Top Ten Scariest Things That Are Too... You Know to Imagine


The Top Ten

1 A Cannibal Twerking

I can see myself in a pot of boiling water with savages twerking at the pot. Creepy. - PositronWildhawk

Yea I do not blame you that would be creepy

This nearly ruined Eyeless Jack for me... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

2 Monsters Listening to Miley Cyrus

That is the party monster

What's more creepy? Monsters dying because of breaking ball, or the breaking ball itself. - Kiteretsunu

3 Slenderman Is Real

I honestly think that Jeff the Killer being real would be a lot more scarier!

0-0 I-I-I can't even... Everyone would be hiding and just LORD... No please no..

He is AH! O MY GOSH!

4 Freddy Krueger Comes Into Your Dreams

I do not know who he is but he is from horror yea I would be scare!

Chad Kroeger would be worse though

Three words:don't get up.

Freddy Krueger : Look who we have here?
Boy : Can you do the Bubble Butt?
Freddy Krueger : WHHAT? - JaysTop10List

5 Justin Bieber Is Twerking Right In Front of You

That would be the scariest thing ever, especially if he's singing Baby in a really high voice. I would be running for my life! - funnyuser

Girl : Justin Bieber is twerking!
Parents : Get him to nearest window and throw him out - JaysTop10List

Oh gosh that's disturbing

Belieber: Justin, You're sexy
Justin: *takes off his shirt*
Belieber *humps then slaps him 100x* - Princesssmooth

6 Chucky Is a Girl

Tiffany would scream

I love chucky, this would tick me off so much - RustyNail

Chucky : Actually, I'm a girl
Everyone : What
Chucky : Can you see my new bang? - JaysTop10List

7 Nicki Minaj Is Twerking Right In Front of You While Singing Stupid Hoe In a Really, Really High Voice

To be honest, I'd rather have Justin Bieber twerking in front of me instead of this happening to me. Dead serious (at least he won't be singing in front of me).

I'd rather take my chances with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees than to ever go through this... THING!

How is this scary despite hearing that song in a really really high voice, you get see her GIGANTIC JUICY DELICIOUS ROUND BUBBLE BUTT go up and down in front of your eyes and plus she's SEXY. (in my opinion) BEST IMAGINATION EVER. - DK

I would rather shove scissors in my ears than to EVER hear that dumbass song ever again.

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8 Jason Appears In Your Room

Girl : Isn't that Jason?
Jason : Yes it is!
Girl : Are you blind? Can't you see the sign outside my door that says : NO HOCKEY KIDS IN MY ROOM! - JaysTop10List

Ok who the heck is Jason I under stand if you said jeff but who on earth is Jason!?

Jason voorhees would int let you even react

9 Bleeding While Masturbating

I don't masturbate but I've heard and this wood make more disgusting than it is

The Exorcist.. Why was that the first thing to pop into my mind? - MontyPython

Ok I'm not understanding this now

10 A Necrophile Makes a Mask Out of the Vaginas of Dead Women

Kinda reminds me of Ed Gein but in a more sexual way.


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? Sanjay, Craig, Swaysway, Buhdeuce, Liv, and Maddie Taking Over the World
? Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Barney, and Dora Together in a Band

The Contenders

11 You're 6 Years Old and You're Forced to Listen to Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Far East Movement, and Tyga in the Car Every Day

The first thing that comes to my mind is my friend who had alcoholic, drug addict parents. - AnonymousChick

This usually happens when ignorant teenagers play this kind of stuff, not aware that their 6 year old brother/sister is in the car with them and they're listening to songs about drugs, Sex And twerking.

If this happened, someone would need to call Child Protective Services. - MontyPython

Well they won't understand the words - JaysTop10List

12 You're Having a Party with your Friends, and You All Get a Call from a Stranger that You're All Forced to Play a Game of Last Man Standing
13 Twerking

Let me go stab my eyes out now... thanks. - megatron666

14 Korn Lead Singer, Jonathan Davis, is Married to Miley Cyrus

Miley doesn't deserve a husband - LucyHeartfilia

15 A Zombie Twerking


I will kill the zombie with a shotgun at the head

16 You Fart and Your Anus Is Bleeding

My anus has cracked and bled before in real life...

17 The Joker in a Thong

'Refuses to think about this. '

18 Guillotine
19 Having Fountains of Blood Blast Out of Your Bed

Ok that would be the scariest thing ever!

20 Jason and Friends Get Back to Business
21 The Water In Your Shower Turns to Blood
22 2 Girls, 1 Cup

Probably the scariest thing in all of existence.

Ya know what’s even scarier, Sitiing on chainsaws listening to stupid hoe at max volume and watching 2g1c all together...

23 Nicki Minaj Kills You In the Same Way As Freddy Krueger Killed Glen Lantz In a Nightmare On Elm Street

It would make sense because Minaj is dressed as Krueger in the music video to Ludacris's My Chick Bad.

24 You Find a Bag Full of Used Condoms Under Your Bed With a Note That Says "I Know Where You Live My Love!"
25 Justin Bieber Kisses You Full On the Lips

I will wash my lips and cuts his lips. Then, kick him outside of my home

26 You Have Sex With Ke$ha

That is NOT scary but hella fun.

27 Adam Sandler Twerking Right In Front of You
28 You're Stranded in the Middle of an Area Filled with 100,000,000 Bloody Corpses
29 Jason Voorhees Twerking
30 Shocking Someone's Genitals
31 Being Forced to Listen to Ke$ha

Now that is a scary thought I don't want to imagine!

32 The Ghost of Hitler Kills You
33 Having Pleasure in Eating Yourself and Your Own Kind

More scary to others than the actual cannibal. the cannibal ENJOYS it, so he is perfectly content chewing his toes or whatever

34 Nicki Minaj is Slenderman in Disguise
35 You get stranded in Texas near Leatherface's House
36 A Man Made of Fetus
37 Stupid Hoe as The Brothers Grunt's Theme Song
38 The Kinder Egg Man

The original mascot for Kinder Surprise. It was highly disturbing!

39 Real Life Versions of Popular Cartoon Characters
40 Black and Yellow Garden Spiders the Size of Basketballs Cover Your House in Cobwebs and You're Trapped Inside of It
41 Jeff the Killer Sings "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber In a Really High Pitched Voice
42 A Werewolf Twerking

This better not ruin mythology - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

43 Forced to Give Justin Bieber a Lap Dance
44 Werewolves Twerking Around Justin Bieber While a Zombie Sings "Party In The USA"
45 Justin Bieber, Dora, Barney, and Miley Cyrus Singing "What Does the Fox Say?" by Ylvis In a Music Video
46 SpongeBob Eating Hotdogs
47 A Bully
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