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Scariest and most frightining and most awesome scp monsters and objects.
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He is something you DON'T and I mean DON'T want in pretty much anywhere. I will admit I find him more cool than scary but he has a few things that are scary: 1:he has a (unknown) hate for humanity (and pretty much everything) 2:he has regeneration abilitys (even with 99% of his body destroyed he still regenerated back to life) 3:he can adapt to nearly (? ) anything (pretty much if you use a attack or even a scp on him it never (? ) effects him again) 4:as far as I'm sure he is the only thing the scp foundation wants to destroy 5:he's a giant lizard so yea the foundation keeps him in a giant acid cage to stop him from killing us and these 5 reasons (mainly the first 3) explain why they do that and how scary scp 682 can be in real life.

A living thing with a hatred for ALL living things, human or otherwise, is terrifying for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, because of the self-destructive implications. Secondly, with his being practically immortal, it promises that he really will be the last to die, if he ever does. And finally, he is capable of killing us at all any given time, and it simply hasn't suited him to do so.

This description is wrong on many levels. I am an official SCP member, and I will have you know two things
1. 87% NOT 99% of his body has been destroyed; and
2. He is not the only SCP we wish to destroy- SCP? (we have not disclosed his identity as yet) must also be destroyed. Thank you very much for wasting out time with false information

He's more epic then scary, but if he was even 2000 miles away,I would scream so loud that anyone in a 30 mile radius would feel like a jet engine drank some helium and screamed right in their ears. This guy couldn't even be stopped by nukes. And I have a feeling that if this guy is real, we are in for world ending ride...


Scp-096 is a keter class SCP that is named the shy guy, it is humanoid and dangerous, any eye contact of his face from a photo, on the camera, in person, or even looking at a cleverly drawn picture of him; is enough for him to go into rage mode, the first note that he is in an aggressive state is the ear-splitting tamper tantrum, involving crying, and covering his face up with his hands. In a minimum of 20 seconds, he will go into a rampage while running with his arms stuck out like the arms of a Minecraft zombie. And he will stop at nothing until he finds the poor chap that looked at his face before the rampage happened. Scp-096 is reported to be seen breaking down doors. When scp-096 reaches his victim. he [data expunged] his victims, leaving no trace.

SCP-096 is usually docile, but if someone looks at its face, it will enter a stage of emotional distress for a minute before running towards someone. And hear this: nothing will stop SCP-096 from getting its victim. On a plane? No worries. At the bottom of the ocean? He'll still find you. On the moon? Say your prayers. Once you look at its face, you're as good as dead.

What ever you do, when you are playing the game ( scp containment breach ) DO NOT LOOK AT ITS FACE, Because
That scp 096 has a nick name called the shy guy and if you look at its face, it will scream in an sickening and creepy way and then 20 seconds later he will start looking and hunting down the person who looked at its face.

Like everyone says, the last thing you'll ever want in your life is to look at its face. And the fact that his face is also scary makes it even worse. This was one of the scps that introduced me to the scp world, and it's my favourite scp, and will always be. But also one of the few that terrified me the most


While the picture representing SCP-610 is arguably the most disgusting and horrifying among the objects, this is only the part of what makes it the scariest thing on the site. But the fact it is a highly contagious disease that may turn YOU into one of the abominations shown on the pictures make one see nightmares about it. And I used to live near Syberia...

This is really scary in my opinion. A contagious disease that turns you into an immobile sack of flesh. Even scarier is that it is literally unstoppable; all that the Foundation can do is shoot infected individuals on sight.

An extremely contagious disease, that destroys and warps every organic tissue it meets is horrifying! You can't tell me that painfully turning into some warped image of yourself isn't terrifying!

A disease/virus that we hardly understand, that is both uncontainable and possibly indestructible? And it is now (SPOILER ALERT) implied that it has some sort of sentience about it? No.


It is a very scary scp and he looks like the boogeyman but burned and
Covered in ashes. Scp 106 which is also known as the old man will
Take you to his pocket dimension if he catches you.

And then you walk through these corridors and some have traps, some send you back to the start, some lead you to obstacle course and some lead you back to out and escape the pocket dimension.-

106 freaks me out! He is the only SCP that I'm nearly deathly afaid of. I keep having dreams about him. The weird part is that 106 is the only SCP, (besides 173 once [and in that dream 106 was there]) that has ever been in my dreams. What does thkis mean? I don't know, but if you can figure it out, be my guess. (I apologize for any misspelings)

Ah yes. Radical Larry. The jerk that scares me just by walking through walls.

The scariest part is when you turn on the femur breaker.


That is some dark stuff... And, amazingly, not really a creature.

