Top Ten Scariest Secrets You Can Hear


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1 I'm pregnant but not with your baby

Where are those divorce papers? - BKAllmighty

Have you been cheating on me?

2 You're adopted

Well, this would not be something that you should hide from your children forever. So it's better to be honest about it. - BKAllmighty

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3 I've been watching you for years
4 I'm only your friend cause your mom told me to be

I have a reserve of tears designated for this very occasion. - BKAllmighty

5 I'm a killer

Yup. I'd hate to hear that in my ear. - BKAllmighty

Really? That's... That's... Amazing! - Ananya

6 I've been dying for years

Yep think if your best friend told you that - Toucan

7 I'm killing myself because of you
8 I'm going to die soon
9 I am gay

How is being gay one of the scariest secrets you can hear? - LizardKing99

... And? Where the scary part? , - keycha1n

10 I am gay and have a crush on you

If someone said this to me I would say this: "Sorry but you're out of luck. I'm straight." Then I would walk away dramatically like any good connoisseur. - RiverClanRocks

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11 I'm a sociopath
12 The condom broke
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1. I'm pregnant but not with your baby
2. You're adopted
3. I've been watching you for years



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