Scariest Raps Ever

Get scared to death... the raps on this list vl give ya goosebumps fr a long time, honey...!

The Top Ten

1 Kim - Eminem

Em murderin his own wife...! Pyschotic... Da hook gave me goosebumps..!

Couldn't sleep for a while...

2 Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique

Not just the scariest rap song but also the scariest song on earth. this song is about a man who has an ambition to prove to people how "real" he is. he steals, gets into fights, sells crack cocaine, and to finally prove himself, rapes a woman.


3 Hail Mary - 2Pac

'Pac's ghost killin his enemies... Its music video must stil be givin sleepless nites to Puffy...!

A wicked ebay but the hook and beat us really eerie

Only 2PAC can frighten!

When they turn out the lights, I'll be there in the dark, thugging eternal through my Hail mary

4 Stan - Eminem

Please tell me if this was based on a true story or not because this was scary as hell when I read the lyrics

Ohh... stan's suicide stil gives me creeps.

This song is mad scary. Took third in my scariest songs list. - fireinside96

5 Mind Playing Tricks On Me - Geto Boys

This song is scary, but it is so amazing, dang that's when rap was still good

the man's hand bleeds by punchin on the concrete...! Ugrss..

I absolutely love this beat! One of the best

6 Devil's Son - Big L

Made this rap afta he saw such a dream... very creepy...

7 '97 Bonnie & Clyde - Eminem

Usually very undr-rated... very psycho...

8 1-800 Suicide - Gravediggaz

Cant leave this one out...!

9 Suicidal Thoughts - The Notorious B.I.G
10 Playa Hataz - Three 6 Mafia

The Contenders

11 Bastard - Tyler the Creator

I like the song even if it's actually really depressing

12 End of Days - Vinnie Paz
13 Going Through Changes - Eminem
14 Kenji - Fort Minor
15 The Deer Hunter - Jedi Mind Tricks
16 Devil's Groove - Esham

The fact that he was 13 when he wrote this is terrifying.

17 Insane - Eminem
18 D3mons - Machine Gun Kelly
19 She - Tyler, the Creator
20 Yonkers - Tyler, the Creator
21 Satanic Verses - Flatlinerz
22 Daddy - Korn
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