Scariest ROBLOX Myths and Legends

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1 Smile

It seems real

This is one of the myths I know as Rust I found this because I watched Flamingo's video on rust_010 I want to pee myself when I even think about rust...

It looks scary

So unusual. Nobody knows what he is and the majority don't know his story. We just know his smile.

2 The Black Room

I was on the same server of something terrifying that happened. one player reset himself suddenly u could see the player screaming in a black room lost to existence we did not know where he was someone else reset and she did not get teleported to the room so we could not do anything and had to just do our thing

I read it on the roblox creepypasta wiki, it s sounds so creepy that I don t even dare to play it, though I memorized what to do, I would freak out and then forget everything, and then that angry face appears everywhere...

What is it a room full of maniacs?

I don't know

3 The Statue

I was on RHS And I went into the forest With my friends We saw some Statues so we decided to go closer Nothing happened so we left The statues and then a Few minutes later we went back to them and Then We all lost connection to the game and It said in big letters DIE and three tags and It made me get out of ROBLOX

I was doing the same but it was the same with me but I did not leave and it said my username is football ducks play and I will shut down roblox like last time but now I can not be banned or deleted

I saw the statue before, but now the trees somehow are not there and now the statues were permanently removed. Probably it comes during every halloween.

Makes me think of the weeping angels from doctor strange

4 1x1x1x1 Hack - Work at a Pizza Place

1x1x1 Hack is probably a hoax, and Work at a Pizza Place is way more hard for hackers to work on now

I have encountered the 1x1x1x1 hacker in game before, they completely destroyed the server and spawned in some hellish things -iApocCat

1x1x1x1 is fake, shedletsky even said that he was 1x1x1x1

I will sing the 1x1x1x1 song!
1x1x1x1, scary haxer,
1x1x1x1, scaring players,
1x1x1x1, this nightmare never ends,
1x1x1x1, mess with him your dead,
1x1x1x1, avoid him at costs!


Last time I saw him he got killed in natural disasters, by a blizzard, in the most worst way possible

GOZ is a creepy ghost clown in ROBLOX and you can play GOZ's game today!

Goz can be quite creepy to be stalking I guess and you can play one of my favourite games circus in the sky

Wow, I met him in natural disaster with his assistants before I know he was a myth. Thanks for making me remember the time Goz and his assistants froze to death by a blizzard.

6 Roblox High School

What are you joking with me right now? The best game on the entire ROBLOX community is an scariest myth and legend? LOL...


This game from melon slice right because a love it
,it's amazing the skeleton is mike

Who put this here

7 The John Doe and Jane Doe Theory

these people are misunderstood they think there hackers but they just where the first players in roblox

Those are the first players to play roblox or something like that? They have a huge family though.

This one is the only one I have heard of on this list but I have no idea how it is scary it's just saying stuff about the first two accounts on the website

One time I looked up John Doe and saw the online symbol. I refreshed the page and looked him up in players again, and the online symbol was gone.

8 Rust_010

Fake, fake and fake, How can this farce myth even be above Melvin, Alone in the house and Europhros Pedophile Incident? It's a joke, right? Shameful farce myth...

Rust_010 is Fake,Rust_101 was a roblox developer, which I do not know the name of, but a youtuber called 'Flamingo' made I think 3 videos about Rust_010. Rust_010 would chase Flamingo around on fake accounts a place called 'Smile! '.

Many people think it's a wannabe but there's something up with him

As of last week (late July 2019) he's back lol

9 Melvin

Melvin's game have so many dark vibes... I swear to never play it again.

Melvin's theory From the Myth Wiki : Melvin is a ghost that appears in a game that a user has experience it, this story starts off with the user playing he wish to play but realized he made a big mistake.
the game is appears to be an black area, in the game you can see Shaggy's floating around one of them is invisible and transparent that you can't see it, it speaks with a weird noise then the user tries to exit the game but it wouldn't work.
of course the game crash and look into the creator's inventory to find that he brought an transparent shaggy named "Melvin" the shaggy was now deleted, so the user would have to search Melvin on google and website which tells a story about a 8 year old boy named "Melvin" who die on 02/11/2008 the date that roblox created the shaggy the myth is 85% fake

He's so creepy I heard

Stop with captain under pants

10 Alone In the House

Flamingo is a comedy channel, his myths are more like stand ups. If you want a real good channel on YTB about Roblox Myths it's called "Enzo" or something.

