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161 Fiction - Avenged Sevenfold V 1 Comment
162 The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson
163 Kill You - Eminem
164 Fack - Eminem

This has got to be higher on the list! what a disturbing story!

165 Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Circle

The almost constant drumming really does remind you of war drums, while the distant screaming cements the impression that this song could have been recorded in the middle of a devastating battle, with no hope of victory for either side. The muffled sounds of what could be a family argument, repeated screams of pain, moaning (? ), what could be the buzzing of flies, the disturbing lyrics (which are adapted from their other equally creepy but not quite as scary song, 'Pet') and the singer's demands for you TO "GO TO SLEEP" make this song sound like the soundtrack to death and decay itself.

166 Pretty - Korn

Read the story behind this song and you'll wonder why it isn't #2 next to Daddy.(I love Korn)

This song is very disturbing and sad, but I love korn and this song so...

167 Death, Pierce Me - Silencer
168 Animals - Maroon 5 V 1 Comment
169 Morning Bell - Radiohead
170 Ancient Queen - Emperor

The lyrics not scary but the quality production makes this song sound spoopy - countnightdark13

171 Man-Size Sextet - PJ Harvey
172 Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

His voice just sends chills down your spine, totally creepy. The lyrics too

173 Bastard - Tyler the Creator

Pressing hard on the pianos,sudden jerks of violin...

174 93 Ave. B Blues / Little Mouth - Swans
175 Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift
176 Sippy Cup - Melanie Martinez
177 Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players

This song is terrifying due to a certain sound in the background...a sound of a terrorized scream. It's hidden, but many people have heard it.

178 Reek of Putrefaction - Carcass

How the hell is this only number 636? The beginning sounds like the Psycho theme song and the growls Jeff lets out are so creepy and disgusting that they made my blood curdle. This should at least be number 20. - Aragorn98

179 Teletubbies Say Eh Oh! - The Teletubbies
180 Just the Two of Us - Eminem

The original version of 97 Bonnie and Clyde with a scarier background. It's about Shady going to the lake to dispose of his wife's body, who's In his cars trunk dead with a slit throat. - JackFrost

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