Top Ten Scariest Rollercoasters In the World

There are many white knuckle rollercoasters out there that give you thrills and make you want to ride them again and again. But what rollercoasters make you dread even looking at them? What ones invert you until you're so dizzy that you won't even ride the carousel? What rollercoasters are so fast that you can't even scream and what rollercoasters are so high that looking down is as scary as looking at a ghost? Have your say here.

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1 Kingda Ka

the tallest rollercoaster on earth and the former fastest rollercoaster on earth imagine being launched from a cannon up a skyscraper and then falling down from it and landing down on a bouncy surface and being bounced up 100 feat and then landing on the floor on your feet scary much that's probably what Kingda ka feels like

Just went on it today. Oh my god. Have mercy on anyone who decides to go on it. I was tearing, not from straight fear, but just from going 128 MPH. Everyone should experience this ride though. It was legendary.

I totally agree I haven't been on it but it looks pretty scary! It is 0-138mph in 4.5 seconds! I really want to go on it.

So scary and high, I'm too scared to ride it, I'm such a scaredy cat

2 Millennium Force

Millennium Force more like millennium forceless and man this piece of trash is overrated.

EPIC. I love it.

How the hell is this scary...

Should be number 1

3 Top Thrill Dragster

This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It is my second favorite roller coaster after millenium force.

many rollercoasters have been named after fast cars but when you get on them theybfeel nothing like them but top thrill dragsters feels just like your on a dragsters as well as shooting you over 500 ft in the air

This should be number one. It isn't as tall or fast as kingda ka, but you barely notice the difference. There is one thing scarier than anything... LAPBARS!

Better than king the ka

4 Intimidator 305

I black out on this ride

Listen intimidator 305 is so under rated it craps all over the millenium force and even intimidator at carowinds seriously people

5 Tower of Terror II

it really is a tower of terror once you ride it gives you nightmares for the rest of your lives you are being launched at 100 mph up a vertical spike what could be worse than that

I love this ride! I've been on it
Twice and it never gets old! I love it! 😋


6 Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Can somebody tell me how this is number 4! Seriously! I guess it's because most people have only been to Disney and this is there best ride there, but it doesn't diserve to be in the top ten at all

I want to do it so so bad it look crazy fun I'll love me it

This was my first roller coaster.

When I was 6 I went on this. It wasn't scary at all. Its actually one of my favorite rides. Oh and by the way, DON'T GO ON THE TOWER OF TERROR. U WILL DIE. I GOT STUCK ON IT FOR HALF AN HOUR. IT WAS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! Don't go. U have been warned

7 Vortex (Kings Island)
8 Eejanaika

This rollercoaster makes nerves of steel shatter into pieces not only are you elevated 249 ft in the air and are plummeted down at 78mph but the seats continiuisly rotate round inverting those plucky souls who ride for a total of 14 times

The coolest thing ever so scary! :) my friend went on it and she nearly threw up

9 The Beast
10 Viper

Viper at six flags magic mountain with only it's height and speed statistics of being 70 mph and almost being 200 feat high would probably make it into my top 50 let alone having 7 inversions

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11 GateKeeper
12 Python
13 Flight of Fear

I was crying when I finally strapped myself down...

Lol this ride is the whole reaosn I don;t ride launch coasters anymore

14 Saw (Thorpe Park)

Saws not scary, its only scary when your queuing up the first time. Once your on it, there's no turning back and your fine!

15 Georgia Cyclone

The Georgia cyclone at six flags over Georgia is so rough and it is made of wood and the wood looks like it's messed up. They need to fix it or it will break.

16 Superman: Escape from Krypton

not only are you being launched at 100mph but your being launched backwards and then at over 350 ft your being plummeted back down and you said the pirate ship made you sick

The ultimate tower of terror II.
Should be number 4 or 5

17 Formula Rossa

this ride is the fastest rollercoaster on earth it is the ultimate Ferrari experience who would want to drive a ferraribwgwn you've rodebthis it's so scary that you have to wear special goggles

18 Maverick

Balls to the wall fun!

19 Intimidator (Carowinds)

I love this ride even though it scares people. It's the fastest and biggest one I've been on.

20 Medusa

the ultimate thrill at six flags discovery kingdom you are being elavated 150 ft high and suddenly you plunge down at 65 mph and go into a petrifying 120 ft loop and travel through 6 other inversions is that scary enough for you

21 Oblivion

Vertical drop into Oblivion!

22 Raptor
23 Dragon Khan

I would rather be chased by a dragon than ride the dragon khan not only does it invert 8 times but you are doing it at 65 mph thanks to it's major drop of over 150 feet at the start

surprised by the variety of items throughout the tour

Trully amazing, the amount of times you are sent upside down and thrown about is amazing.

24 Ring Racer

Second fastest ride on earth

Elvisjackson it is the tenth thru 25

25 Leviathan

This should be at 5 4 3 2 1

It's the scariest when it slowly moves to the top...verrry slowly...THEN U FALL!

Should be 1!

26 Blue Streak
27 Space Mountain: Mission 2
28 X2

Honestly, this should be right below Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster, as it will flip you over and over again

This should be number 2

Okay so Eejanaika gets a better place than X2 when X2 came out BEFORE that ride? That's absurd.

29 Fury 325
30 Wild Eagle
31 The Smiler
32 Magnum XL
33 Revenge Of The Mummy

The Hollywood one is NOT scary

Best indoor coaster by miles. Themed to perfection, has good dark ride elements, lots of G-Force, and is so unpredictable.

34 Superman: La Atraccion de Acero

this rollercoaster makes you feel like you actually are superman with a total of seven inversions a drop of 164 ft and speeds of 62. 1 miles per hour

35 Superman: Ride of Steel

A dude died on this ride, and I was there to see it! It wasn't a good sight an I really feel bad because he was a veteran with no legs...

36 Colossus

The world's first 10 inverting coaster. Such an adrenalin rush after the ride - you feel like the king of the world.

37 Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

I live about 5 minutes away from universal studios, and I rode all of these on this list, I voted for this for scariest, and also best!

May not be the tallest or fastest rollercoaster in the world.. But it is just amazing:) I advice anyone to ride this one, great fun

Such an awesome rollercoaster:)! Amazing for all ages, great ride and awesome music! One of a kind

Great start and awesome how you can listen to music while on the ride, awesome rollercoaster!

38 Green Lantern: First Flight

The tallest, fastest, and longest obtaining spin in the world a unique roller coaster!

39 Full Throttle

You don't know a roller coaster until boarding this beast

I give it 9/10 cause there’s a brake run on the drop

40 Nitro
41 Batman & Robin: The Chiller
42 Insane (Gröna Lund)

Not a lot of these coasters in the world

43 El Toro
44 Skyscraper Ride
45 Vortex (Carowinds)
46 Shambhala
47 Flight Deck (California's Great America)

One of the craziest rollor coaster at californias great america. One part you litterally go over water just imagine.

48 Mr. Freeze
49 Stealth

Launch at 84mph to a 205 ft hill!

50 Nemesis - Alton Towers
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