Top Ten Scariest SCPs

Scariest and most frightining and most awesome scp monsters and objects.
By the way, scp stands for

The Top Ten Scariest SCPs

1 SCP-682

If this thing needs to be terminated ASAP then it must be dangerous

I was reading about it on SCP Foundation and the photo scared the he'll out of me. The description too.

SCP-682 is my personal fave, It's scary, voracious, and basically unstoppable. And, to be honest although creepy, a part of me finds it a bit cute...

He is something you DON'T and I mean DON'T want in pretty much anywhere. I will admit I find him more cool than scary but he has a few things that are scary: 1:he has a (unknown) hate for humanity (and pretty much everything) 2:he has regeneration abilitys (even with 99% of his body destroyed he still regenerated back to life) 3:he can adapt to nearly (? ) anything (pretty much if you use a attack or even a scp on him it never (? ) effects him again) 4:as far as I'm sure he is the only thing the scp foundation wants to destroy 5:he's a giant lizard so yea the foundation keeps him in a giant acid cage to stop him from killing us and these 5 reasons (mainly the first 3) explain why they do that and how scary scp 682 can be in real life.

2 SCP-610

An extremely contagious disease, that destroys and warps every organic tissue it meets is horrifying! You can't tell me that painfully turning into some warped image of yourself isn't terrifying!

While the picture representing SCP-610 is arguably the most disgusting and horrifying among the objects, this is only the part of what makes it the scariest thing on the site. But the fact it is a highly contagious disease that may turn YOU into one of the abominations shown on the pictures make one see nightmares about it. And I used to live near Syberia...

This is really scary in my opinion. A contagious disease that turns you into an immobile sack of flesh. Even scarier is that it is literally unstoppable; all that the Foundation can do is shoot infected individuals on sight.

A disease/virus that we hardly understand, that is both uncontainable and possibly indestructible? And it is now (SPOILER ALERT) implied that it has some sort of sentience about it? No.

3 SCP-096

If you look at his face you are completely and utterly doomed to a terrible fate

SCP-096 is usually docile, but if someone looks at its face, it will enter a stage of emotional distress for a minute before running towards someone. And hear this: nothing will stop SCP-096 from getting its victim. On a plane? No worries. At the bottom of the ocean? He'll still find you. On the moon? Say your prayers. Once you look at its face, you're as good as dead. - DoroExploro13

Like everyone says, the last thing you'll ever want in your life is to look at its face. And the fact that his face is also scary makes it even worse. This was one of the scps that introduced me to the scp world, and it's my favourite scp, and will always be. But also one of the few that terrified me the most

The last thing you want is to look at this guys face, if you tried to escape in a helicopter, he's going to jump straight up and blow it up, long story short, YOUR DEAD ANYWAY YOU CHOOSE

4 SCP-303

The door man-that face on the bottom right hand side of the door window is scary.
It looks like the mighty jagrafess from doctor who.

Why is this #4

Oh well that thing is stupid too and I think that it looks like a pair of dentures. lolzy

5 SCP-1875

The moment I get over the last picture of SCP-106s victim I get another black and white blank eyed jerk to haunt my dreams

SCP is a very interesting thing,a shame it has toxic community.

Just read it to the very end.

That is some dark stuff... And, amazingly, not really a creature.

6 SCP-432

Really that thing is so stupid it can not make my baby sis cry.

Its scairy that A. we don't know what evil is inside the tunnels, and B. We don't know where the tunnels R. I surtainly would never think twice about looking for Narnia!

7 SCP-173

Eye staring contest, not scary, and why does this scp reminds me of a chicken? Anyone?

Want to know something interesting he can kill the unkillable SCP-096 or shy guy and can make SCP- 106 cry and be scared!

Its very Scary because looking at him is a hardwork without blinking. He should be in Top 3 list. His face and body shape is not scary but we care about the amount of scary he is and its beyond anyone.

Why is he number seven? He was the first SCP I ever read the best example I was given to let me know what I was getting myself into when first getting into the SCP Foundation! He should at least be at number one, two or even at least three. SCP-682 is kind of overrated. I mean, SCP-173 is the ONLY SCP that SCP-682 fears! That's saying something! - Daviddv0601

8 SCP-106

Ah yes. Radical Larry. The jerk that scares me just by walking through walls. - Aguythatpeopleignores

It is a very scary scp and he looks like the boogeyman but burned and
Covered in ashes. Scp 106 which is also known as the old man will
Take you to his pocket dimension if he catches you.

And then you walk through these corridors and some have traps, some send you back to the start, some lead you to obstacle course and some lead you back to out and escape the pocket dimension.-

106 is a pedophile

His face is the stuff of nightmares!

9 SCP-049

Honestly, the stories you read from him are tear jerking, and the characters within them.

Not really scary in my opinion, my friend's absolute favorite SCP

This thing is pretty much in my opinion the scariest SCP, what he does is creepy enough, not to mention his intelligence and the way he speaks makes you seem as if he is a kind intellectual, just read the interview and you will get it.

