Scariest Places On Earth

The Top Ten

1 London Underground


2 The Church of the Dead - Urbania, Italy
3 Death Valley
4 Hell - Michigan, USA
5 Torquay

Wait what? - AdamDestructorJr.

6 Catacombs of Paris

Just watch "Man gets lost in Catacombs". I would go insane down there. *shivers*

7 The Amityville House - New York, USA
8 Challenger Deep - Western Pacific Ocean

Fear of the Unknown... - AdamDestructorJr.

The deepest part of the ocean.

9 Krubera Cave - Abkhazia, Georgia
10 Bermuda Triangle

The Contenders

11 Bran Castle

Bran castle is in Romania and I went there and it was scary as Hell

12 Titanic Wreck
13 Bunny Man Bridge

What's worse is that I live near it.

14 Banff Springs Hotel - Alberta, Canada
15 Sakurajima Volcano
16 The Louvre
17 A Justin Bieber Concert

Possibly the worst singer ever...

18 Compton

Its only gangsters what's scary about?

19 Aokigahara Suicide Forest, Japan
20 Island of the Dolls
21 Tower of London

You'll see a ghost of a woman who carries her head as she wanders in empty halls

22 Tristan da Cunha
23 Ilha da Queimada Grande (Snake Island)

A Whole Island inhibited only by Snakes! - mood333

24 Pripyat, Ukraine
25 Tuckaleeche Caverns, USA
26 North Sentinel Island North Sentinel Island
27 Aokigahara

A suicide forest in Japan near Mt. Fuji, you will be met by nothing but dead corpses or creepy notes and signs here. There are also myths and rumours of evil spirits roaming the forest causing the victims to commit suicide, apparently.

28 Hoia Forest
29 The Chapel of Bones
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1. The Church of the Dead - Urbania, Italy
2. Banff Springs Hotel - Alberta, Canada
3. The Amityville House - New York, USA
1. Hell - Michigan, USA
2. Death Valley
3. The Church of the Dead - Urbania, Italy


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