Scariest Sounds


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1 Lion's Roar


2 Lady's Scream

These sounds are hilarious, especially when Donkey sees a giant waffle while taking a shower. I love it when ladies scream, or men scream like girls!

3 Whipsers

Whispers always give me the creeps. Sometimes they're so bad I get the goosebumps from them. They are truly terrifying. - Lizz42198

4 Car Crash
5 Bigfoot's Scream/Rawr

Hello? Bigfoot doesn't exist dummy.

6 Screamings in the Distance

That would be terrifying.

7 Emergency Alert System Alarm
8 Federal Signal Thunderbolt Siren
9 Bones Snapping
10 Chrysler Air Raid Siren

The Contenders

11 Farts

Immature people putting fart sounds on here are dumb. They are not scary, just dumb.

12 Explosions
13 Tsunami Siren

This is when it gets scary especially when dangerous sea water is coming toward you.

14 The Deep Note
15 Someone About to Cry

Please don't cry.

16 Darth Vader's Breathing

If I woke up and I heard him breathing, I would probably scream, wet my pants, kick random objects thinking he's in my room, grab a phone and call 911, then run for my life. #scarysounds

17 Nicki Minaj's Voice

That's so bad, it's funny.

She sounded like an old lady in Stupid Hoe...

18 Ghost Moans
19 Psycho Theme Song

This song sounds funny. Ding, ding, ding, ding...

That sounds funny.

I like that song!

20 tone_alley
21 Roar of a Tornado
22 Carter Air Raid Siren
23 Demon Screeches
24 Gunshots
25 Snake's hiss
26 Nuclear Alarm
27 Pump Shotgun racking

Try closing your eyes and have someone cycle an empty shotgun. Now imagine your in the woods and hear that behind you...

28 Music being played backwards

This scares me a lot.

29 War of Worlds Tripod Sound
30 WKCR Hijacking
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1. Emergency Alert System Alarm
2. Chrysler Air Raid Siren
3. Explosions
1. Lion's Roar
2. Lady's Scream
3. Whipsers


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