He's not scary. When it comes to people saying this guy is scary, it makes me think he's overrated. Honestly, he is more badass and cool than scary. - Daviddv0601

10 SCP-087-B

Reason number 1 to live on the bottom floor of an apartment: SCP-087

Red Mist Monster and masked man are so creepy

Scary as crap I hate it

It's one of the most scariest scps ever and it is the scariest scp game.
It gave me chills because the atmosphere is great, it is incredibly dark, your in a brick corridor, the music
Is scary and creepy and he pops out every time you don't expect him to come out
And when you forget about him, scp 087-b is bloody scary 80

The Contenders

11 SCP-087

Once you go down you can either die from fear or go back up and be insane

I'm not scared of the dark, I'm scared of not being alone in the dark. 087 just makes that fear worse

The original scp 087 is so scary, even though it is just a pitch black stairwell, it still gives me the chills
Especially that face at the bottom of the stairs.

I played a game on roblox about SCP-087 and I was so scared I couldn't even finish it

12 SCP-372

Scp 372 is not very scary but it is dangerous and you cannot defend yourself when it attacks

Scp 372 is a safe and friendly monster but he is still creepy because I think that insects are very scary.

13 SCP-1471

I get that getting a breif image of it irl is anamolously traumatising to humans but it isn't really that distrusting reading about it. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Fortunately, it can't really hurt you, all it really does is annoy the crap out of you with all of its photo bombs.

The picture you see on it's page is legitimately horrifying. - Stalin

God, the picture is terrifying...

14 SCP-231

This gave me nightmares

You want scary? Read 231, then 2317, then back to 231.

15 SCP-122

Just looking at it...

16 SCP-513

How is this one only 17?

This gave me chills down my neck after reading it.

I couldn't sleep after reading thid

17 SCP-093

It's really interesting. Just read the r/scpdeclassified article oon it, and it will have you hooked. This is my favorite SCP.

18 SCP-999

He's so adorable. He will hug you (have a tickle fight with you) if your depressed. - Ilovestephanie

This SCP is the scariest in the world it looks cute but when it gets it's hands on you are DEAD

*heart attack from cuteness* - SoultailMcCloud

He is only positive here.

19 SCP-1121
20 SCP-079

I think this dude has the same voice synthesis as either Stephen Hawking, or my Therapist, Dr. Sbaitso. - SoultailMcCloud

The face on the computer and camera kind of makes me jump and it is really scary.

Face is SO CrEEPy

21 SCP-134

It is a safe scp, it is only a little child but those eyes are creepy, it looks like someone from thoses
Devil possession movies.

22 SCP-076
23 SCP-409
24 SCP-957

Creepiest image ever.

Have you even looked at that "thing"? Yeesh.

25 SCP-100000-J

It eats anything what else do ai have to say

I saw that scp an it came after me and I survived


26 SCP-001

SCP-001 is supposedly the "Guardian of the Garden of Eden", the mythological place where God first made mankind. I have done my homework that SCP-001 is a Angel, sent by God to protect he Garden of Eden. I think this is my vote because I'm still doing research about the End of the World and if it will be caused by SCP-001. Also, I think this SCP is the most deadliest because it can literally evaporate you from existence. This is my vote and thank you for reading this vote

I think you mean S.D. Locke's Proposal? The one where the sun turns red and people get melty? Yeah, that and 4666 are the scariest. - Cyri

The only spoilers I will give is:
6.8 Billion dead... - Aguythatpeopleignores

Probably one of the most powerful Scp's.

27 SCP-895

Watch the video. It is so creepy

Scary espesialy the disruption

28 SCP-513-1

The scp itself is actually a cow bell but there is a humanoid ghost who also spears. And he is creepy himself.

29 SCP-2317

End of the world is inevitable... Need I say more?

Each iteration shows more and more information which makes us horrified, and last iteration... yeah. good.

Just Read it.

Read this then 231 than back to this. :O

30 SCP-169

My favorite scp


31 SCP-1003

That baby is so scary- the nick name (tapeworm child) does sound creepy.

God help me
that kid has to be in acid or I'm not happy

32 SCP-4666

This scares the absolute balls out of me. Of all SCPs, this just takes the cake. The descriptions of what it does to children are simply chilling. Just the thought of it makes me want to crap my pants.

This is just horrifying. The children... - Cyri

33 SCP-015

As someone with claustrophobia and that hates looking at exposed pipes, this is definitely the scariest for me. Not to mention that the pipes are made out of flesh and are sentient enough to kill anyone holding any tools.

The pipe nightmare- it looks like that scene from the film Freddy vs jason when Freddy kills that girl in that pipe room,

34 SCP-823

This is real


35 SCP-1048
36 SCP-2901
37 SCP-1100
38 SCP-008


39 SCP-002

A room made of basically people

40 SCP-1738
41 SCP-058

I honestly hate anything that has long legs, or looks like a spider.

I mean it's a bovine heart with spiked whips that can be extended really long

It has 4 spider like legs

And a scorpion tail

42 SCP-1548
43 SCP-1000

He's Big foot so so so so so so so so scary but not in Minecraft

44 SCP-804
45 SCP-293

This thing drives people insane! And it's impossible to stop or detect. No wonder it's a Keter... - neehawgamer

46 SCP-1230

This thing is still on a draft on the SCP Sandbox wiki... and holy crap. Just look up "The Groping Snatcher".

47 SCP-324
48 SCP-763
49 SCP-1361
50 SCP-681
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