Scariest ROBLOX Myths and Legends


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1 Smile

Even MeAt CiRcUs is better than Smile. Squishy meat... Mmm...

This is one of the myths I know as Rust I found this because I watched Flamingo's video on rust_010 I want to pee myself when I even think about rust...

This game sucks.

Just..Wow.. Scary and it seems real..

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2 The Statue


I saw the statue before, but now the trees somehow are not there and now the statues were permanently removed. Probably it comes during every halloween.

It scared the HECK out of me

The statues were put there by the developers. LOL

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3 The Black Room

I don't know

I read it on the roblox creepypasta wiki, it s sounds so creepy that I don t even dare to play it, though I memorized what to do, I would freak out and then forget everything, and then that angry face appears everywhere...

I haven't palyed it but I think its SCARY imma play it right now

Ok that was wired if you see it aging just tell me my name is savannah my roblox name is miss_sode

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4 1x1x1x1 Hack - Work at a Pizza Place

I will sing the 1x1x1x1 song!
1x1x1x1, scary haxer,
1x1x1x1, scaring players,
1x1x1x1, this nightmare never ends,
1x1x1x1, mess with him your dead,
1x1x1x1, avoid him at costs!

1x1x1x1 never existed, just a script. It was some guy who got a hold of the admin power which messed around with servers and such.

1x1x1x1 is fake, shedletsky even said that he was 1x1x1x1

Come find me

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Goz Is the creepy. I got the scared when I see the clown

I think he is supper cool because he is a clown

Ima check it


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6 The John Doe and Jane Doe Theory

One time I looked up John Doe and saw the online symbol. I refreshed the page and looked him up in players again, and the online symbol was gone.

Super Scary


This one never scared me. Nothing happened on March 18. - Vancedapurpleguy

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7 Roblox High School


Not that scary


I blame America - American Idiot

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8 Rust_010

Rust_010 is Fake,Rust_101 was a roblox developer, which I do not know the name of, but a youtuber called 'Flamingo' made I think 3 videos about Rust_010. Rust_010 would chase Flamingo around on fake accounts a place called 'Smile! '.

He is best at making games

Rust is Albert's (aka Flamingo) roblox stalker

I watch albert/flamingo and he in my opinion is very creepy

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9 Melvin

Melvin's theory From the Myth Wiki : Melvin is a ghost that appears in a game that a user has experience it, this story starts off with the user playing he wish to play but realized he made a big mistake.
the game is appears to be an black area, in the game you can see Shaggy's floating around one of them is invisible and transparent that you can't see it, it speaks with a weird noise then the user tries to exit the game but it wouldn't work.
of course the game crash and look into the creator's inventory to find that he brought an transparent shaggy named "Melvin" the shaggy was now deleted, so the user would have to search Melvin on google and website which tells a story about a 8 year old boy named "Melvin" who die on 02/11/2008 the date that roblox created the shaggy the myth is 85% fake

Stop with captain under pants

Who's melvin


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10 Alone In the House

Scard is spelt scared


It's so CREEPY >_> LIKE BRUH even my big brother is scard to play that dang game >_>

This is a horror game not a myth

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The Newcomers

? Cult Family

Cult family is scary I met them

I know them...

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11 Tom

Ah yes, the pineapple bowling ball.



Tom from Eddsworld?

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12 Europhros Pedophile Incident

This dude is disgusting, he should be arrested. My friend met him when he first started roblox (he was younger then) and this man started saying very horrifying things to him. At the time my friend did not know what was going on because he had no idea what this guy was saying until after I told him to leave the server. I hope that this man never has access to any games with children on them.

This was the owner of Tsunami sushi, he sent disgusting things to 13 year old girls who were in the group. His real name is David

Dis Dude is banned. that's Not Enough. He needs to be arrested. Pedophile

Oh, whaat? - Ice-T

13 Guest 666 & Guest 999

I know that but I didn't know guest999

They are very scary

I saw him in Monster Islands today. SO CREEPY. He said in the chat: "I WILL HACK YOU ALL. AHAHA, AHAHAA! " Then he left. After an 1 hour break, I came back, AND I WAS HACKED. Probs guest666... so CREEPY...