That thing is creepy look at this thing on Google images!

People that have never seen the article don't understand

Just read it to the very end.


The door man-that face on the bottom right hand side of the door window is scary.
It looks like the mighty jagrafess from doctor who.

Oh well that thing is stupid too and I think that it looks like a pair of dentures. lolzy


Its scairy that A. we don't know what evil is inside the tunnels, and B. We don't know where the tunnels R. I surtainly would never think twice about looking for Narnia!

Really that thing is so stupid it can not make my baby sis cry.


The original scp 087 is so scary, even though it is just a pitch black stairwell, it still gives me the chills
Especially that face at the bottom of the stairs.

I'm not scared of the dark, I'm scared of not being alone in the dark. 087 just makes that fear worse

I played a game on roblox about SCP-087 and I was so scared I couldn't even finish it

Once you go down you can either die from fear or go back up and be insane


Scp 173 is the the cutest and one of the most horrifying scp monsters ever, the scariest Euclid class scp, Euclid in case you didn't know means that it doesn't kill you unless you do something that's going to make it kill you.

Scp 173 is Euclid because it is a statue, the object cannot move while a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not
Be broken at anytime with scp 173 and he gets closer anytime line of eyesight is broken and it kills it's victim
By snapping the base of the neck.

Why is he number seven? He was the first SCP I ever read the best example I was given to let me know what I was getting myself into when first getting into the SCP Foundation! He should at least be at number one, two or even at least three. SCP-682 is kind of overrated. I mean, SCP-173 is the ONLY SCP that SCP-682 fears! That's saying something!

The reason why SCP-173 is so scary is because, what if it multiplied? A story on the site tells what would happen if scp-173 kept duplicating. Basically in one week over half the earth's population would be dead, and the remaining people would be stuck in the UK, France, and Italy.

Its very Scary because looking at him is a hardwork without blinking. He should be in Top 3 list. His face and body shape is not scary but we care about the amount of scary he is and its beyond anyone.


This thing is pretty much in my opinion the scariest SCP, what he does is creepy enough, not to mention his intelligence and the way he speaks makes you seem as if he is a kind intellectual, just read the interview and you will get it.

He's not scary. When it comes to people saying this guy is scary, it makes me think he's overrated. Honestly, he is more badass and cool than scary.

This thing injects chemicals into dead bodies and makes them zombies and also he can kill with a touch. Enough said

Honestly, the stories you read from him are tear jerking, and the characters within them.

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You want scary? Read 231, then 2317, then back to 231.

This gave me nightmares


It's one of the most scariest scps ever and it is the scariest scp game.
It gave me chills because the atmosphere is great, it is incredibly dark, your in a brick corridor, the music
Is scary and creepy and he pops out every time you don't expect him to come out
And when you forget about him, scp 087-b is bloody scary 80

I wouldn’t say it deserves the number 1 spot, but definitely higher than 10. It’s an endless staircase with a child forever at the bottom! And the face is pretty creepy. Come on, this thing should be at least 8th.

Reason number 1 to live on the bottom floor of an apartment: SCP-087

Red Mist Monster and masked man are so creepy


I get that getting a breif image of it irl is anamolously traumatising to humans but it isn't really that distrusting reading about it.

Fortunately, it can't really hurt you, all it really does is annoy the crap out of you with all of its photo bombs.

Just look it up. It's not scary, but it LOOKS scary. I have read sips since 2009 and it still messes with me.

The picture you see on it's page is legitimately horrifying.


Scp 372 is a safe and friendly monster but he is still creepy because I think that insects are very scary.

Scp 372 is not very scary but it is dangerous and you cannot defend yourself when it attacks


Just looking at it...


The only way this thing can brutally kill you is from killing you from cuteness. Also, I think this is the only cute and wholesome thing in the game.

This SCP is the scariest in the world it looks cute but when it gets it's hands on you are DEAD

He's so adorable. He will hug you (have a tickle fight with you) if your depressed.

Who the hell put this on the list. This guy is so cute. He is not scary at all.


This gave me chills down my neck after reading it.

How is this one only 17?

I couldn't sleep after reading thid


It's really interesting. Just read the r/scpdeclassified article oon it, and it will have you hooked. This is my favorite SCP.


The face on the computer and camera kind of makes me jump and it is really scary.

I think this dude has the same voice synthesis as either Stephen Hawking, or my Therapist, Dr. Sbaitso.


It is a safe scp, it is only a little child but those eyes are creepy, it looks like someone from thoses
Devil possession movies.


Creepiest image ever.

Have you even looked at that "thing"? Yeesh.


I saw that scp an it came after me and I survived

It eats anything what else do ai have to say

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