Scariest ROBLOX Myths and Legends


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1 Smile

It seems real

It looks scary

" Hey, Whats Over There... In The Distence... "


2 The Statue

I was on RHS And I went into the forest With my friends We saw some Statues so we decided to go closer Nothing happened so we left The statues and then a Few minutes later we went back to them and Then We all lost connection to the game and It said in big letters DIE and three tags and It made me get out of ROBLOX

I was doing the same but it was the same with me but I did not leave and it said my username is football ducks play and I will shut down roblox like last time but now I can not be banned or deleted

Makes me think of the weeping angels from doctor strange

Best roblox creepypasta - SoloPotato

3 The Black Room

Nothing. Why.

4 1x1x1x1 Hack - Work at a Pizza Place

I have encountered the 1x1x1x1 hacker in game before, they completely destroyed the server and spawned in some hellish things -iApocCat

What if that 1x1x1x1 man rises AGAIN and comes to robloxia? What if he hacks my bffs? What if he hacks me?!


IApocCat,I agree with you. I also encountered the 1x1x1x1 hacker in the game. It spawned scary stuff that made me scream HAXOR.

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5 The John Doe and Jane Doe Theory

This one is the only one I have heard of on this list but I have no idea how it is scary it's just saying stuff about the first two accounts on the website

These too are test accounts that have probably been hacked.

I believe this very much the videos are real I know it!

I love them

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6 Melvin

He's so creepy I heard

7 Alone In the House

Nothing you said about this


GOZ is a creepy ghost clown in ROBLOX and you can play GOZ's game today!

God is a scary clown that is invisible?

9 c00lkidd

C00lkidd is a real player I was there during the time he came he hacked game backgrounds and changed it to "join team c00lkidd today! "

C00lkidd is just like 1x1x1 but they put a sign called join team coolkidd today!

10 45229's game

It scared the heck out of me

Watched a couple of youtubers try this game because of John doe and this server is really creepy and weird! Posted by anyahbear! -!

Guys I'm a youtuber john doe I found out youll be NEST AH really guys don't play roblox

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? Guest Infinite

*he is so creepy he stalks you and never talks except for his creepy messages.

? Builderman


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11 Europhros Pedophile Incident
12 The Noob

He so dumb

13 Guest 666 & Guest 999

I saw Guest 666 two times. (1.In Prove It 2. Oblivious Hangout) I saw lots of people scream

Guest 666 & 999 is not a normal guest but is special

14 Subject 0 / Patient 0 (Apocalypse Rising)

You can actually encounter him in Apocalypse Rising. Strange whispers, a scream, and 1% health left. Pretty terrifying, especially in a tense game.

15 Slender
16 The Community

Its pretty creepy he hacks you

Bro he’s John Doe friend of course he hacks and I’ve been hacked before bout him so don’t try t find anything about John Doe at all!

17 Nursery Rhymes

This myth is scary as #%$!. If you search it up on YouTube, you will be having nightmares for days.

18 c00lkidd returns

Just like above, but he isn't banned. People still hack into games and have a sign up saying, "Join team c00lkidd today! " You will know these people because they are all red and have the sign on their chests.

I've experienced this...

19 Bobbys_here
20 The Ghost

scary O_O

21 IHAXLV Is taken over by 1x1x1x1
22 Guest 0

I see him almost every game I play. 2 times in Mad Paintball, is he following me?

Guest 0 is one of the most creepiest stories ever

23 Tom
24 Bloxwatch


25 2x2x2x2

They say its 1x1x1x1s 2nd acc

26 ethanson8

A weird random diapering guy

27 Mothman Mothman In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967 . The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled "Couples See Man-Sized Bird ... Creature ... more.
28 Lezus+vault 8166 are linked to the end of the world.

I think lezus was a subject of an alien base called vault 8166 that plans to destroy the world 😂

29 Ubooly

People Say that If you get A messege from Ubooly and join Her game AND! Save her She will hack your account and steal All your items!

30 Rust_092

Roblox creepy dude guy that he has games and 1K+ game visits

31 Vault 8166


32 Rust_010

He is trying to kill alber aka albertsstuff aka flamingo

33 Red Guest

If you see him DELETE ROBLOX mark my words LISTIN TO ME please

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