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1 SCP-682

He is something you DON'T and I mean DON'T want in pretty much anywhere. I will admit I find him more cool than scary but he has a few things that are scary: 1:he has a (unknown) hate for humanity (and pretty much everything) 2:he has regeneration abilitys (even with 99% of his body destroyed he still regenerated back to life) 3:he can adapt to nearly (? ) anything (pretty much if you use a attack or even a scp on him it never (? ) effects him again) 4:as far as I'm sure he is the only thing the scp foundation wants to destroy 5:he's a giant lizard so yea the foundation keeps him in a giant acid cage to stop him from killing us and these 5 reasons (mainly the first 3) explain why they do that and how scary scp 682 can be in real life.

A living thing with a hatred for ALL living things, human or otherwise, is terrifying for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, because of the self-destructive implications. Secondly, with his being practically immortal, it promises that he really will be the last to die, if he ever does. And finally, he is capable of killing us at all any given time, and it simply hasn't suited him to do so.

This description is wrong on many levels. I am an official SCP member, and I will have you know two things
1. 87% NOT 99% of his body has been destroyed; and
2. He is not the only SCP we wish to destroy- SCP? (we have not disclosed his identity as yet) must also be destroyed. Thank you very much for wasting out time with false information

He can;t die

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2 SCP-610

While the picture representing SCP-610 is arguably the most disgusting and horrifying among the objects, this is only the part of what makes it the scariest thing on the site. But the fact it is a highly contagious disease that may turn YOU into one of the abominations shown on the pictures make one see nightmares about it. And I used to live near Syberia...

This is really scary in my opinion. A contagious disease that turns you into an immobile sack of flesh. Even scarier is that it is literally unstoppable; all that the Foundation can do is shoot infected individuals on sight.

A disease/virus that we hardly understand, that is both uncontainable and possibly indestructible? And it is now (SPOILER ALERT) implied that it has some sort of sentience about it? No.

damn dude

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3 SCP-096

The last thing you want is to look at this guys face, if you tried to escape in a helicopter, he's going to jump straight up and blow it up, long story short, YOUR DEAD ANYWAY YOU CHOOSE

What ever you do, when you are playing the game ( scp containment breach ) DO NOT LOOK AT ITS FACE, Because
That scp 096 has a nick name called the shy guy and if you look at its face, it will scream in an sickening and creepy way and then 20 seconds later he will start looking and hunting down the person who looked at its face.

DO NOT LOOK AT HIS FACE he let's out he most terrifying scream for about 30 seconds after that he goes to find the dumb person that looked at his face and if he finds you he will rip you to shreds and eat your insides


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4 SCP-303

The door man-that face on the bottom right hand side of the door window is scary.
It looks like the mighty jagrafess from doctor who.

Oh well that thing is stupid too and I think that it looks like a pair of dentures. lolzy

5 SCP-432

Really that thing is so stupid it can not make my baby sis cry.

Its scairy that A. we don't know what evil is inside the tunnels, and B. We don't know where the tunnels R. I surtainly would never think twice about looking for Narnia!

6 SCP-173

All I have is one question, what are those yellow circles? Are they its eyes?

It's so weird it looks like only certain parts of his body are burnt

He is freaky looking and I wouldn't want to go anywhere near him

Scp-173 Moves at Rapid Speeds WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING AT HIM so He snaps your neck when u die.

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7 SCP-1875

Just read it to the very end.

That is some dark stuff... And, amazingly, not really a creature.

That thing is creepy look at this thing on Google images!

I'm scrolling down, it's not scary, creepy, but not scary,

Then I legit throw my laptop across the room.

Sweet nightmares.

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8 SCP-106

It is a very scary scp and he looks like the boogeyman but burned and
Covered in ashes. Scp 106 which is also known as the old man will
Take you to his pocket dimension if he catches you.

And then you walk through these corridors and some have traps, some send you back to the start, some lead you to obstacle course and some lead you back to out and escape the pocket dimension.-

His face is the stuff of nightmares!

The scariest part is when you turn on the femur breaker.

It's rumored that this scp was the inspiration for the monster in stranger things. you know, the show that everyone is obsessed about.

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9 SCP-087-B

It's one of the most scariest scps ever and it is the scariest scp game.
It gave me chills because the atmosphere is great, it is incredibly dark, your in a brick corridor, the music
Is scary and creepy and he pops out every time you don't expect him to come out
And when you forget about him, scp 087-b is bloody scary 80

When I played do lox on this s, this, this thing...
I felt so scared. I then jumped out a window fell on to my cat and died in rob lox :(
Robles must now be real life since I died in real life too


Fu** this staircase, I mean it. It's not even about the guy in it itself, but something about that staircase is just extremely unsettling.

10 SCP-049

This thing is pretty much in my opinion the scariest SCP, what he does is creepy enough, not to mention his intelligence and the way he speaks makes you seem as if he is a kind intellectual, just read the interview and you will get it.

Hello greetings oh my yet another victim of the disease you are not a doctor I sense the disease in you I am the cure don't worry I am the cure stop resisting I'm here to cure you

All I know is that this guy looks very very cool

That was funny but this is more like it 049: I sense the disease Me: Oh shoot oh shoot [Calls elevator]

OPEN OPEN FOR GODS SAKE 049: Ah Yet another victim of the disease Me: NO NO NO!

Speakers : Warning 096 is out of containment 096: Sits down behide 049] 049: [sees its face] OH SHOOT OH SHOOT OH SHOOT; [096 Kills 049] Me: YES 096 YES! [See's its face and dies] Me: NOO 096 NOO

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11 SCP-087

I played a game on roblox about SCP-087 and I was so scared I couldn't even finish it

The original scp 087 is so scary, even though it is just a pitch black stairwell, it still gives me the chills
Especially that face at the bottom of the stairs.

12 SCP-372

Scp 372 is not very scary but it is dangerous and you cannot defend yourself when it attacks

Scp 372 is a safe and friendly monster but he is still creepy because I think that insects are very scary.

13 SCP-122

Just looking at it...

14 SCP-231 V 1 Comment
15 SCP-1471

Fortunately, it can't really hurt you, all it really does is annoy the crap out of you with all of its photo bombs.

Just look it up. It's not scary, but it LOOKS scary. I have read sips since 2009 and it still messes with me.

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16 SCP-093
17 SCP-513 V 1 Comment
18 SCP-1121
19 SCP-134

It is a safe scp, it is only a little child but those eyes are creepy, it looks like someone from thoses
Devil possession movies.

20 SCP-079

The face on the computer and camera kind of makes me jump and it is really scary.

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