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1 Auschwitz (Birkenau) Concentration Camp, Poland

This place just freak you out as the scariest place - maxpennycp

Justin Bieber wanted a concert here, look it up

Seeing Dr Mengele waiting for you, truly scary

2 White Chapel, East London, United Kingdom

Jack the ripper kills 5 to 6 people that is - maxpennycp

3 Winchester Mystery House, California, United States

I've been here it was scary...

4 Greyfiar Grave, Edinburgh, Scotland
5 Dracula Castle

When horrible people die, there is a certain taint left that just gives people chills.

I went there it's in Bran, Romania inside it there are spiraling staircases.

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6 Colosseum, Italy Colosseum, Italy

Is this the places where gladiators fight? - maxpennycp

Yes maxpennycp

7 Helltown, United States

Satanists, Ku Klux Klan members, an escaped mental patient, an abnormally large snake, and mutants caused by an alleged chemical spill are what march around the forest here. If you get stuck here, it may very well be the last place you ever get stuck at, because the freaks who patrol the forest kill.

8 Chernobyl, Ukraine

April 26, 1986- Ukraine.

9 Concentration Camp Unit 731 Manchuria, Harbin, China

Thousands of men women and children died here as a result of the disgusting and insane experiments performed by the Japanese, such as vivisections while fully awake, the flesh ripped off a woman's hands, people tied to crosses and blown up, being placed inside a pressure chamber until a mans intestines came out of his anus. And the most horrible part, the US let the people off scot free in return for the research. Truly inhuman.

10 Mines of Paris, France

Anywhere from 17 to 600 km (10-370 miles for us Americans) of winding unkempt tunnels filled with ancient creatures and thousands of dead bodies who lost their way.

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11 The Island of Dolls, Mexico
12 Catacombs, France

I one time went to the place and felt uneasy, I got separated from my group and saw something moving in the darkness and ran

Bone circle, bone wall and statues there are freaky and you get lost in there forever - maxpennycp

13 Palmyra Island, Pacific Ocean
14 Aokigahara, Japan

The sea of trees as it's called sometimes, is where hundreds of Japanese people kill themselves every year. Creepy.

Watch logan paul's vlog. creepy - awesomedp900

15 Hellingly Hospital, UK
16 Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Cambodia

Ghosts of approximately 17000 victims haunt the place. How about no?

17 Hill of Crosses, Lithuania
18 Stairwell 1, Tampa International Airport Marriott
19 Area 51, USA

This should be #1 Because ther is weird sightings of creatures

What IS Area 51 - Jackhammer619

20 Magh Sleacht, Cavan County, Ireland

I live in Cavan! :( - DatIrishman

When you go in there, run out quick! - maxpennycp

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1. Auschwitz (Birkenau) Concentration Camp, Poland
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