Top Ten Scariest Rooms In Five Nights at Freddy's

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1 West Hall

Golden Freddy=Death. If you see Foxy running down here, you're screwed unless you shut the left door.

Agree but it's when Bonnie just stands there menacingly

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2 The Office V 4 Comments
3 Pirate Cove

Especially when foxy is peeking out of the curtains

Oh Mr. Foxy I'm so going to put you in my toilet. Wait, what am I saying? - JaysTop10List

Hey, EpicJake. I wanna meet you one day. Plus, I'm eleven also.

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4 Kitchen

This should be #2 after west hall. You can't see a thing

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5 Dining Room

Super scary especially when Chica stands there with her jaw open

6 East Hall

The allucinations of IT'S ME and the crying children are scaring.

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7 Backstage

The game over screen. Need I say more?

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8 Restrooms

You can sometimes see freddy peeking out if the girl's room

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9 Show Stage

All animatronics turn at you as if you intruded their territory or you entered the wrong classroom

It's so scary Freddy Bonnie and Chica looking at you scary place

10 Scooping Room V 1 Comment

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11 Supply Closet V 1 Comment
12 Main Hall
13 Game Area

For one, you can see the one character that takes your flashlight and lures enemies into your office. Second, Mangle can be found in there and she will, sort of, blend in with the balloons and you know that she will start getting closer. Finally, when you look into the camera and see that nothing changed... New Freddy might be hiding in the dark unnoticeable!

14 Parts/Service room

I'm looking in the stage- chicas gone. Bonnie is next. I look for Bonnie as he leaves and- HIS FACE IT GIVES ME THE CHILLZ/DAYMAREZ - Torren33

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15 Prize Corner
16 Kids Cove

Where the mangle hides out the first time I saw mangle I was like what the heck is that thing!

17 Funtime Auditorium V 1 Comment
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