Scariest Things About Slender and Jeff the Killer


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1 Slenderman is faceless

It would be very creepy - EpicJake

2 Jeff the Killer says "go to sleep"

Seriously? If you don't know, Jeff doesn't have eyelids. That means you can do lots of harm to him with everyday things (shampoo, pepper spray, etc.). If he said "go to sleep" in my face I would just laugh at him because of his stupid fanbase and awful story. In fact, his face is the only scary thing.

How creepy is that? He climbs into your window and stares at you with those cold, dark eyes and unnaturally large smile. The last thing you ever hear is "Go To Sleep" and you're stabbed to death.

Just make him watch the solar eclipse without special glasses


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3 Slenderman takes you

Anyone who sees him comes up missing without a trace and are never seen or heard from ever again. That's spooky enough.

4 Jeff the Killer has small bug eyes

Aren't bug eyes like big eyes you see on a praying mantis?

5 Slenderman has tentacles that kill you
6 Jeff the Killer has 2 knives

Ahh one knife? Not scary. TWO KNIFES? I'm scared - Cyberman

7 Slenderman gets you in your sleep
8 Jeff the Killer has bloody lips
9 Slenderman is 7.2 feet tall

He is not any height. He can change his height

Actually 15 feet - Cyberman

10 Jeff the Killer has a creepy smile

Can't disagree with that - Emofag

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11 How bad Jeff the Killer's story is

Its terrifying...

Yes that's the scariest part about him - Emofag

True lol - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

12 Jeff the Killer eats people

Eyeless Jack eats people Jeff only likes the blood - Emofag

13 Slender is creepy
14 Slender Man puts organs into bags

Gross! He takes your organs out and puts them back in bags! I don't want to be around to see that.

Not anymore - Emofag

15 They're both not real
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