I have seen guest 666 in Murder mystery 2 for about 20 seconds. I wasn't scared, but I was happy because I recorded it.

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14 Bloxwatch

The myth where there are eyes watching you from the night sky in Roblox is scary, but the group is a bunch a idiots.

The original creepy pasta was creepy but the group are wannabe idiots

he is it

Bloxwatch? Sounds similar to Overwatch. - LapisBob

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15 Nursery Rhymes

This myth is scary as #%$!. If you search it up on YouTube, you will be having nightmares for days.

Good myith

uhh what

16 The Noob

He so dumb


17 45229's game

It scared the heck out of me

Watched a couple of youtubers try this game because of John doe and this server is really creepy and weird! Posted by anyahbear! -!

Guys I'm a youtuber john doe I found out youll be NEST AH really guys don't play roblox

18 Guest 0

Another wannabe guest myth.

I have seen him I never knew he was scary I saw him in jailbreak once

I saw him once in jail break he never did any thing though my user: yanchan506

The Ultimate Guest - Ice-T

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19 Q0OX

He is real!

20 c00lkidd

C00lkidd is a real player I was there during the time he came he hacked game backgrounds and changed it to "join team c00lkidd today! "

C00lkidd is just like 1x1x1 but they put a sign called join team coolkidd today!

Its kind of foursing you.-.

21 Bobbys_here

Oh my...

Bobys_here is a famous myth.You think that that myth is not true but it is true.Once I was playing on his map 3 minutes later on my screen there was 2 words Bobby’s here I was very scared I try to leave his server but it not work he keep saying Bobby’s here,Bobby’s here than the button to leave the server worked but I was you need to now that don't play on his server

22 Rust_092

He's is creepy!

I've met this guy

Roblox creepy dude guy that he has games and 1K+ game visits

23 Don't Join

It is a scary game

I will not. - Ice-T

24 Clinten

Which he is also the assistant of G0Z

25 Subject 0 / Patient 0 (Apocalypse Rising)

I encountered him somewhere ina building and boy what a scream I heard and I was running for my life

You can actually encounter him in Apocalypse Rising. Strange whispers, a scream, and 1% health left. Pretty terrifying, especially in a tense game.

26 Mothman Mothman In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967 . The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled "Couples See Man-Sized Bird ... Creature ... more.


27 The Community

He's friends with erik kassel

Its pretty creepy he hacks you

Bro he’s John Doe friend of course he hacks and I’ve been hacked before bout him so don’t try t find anything about John Doe at all!

28 Vault 8166

Fake, the creator of the vault who is boomblox just slams us with fake stuff, but we aren’t sure yet,

The mystery of this is strange. The first incident is boomblox and solarsanic getting chased by their own black dark soul model and then possibly dies. The next footage shows boomblox and solarsanic chasing this guy as first person view, as if boomblox and his friend turned evil for some reason. Then the next footage shows this security guard chasing a green guy with admin then the place heats up and the guard screams and the place distorts. It’s too confusing but we are still connecting it.


29 Caroline

SHES EPic and really scary

Her and clinten and morgenne are my favourite - Uglyugly

She works with g0z the clown

30 Builderman

Builderman owns John Doe - Ice-T


31 Satanatic

Random person: hey, who stole my name?


Lol she rapes you when you ded

She scares and hacks people in lots of games I can name a few o-o
1. she'll rape you with hacks in mm2
2. she'll stab you with hacks in breaking point (SHE CAN'T DIE )
3. and she'll make you have a seizure with hacks in paintball
it's impossible for her to nOT die! :(

32 Lezus+vault 8166 are linked to the end of the world.

He touched me.

Or maybe Lezus is not related to vault 8166. It’s not an alien base but it was a real vault maybe went wrong.

