Scariest Things About Medieval Times

The Top Ten Scariest Things About Medieval Times

1 Living standards were extremely low and diseases were rampant

Even now, health is paramount.

2 When not battling in war, some knights took out their violent impulses on the local population, which resulted in the murder and rape of peasants
3 War was constant
4 Average life expectancy was very short

And modern day people say their life was short.

~35-45 years. - Cyri

5 Women did not have equal rights
6 You had a 50% chance of dying from the Black Death

This information is inaccurate. An estimated one third of Europe died from the Plague. - RubyParagon

7 Majority of people were drunks
8 Lack of Hygiene
9 Medieval food was disgusting
10 People had horrible manners

The Contenders

11 Some cups contained lead
12 Makeup was made of lead
13 They would saw your leg off if you had a minor injury and there were no pain killers
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