Scariest Resident Evil Monsters


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1 Nemesis

Almost all creatures are scary but the fact that this mofo's soul purpose of being created was to murder you is a slight bit more twisted. "STARS"... what's worse is I never beat the game... I have high anxiety and being stalked through the entire game kinda made me not able to breath or something (that's my excuse I'm dsticking to it

Damn I remember the first time I played re3 and he appeared out of nowhere in the police station almost made me pee myself

One of the most feared creatures of video game history.

He never scared me. He is my all time favorite!

2 Iron Maiden

For those who don't know what the hell these things are, Iron Maidens are from RE4. They are a breed of Regeneradors with spikes across their body. These things are given the ability to grab you from a distance and impale you on their bodies (yes, I'm being serious here). Just wanted to say, due to the confusion for these and the Crimson Heads.

This zombies are seriously disturbing because of their appearance and 5 times more scarier than a common zombies but the worse is they are hard to hit so it means that they are enough to catch you.

Sorry, are we talking about that zombie found in the tomb from the remake? That actually counts as a Crimson Head.

This guy is creepy as hell and is the biggest bullet sponge in the world

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3 Reaper

Reapers are giant Africa cockroaches cockroaches are scary the way they kill you but it is good when you see sheva or Jill killed by reapers they give you boners

This thing is unstoppable the only way to kill it is by shooting it's heart glow they are just as hard to get rid of as real regular size cockroaches

Reaper is scary even scarier if chasing you

Giant claws which stabs you to death

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4 Zombie

oh they look so scary they freak me out

5 Licker

These things are disgusting

6 Hunter

Very scary they make loud noise

7 Regenerator

My opinion scarier than the iron maiden

8 Lisa Trevor

I hate how that freaky thing shows up in the cabin in the REmake. - someguy12345

she still scares the hell out of me! - wolphert

9 Tyrant

Behold the ultimate Bioweapon: Tyrant. These things have been appearing in the series since the first game and have hunting you down in the labs under Spencer Mansion, the halls of the RPD and even in the air over Rockford Island. They also make for some of the best boss fights in the series.

10 Cerberus

I swear, I can't go into that one zombie dog room in resident evil remake, where the zombie dogs pop out of the windows, I hate them things!

When I actually first encountered these things in the game, I literally screamed the whole time I had to fight them.

The dog zombies are more scary than crimsons heads

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11 Yawn

It's a Giant Snake, how's that not scary?

See how scary it is?

12 Crimson Head

These are like super fast mega zombies! - wolphert

13 Neptune

I think this is the scariest because does anyone know it's weakness

It's a zombie shark for goodness sake

14 Leech Zombie

Because of these zombies I couldn't finish game :(

Best regular enemy of all Resident Evils of its generation (GameCube /PS2/Xbox). Makes you review your inventory, especially M. Cocktails. " 🍸
Far reaching swipes and acid baths for your character from the Leeches.
And that music when they arrive- so freaky.

15 U3

This thing if your first time playing is scary and very vicious if your not careful your body is slice in half in he is hard on the cage as he comes out in disturbing you so you cannot activate the switch

16 Uroboros

This thing is disgusting

17 Haos
18 Ustanak
19 William Birkin

How the hell is William brikin only number 27 I mean come on William brikin should at least be in the top 10 he does look really scary for ps1-n64-dc graphes he's the scariest monster in resdint evil 2. I mean he's gets more gross and scarier as the game goes on if you don't know what I'm talking about watch William brikin thansomaitons see if he desires number 27

20 El Gigante

This guy is a giant he will kill nemesis

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