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101 No Quarter - Led Zeppelin
102 Agitated Screams of Maggots - Dir En Grey

The unplugged version of this song is scary as hell. Really the studio version is a good song the unplugged just cannot compare to anything else.

The unplugged version is truly scary...

103 The Thing That Should Not Be - Metallica

Sad but true Metallica should be on here

It kinda creeped me out at first, but it really isn't a scary song at all, this song rocks o/ - Tylerlangford1234

104 Believe - Cher

This song isn't scary, it's just retarded and laughable. - LeRoiDesSapins

105 Crazy on You - Heart

Again... another perfect stalker song. -

106 Kid A - Radiohead

CREEPY AS H*** and the album Kid A is a very weird one

I never thought I would find a song with such scares into it

Sounds like it is about a little kid in the rain wanting to play with someone forever and ever. The lyrics reminds me of Der Rattenfänger.

107 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis

YES. This one is the scariest one on here. I mean, THAT'S the sound a fox makes?! Terrifying! I had to sleep with my light on for a week.

So irritating it's scary.

108 Fitter Happier - Radiohead

The lyrics to it makes it feel like many of us lives the same kind of life over and over like a never ending hole of emptyness

The keyboards,robotic voices,seemingly happy lyrics and the haunting final line. - Lord28

109 Track 99 - Marilyn Manson

Why you people forgot this satanic song?

110 Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday

Really disturbing song on racism

111 Watch Me - Silento

This gives me chills just thinking about the awfulness of this song it's so scary (This is a joke don't take this seriously) - christangrant

No this song is terrifying. every time I hear it come on I run out of the room screaming. Christangrant, you may be joking, but this song is truly terrifying. Silento isn't that terrifying looking but his music sure sounds terrifying. Who knew something this scary could come out of a 12 year old.

112 Buffalo Bill - Eminem
113 White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

I really love this song but the first time I heard it the scream "HOLE" freaked me out. I actually bought it on iTunes before listening to it and I fell over listening to it the first time with my headphones. Still, good song.

114 Gently - Slipknot

Scary live performance on disasterpieces dvd.

This is probably one of the scariest slipknot songs ever made. while corey is yelling, one of the yells is a low growl and it was disturbing. the bass and sampling were also scary. the tone of this song is terrifying.

115 The Mirror - Dream Theater
116 Insane - Eminem

Look up the lyrics and you'll see why this song deserves to be WAY higher above the list.

More disturbing than it is scary mostly because it's fairly humorous. I really like this song.

I love this song, but it's terrifying.

Do you even know what this song tells about?!
It is about Eminem's father raping him as a child with a lot of disturbing and sexual lyrics with constant swearing
It also has an intense horrorcore beat from Dr Dre
Listen to this,it is more scary than Korn's Daddy because they basically tell the same story but Eminem made it scarier
Eminem may have some fun songs to listen to but that can't be said for this track

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117 Skin Ticket - Slipknot
118 Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

This one is a pretty good song, it's not that scary

119 Lavender Town - Pokémon

This should be higher on the list!

120 Enter Sandman - Metallica

Ummm... Why? Calling this a scary song is like saying a Nerf Gun is a weapon of massive destruction

This is so NOT a scary song.


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