This is a horror game not a myth

Nothing you said about this

1. this is a horror game. 2. the best myths are if they are mysterious, not scary. Stop watching Flamingo, he ruins myths.

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11 Guest 666 & Guest 999

Well... I think that ANY Guests are creepy, because ROBLOX banned them all, and they removed the pants and the hat, and everything that the Guests wore. So if you see a Guest, I would just leave the game. Now... The Guest 666 story I have heard about, but Guest 999, I haven't. It still sounds creepy though. In my opinion, I think that this is one of the creepiest Roblox mysteries, because as I said before, aren't they ALL meant to have been removed?!


I have seen guest 666 in Murder mystery 2 for about 20 seconds. I wasn't scared, but I was happy because I recorded it.

I saw Guest 666 two times. (1.In Prove It 2. Oblivious Hangout) I saw lots of people scream

Its 3AM and I see red eyes in my room is that guest 69?!

12 Europhros Pedophile Incident

This dude is disgusting, he should be arrested. My friend met him when he first started roblox (he was younger then) and this man started saying very horrifying things to him. At the time my friend did not know what was going on because he had no idea what this guy was saying until after I told him to leave the server. I hope that this man never has access to any games with children on them.

This was the owner of Tsunami sushi, he sent disgusting things to 13 year old girls who were in the group. His real name is David

Everyone acts like it’s so bad. should I search this up or is it that bad

Dis Dude is banned. that's Not Enough. He needs to be arrested. Pedophile

13 Tom

Tom from Eddsworld?

Ah yes, the pineapple bowling ball.



14 Bloxwatch

The myth where there are eyes watching you from the night sky in Roblox is scary, but the group is a bunch a idiots.

The myth is scary but the group is soooo weird, seriously check itou its stupid

-Lovekitty5256 (my username!)

Bloxwatch is a hacker group that has nearly hack Roblox before... wait this isn't that scary

The original creepy pasta was creepy but the group are wannabe idiots

15 Nursery Rhymes

This myth is scary as #%$!. If you search it up on YouTube, you will be having nightmares for days.

It isn't wrong...nursery rhymes have dark and disturbing messages.

Good myith

uhh what

16 Cult Family

The Cult family is one of the only familys in the Contained section of the Roblox's Myths group.Which possibly means they are of danger.

Cult family is scary I met them

May u help me get to them? Or how to access them?

I know them...

17 The Noob

He so dumb


18 45229's game

It scared the heck out of me

Watched a couple of youtubers try this game because of John doe and this server is really creepy and weird! Posted by anyahbear! -!

Guys I'm a youtuber john doe I found out youll be NEST AH really guys don't play roblox

19 Guest 0

I see him almost every game I play. 2 times in Mad Paintball, is he following me?

I've been guest 0 once. It was on accident and everyone was swarming around me lol. - 0w0uwu

I have seen him I never knew he was scary I saw him in jailbreak once

Another wannabe guest myth.

Guest 0 is one of the most creepiest stories ever

20 Q0OX

He is real!

21 c00lkidd

I was around to witness coolkidd. It was hell. Sometimes you couldn't play a certain game cause all the servers were hacked it was so bad.

C00lkidd is a real player I was there during the time he came he hacked game backgrounds and changed it to "join team c00lkidd today! "

C00lkidd is just like 1x1x1 but they put a sign called join team coolkidd today!

Its kind of foursing you.-.

22 Bobbys_here

Oh my...

Memeories...what is the meaning of this it a war..theres betrayal people flying up in the sky...graves for the dead..the statue when u spawn is that bobby..what is this...teleporters to his house and other places...a grey you know...?

Bobys_here is a famous myth.You think that that myth is not true but it is true.Once I was playing on his map 3 minutes later on my screen there was 2 words Bobby’s here I was very scared I try to leave his server but it not work he keep saying Bobby’s here,Bobby’s here than the button to leave the server worked but I was you need to now that don't play on his server

23 The Community

Its pretty creepy he hacks you

Saw him in a game once. Pretty scary yet also cool.

He's friends with erik kassel


24 Rust_092

I've met this guy

He's is creepy!

Roblox creepy dude guy that he has games and 1K+ game visits

25 Vault 8166

I believe its real...


oh my god

Fake, the creator of the vault who is boomblox just slams us with fake stuff, but we aren’t sure yet,

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