Top Ten Scariest Things That Can Happen While Camping


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1 You get attacked by a bear

If you get attacked by one they won't kill you right away. They'll just tear you up and leave you to die a painful death. - CharismaticKat

This would be horrible, great list by The Way! - Abyss

2 You see Slenderman

I know he's made up but still imagine going out at night and seeing a ten foot tall creature without a face watching you from among the trees. Creepy. - CharismaticKat

3 You get lost

There's nothing scarier than being alone in the woods with no supplies or sense of direction. - Gg2000

This is why my grandpa gave me a book called, “How To Survive in the Woods”. - awesomedp900

4 You fall into a river

Let me say - this is one hell of a scary list
good job! - Ananya

5 You find a murderer's hideout

That was actually witnessed by someone, who recorded the hideout with missing people's photos stuck on many trees, he showed it to police but police didn't believe
( I'd write more precisely about it here )

EDIT : so I'll be telling more about it..You can also find the video on internet, it's very popular with over a million views.
A guy names James Ranking was hiking in a wooded area near a park of New York and he saw posters of 25 missing people taped on trees, along with ratty old bedding, a shovel, a big tent and a collapsed hand made wooden cage which surrounded a filled hole.
He recorded it to call for help in case anything happens to him and let me all - photos were different.
Local law enforcement were contacted and subsequently investigated the people residing in that area.
The owners of that place told that it's been put up for a Halloween party.
James Ranking made a valid point...that if it's for a Halloween party why it's been there for several ...more - Ananya

This Actually interests me can you please reply more details. - Abyss

6 You hear a noise outside your tent worse than the event - Ananya

7 You step on a beehive
8 You find a dead body
9 Justin Bieber hunts you, then murders you
10 Justin Bieber camps next to you

The stuff of nightmares.


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11 You wake up and there's a mouse in your tent
12 Your sibling puts a snake on your pillow

I am so not sleeping tonight. - Zach808

13 Jason voorhees kills everyone
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1. You find a murderer's hideout
2. You see Slenderman
3. You find a dead body
1. You get attacked by a bear
2. You see Slenderman
3. You get lost
1. You get attacked by a bear
2. You fall into a river
3. You step on a beehive


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