Top 10 Scariest Things About Five Nights at Freddy's

Have you ever played 5 nights at Freddy's? Then you should. When you finish, tell me the scariest things about it.

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The Jumpscares

Hate the jumpscares especially golden freddy's

Jumpscares MY ASS!, after 3-10 failed nights you can finally finish the game without getting scared because there is no variety of jumpscares - DragonsAshes

The jumpscares are what make the game scary.

The jumpscares are really cheesy. - Powerfulgirl10

Foxy the Pirate Fox Foxy is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Both Foxy and Mangle are my friends because for Foxy, he doesn't tear you up or put you in a suit, and for Mangle, I feel bad for him/her because Mangle's been torn up and messed up. - Nick-brick8

I'm not really thinking that he's the scary one

For me Foxy has always had one of the most scariest jump scares, especially his Phantom one!

I like foxy because he warns you of danger

Chica the Chicken

Oh yeah the chick is creepy when she keeps her jaw open on camera

I think chicka is the scariest

Theories say that Phone Guy was stuffed into Chica...

Her deformity is just not a good sign... - lolfmn13

Bonnie Bonnie is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

In Fnaf one he takes off his face. I'm now officially dead inside. He scary bro.

Bonnie the bunny is so cool

If your talking about toy Bonnie then I agree

In the trailer for the first game, Bonnie takes his head off like WHAT!?

Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

He is only animatronic that has no pre-warning that he is going to jump scare you, he just does it. And with foxy, you can just avoid it by looking right. Freddy can come at anytime, with no warning, you can't see him by turning on the light, you can only see him on the camera, and sometimes, by turning on the camera, he will sneak into your office while you are watching him...

He's not scary, except for when he comes in your office and jumps cares you unexpectedly.

To me he is the scariest in the first game

Man his jump scares in the first game were really bone-chilling!

Golden Freddy

He was the telephone guy he was killed and by freddy and he was suited the golden freddy and he was trained now he was named As GOLDEN FREDDY

Game crashes when he appears in your face. Not scary at all.

His appearance looks horrifying in every single game!

He is cool but little scary

When You Run Out of Power

Not that scary. I know what Freddy does in the power outage. Plays the Toreador March song and jumpscares you from below. I'm used to it so it's not scary...

I played the first time not knowing what the power was... I FREAKED OUT SO BAD

On Night 2 it was 5 AM and I ran out of power and freaked out!

I hate that it's random when he attacks:(

The Annoying Phone Call

It's not annoying! Night 4 is where Phone Guy dies and Night 5 is a threatening call from one of the animatronics that remains a mystery of whoever did the phone call.

Say hello 3 times? In five nights at worst chicken he say hello almost 20 times in a row.

I just want to stick dynamite in phone guys face and Blow that guy out the water

On the first game, on Night 5, it's just annoying and creepy sounds.

The Fact That It's at Night

In the third game it is stupid that there HAS to be a darn Night Guard like the place will be fine!

This is stupid. Who's the idiot that put this on here?! I want a word with you.

A pizzeria even creepy in the day but at night?

The fact that it's nighttime scares me

You're Alone

Thank you, Captain Obvious! You can play with a friend in company (who you really trust, because the last time I played with my best friend in company, he scared me. Hard.). - RainbowArtist191

At least there is Phone Guy, but he is pretty annoying!

By dividing I mean suiciding

I like being alone

The Contenders

The Puppet

The puppet reminds me of a clown... And I hate clowns :( - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

He just looks like slenderman. - lolfmn13

It is possessed, that's all I can say about it.

Slender don't kill me put foxy running down the hall it was so scary I dropet my iPad and it almost broke

You Can't Move

If you'd get your ass out of that office it will lead you to the show stage where they will see you and kill you.

Ya I agree it's weird.

If I was the Night Guard I'd get my ass out of that pizza place

It's not scary you can't move

The Duck

She's a chicken idiot! And when you say the duck it sounds like you don't know her name for anything

Lol I think she's a chick but she is 100% not a duck

She's a chicken, idiot!

It's not a duck, idiot!

The Scream Heard During the Jumpscares

In the first game the scream is ear-piercing and sounds just like a child screaming for help or is getting killed. In the second game it is a possessed robot sound. The third game it sounds creepy. The fourth game it sounds like a dinosaur!

That's the only reason I'm scared, so I always play with out sound (I know, that's bad when foxy come's out) but it's not as scary

That's actually dangerous because you can't hear Freddy's laugh so you won't know he's coming

I felt like someone stabbing my ears when I heard the scream and I can tell you this, I felt terrified.

It's what makes it scarier

The Secrets
The Death Minigames

They're so weird and there is a high chance of getting a jump scare mid-way

Just creepy...

Mhm I agree

Freddy's demonic laugh

The first time I heard it I closed the doors for the rest of the night... Which didn't last long

It sounds like he is going to kill you!

That scares me so much I screamed

He is scary right

The Fanbase

Too many fan-made games, a bunch of copycats. T he Five Nights at Thomas's sucks badly. All you do is put coal in a furnace, and nothing else. That's it. It's pretty dumb, also I hate Thomas.

Should be number one. It's DEFINITELY the scariest thing ever. - DCfnaf

Its filled with 8 year olds who can't take opinions and steal art - MinecraftHater

Haha this has made my day

Balloon Boy

The way he looks at you with those eyes... those demonic eyes that tell, "I am going to kill you." - RainbowArtist191

Please add duck tape so I can cover his loud mouth

He's the only animatronic that doesn't kill you but he is still most hated

Yeah, what if he hunts down ALL THE HATERS AND KILL THEM?

Mangle's Sound

In the second game Mangle is creepy for her appearance and her static noise. The third game it is as scary as a jump scare because it's pretty loud, just saying!

I don't think it's that scary to me because Mangle is my favorite character. - Pegasister12

How about phantom mangle

It's more annoying than Balloon Boy's laughter because it plays CONSTANTLY whenever it shows up.

You Mangle fanbrats need to learn a lot about the much better Balloon Boy. - KennyRulz244444

William Afton
The backstories

Definitely. They're scarier than the game itself, I think!

The game isn't even scary compared to the backstories

The Noises/Sound Effects

Five Night's at Freddy's would be rubbish, boring and hard without Noises and Sound Effects. You wouldn't know where Chica is when she is in the kitchen. It's basically being death and blind then! The other games you wouldn't know where the heck they are!

Really well guys lets be honest fnaf without sound effects it will be so boring and challenging I mean you can't hear the vents and it makes this scary when you don't know and just get pissed of

The Night 4 and 5 Phone Call
Fredbear caused Bite of 87.

I thought Mangle did it, but there's a lot of suspects, so I think Fredbear did it (or so I think) - RainbowArtist191

Play fnaf four you'll see in night 8.

Yes he did

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