2004

3 Hospital

For some reason, I just imagine people being tortured. - Catlover2004

4 Abandoned Building

I've always wanted to go into an abandoned building and explore. - Catlover2004

There’s probably a bunch in there, especially if it’s dark. Cool. - Camaro6

5 Basement

The creepiest thing is that they would be living under you. - Catlover2004

6 Mansion

This is the most typical thing in horror movies. - Catlover2004

7 Graveyard

They probably all are. - Catlover2004

8 Maze

It would be scary because it would be hard to get out. But exciting at the same time. - Catlover2004

9 Restaurant

I don't know why but I just find this creepy. - Catlover2004

Yeah...there are undead chefs serving you food and the undead waiters try to kill you.
It’s not a restaurant for YOU, it’s a restaurant for THEM. - Camaro6

10 Fairground

I like the idea of this. There would probably be killer clowns and creepy music playing out of nowhere. - Catlover2004

The Contenders

11 School

Like the Penda school in School of the Dead by Avi? - Camaro6

12 Road
13 Hoia Forest
14 Casino
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1. Mental Asylum
2. Abandoned Building
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1. Abandoned Building
2. Basement
3. Restaurant
1. Mental Asylum
2. Jail
3. Hospital


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