Top Ten Scariest Things About Slender

The Top Ten Scariest Things About Slender

Slender Man Himself

By far, or it will always be the scariest thing about slender the eight pages.

Yes it is obviously slender man himself. He is skinny he is slim, tall man, suit, faceless.

That is something you would expect from creepypasta.

I'm pretty sure it is not the scariest creepypasta but still, it is creepy.

So far the most creepiest creepypastas I've read was jeff the killer, abandoned by Disney, liars and eyeless jack.

Smile dog was also very creepy and scary.
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I've heard so many legends, so I don't want to run in to him.

He will kill you without hesitation.

He is the best

Playing It In the Dark

When I first played it was at 1 am in the morning with my friend.
It was full volume and we both had earphones on and we was playing it and we got
Jump scared. It was really bad.

You should have seen our reactions it was pretty funny.


The atmosphere is great and it feels a bit like playing scp 087 b and that's damn scary

Reading the Story

It creeps you out and I don't like getting creeped out

If you want 2 read it go on the creepypasta wiki.


Always check before you go in the corridors because he could be there and he will kill

He Does Not Have a Face

Let's draw a face to slendy

When It's Game Over

When the game ends. Slenders face pops up and you hear the noise
Of the camera screeching and it's horrible.

Slender Man's Voice

Both childish and scary

Slender Man's Mom

He has a mom?! :D

"AHHH! Run for you life! It's slender! "
"uhhh. Fred its I'd his mom"
"he has a mom? Anyway. RUN! "

He's Staring at You

I will wear my sunglass

The Contenders

Torch Battery Dies

Torches don't have batteries. What is this? - higgsboson2142

SLENDER IS NOT SCARY! Me and my friend were ten we saw slender and laughed. He is not. Scary... But the paranoing part is this though.

When you battery's die in your torch
You can't see anything at all

Unless you have a good eye sight

Since qhen Torches have batteries?
Or do you mean when the fire turns out?

The Dark

The dark is one of the most scariest things ever.

Jump Scares
Camera Noise

The screeching on the camera is horrifying.

I think it's called a white noise when that happens
And it is pretty damn creepy.

Just don't look at slender man

The Forest

That's right, it is always pitch black in the forest.

I never go in the forest at night, you never know what's there.

Like slender man or a ender man - Hunter17p

Caught You for No Reason
The One Question

Kills you if you get it wrong rips off all appendages if you get it right - Hunter17p

Slender's Reality

Slender was found out in 1822 and if he steals kids yea oh and last ask your ansesters once ok ok

Blood On the Walls
Unexpected Jumpscares
The Music Change
The Static

I had my volume up almost all the way up.

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