I think lezus was a subject of an alien base called vault 8166 that plans to destroy the world 😂

33 Slender

Slender and Jeff though are already - Ice-T

34 The Ghost

scary O_O

35 IHAXLV Is taken over by 1x1x1x1

Wut nu (my user is: AliciaDaPotatoQueen [if anyone cares XP]

36 Guest Infinite

*he is so creepy he stalks you and never talks except for his creepy messages.

This sucks.

37 Blue Guest

Alternative version of Red Guest. He tends to protect people from Red, who is a abuser and mainly, a scammer. I was reading some fonts who said they were brothers, and that Red had a weakness for Blue, and if Blue asked him to stop at that moment, he stops.
Normally the Red Guest go in games with RPG or Town and City Genre, probably for having so many because, TBC, OBC, so you can see Blue Guest in these types of games too. - Ice-T

38 Terroah

Yeah...For real, wouldn't suggest this for your children to watch at night.

For real he said this? - Ice-T

Looks like an voo-doo doll

I sent a message to him, and he said ''my Friend Uliffer is cursed and I am trying to help him''

39 The Hack of March 18

I was on youtube but I saw videos of people getting hacked by john doe it scared the hecklings out of me

40 Zeroe12

After following Albert (mrflimflam/Flamingo) he became weird and all he wears is stuff with the chill face - blahblah1

41 c00lkidd returns

Just like above, but he isn't banned. People still hack into games and have a sign up saying, "Join team c00lkidd today! " You will know these people because they are all red and have the sign on their chests.

I've experienced this...

42 Ubooly

Jane Doe is better. - Ice-T

People Say that If you get A messege from Ubooly and join Her game AND! Save her She will hack your account and steal All your items!

43 2x2x2x2

1x1x1x1 2nd more powerful alt acc you mean

They say its 1x1x1x1s 2nd acc

44 ethanson8

A weird random diapering guy

45 Ulifer

Ulifer is so damn scary and he has an very well shaped sharped machete and also his PRIME version he activates a white eyes.. never mess with Ulifer he can begin an killing spree if you annoy him and see his eyes white... the only who can stop him in his prime are Error45229

Every time I see him, I remind of SCP-049. - Ice-T

Ulifer is really scary...I'm serious...

46 Goldity

Alt account of Ulifer? - Ice-T

One of Ulifer's two friends he has no biography he has four creepy looking friends FatherGrimm, Chuck_Lloyd, Terroah and Ulifer he has spoke to me in game before and then in the same game started taking over my account so I could not move my own character if you see him leave the game immediately

If any one wants more information and my email is
Chuck_Lloyd Ulifer FatherGrimm Terroah

47 Zeltroli

People are creative. - Ice-T

Probably the mix-fusion of Zeltrek with Noli. Noli's account was banished, censored, humilliated, and maybe this guy is seeking revenge; they are coming more powerful, be always with attention. And I list here because this user overpowered me, when I was on his friends's list without even solicitation. Now he retired..

48 Trocerous

Seems just no-human, because he stands in some game 24 hours, and don't show the icon of someone standing in game.

For me he is a user more like poetry than scariest myth

It loves to spam ''near is the end'' though. I do not know how, but he said he knew my ip, divulging it in private chat. I added this guy and it is not shown in the friends list. The day he created the account was also the day that 1970 was celebrated the first day of the Earth.. he says he lives in the past. - Ice-T

49 Drmach

Drmach kept following me because I was a skeleton and I stood out in a crowd which stinks

He's so scary he's also the overall of cult family.. Mach is good in manipulation so other people kill for him but not him.. many says that Mach also knows already banned and such too much older voodoo spells that can extinguish half of entire population of roblox.. also that Mach is a master in torturer, and looks like a pedophile because also it is a little... he is the boss of cult family and rarely walking around public places, Noli said Billy Dallas shooted him in the head but I'm not sure since I saw him online next week..

50 MelvinDoe1337

How the ''doe'' and the ''1337'' is censored in the chat, but this guy is managed to create an account? - Ice-T

I used to have an account called diamondgirl1337
A few months later I lost the accound.-.

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