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261 The Murder - Bernard Herrmann V 2 Comments
262 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

Especially the beginning part that sounds like either a Ambulance Alarm dying or a whale

263 Criminally Insane - Slayer

About a serial killer who can't stop killing - SirSkeletorThe3rd

264 Look at Your Game, Girl - Charles Manson

This song is scary because it was written by an actual criminal!

265 Night of the Chainsaw - Insane Clown Posse
266 Chicken Huntin' - Insane Clown Posse
267 The Lords of Salem - Rob Zombie

This song is based on the Salem witchcraft trials of the 17th century.

268 Dragon's Child - Iced Earth
269 I Will Kill You - Cannibal Corpse
270 Right Now - Korn

The music video is WAY scarier!

271 The Eyes of Horror - Possessed
272 The Good Life - Three Days Grace

This list is a total joke. Most of these songs aren't scary and don't even sound scary.

273 World So Cold - Three Days Grace
274 As Deep As the Knife Will Go - Cannibal Corpse
275 Bodies - Drowning Pool

Why do I love songs like this so much?

276 Dracula - Iced Earth

This song is so NOT scary! It doesn't even sound scary.

277 The Dope Show - Marilyn Manson

The reason it's scary is because there is some truth to it. There are people who want to use you as a figure in the media, And the fame and publicity you get will eventually lead you to do drugs and other kinds of messed up stuff. Powerful song.

The music video is far more scarier because it shows Manson with boobs.

278 Damien - Iced Earth
279 Secret of Survival - Chief Weasel and His Gang
280 Jack - Iced Earth
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