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1 Being Buried Alive

People often do this when mistakenly assuming the person is declared dead; one of the most frightening and common fears a person can have. - illusion

I would not like to be buried alive.

Just hope it's not one of those funerals where they burn the body - myusernameisthis

I'm quite claustrophobic so being disabled from moving would be the most uncomfortable feeling for me.

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2 Fear

"What you fear most of all, is fear itself" which is (according to Professor Lupin), very wise. - irenesaxby

Everything scary is fear, so pretty much the only thing to fear is fear itself because every scary thing is fearful, so the only thing to fear is fear itself. - MarioMaster101

Without fear, we would never be scared.

Fear is the scariest. It could be any type of fear. It's also one of the most intense emotions - illusion

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3 Being Stranded in the Open Ocean

This is one of the most horrifying things I can imagine. It's slow and hopeless. You're in a life raft watching your supplies decline and waiting for someone to save you when each day your doubt increases that it will ever come. It's worse than instant death because you have time to think about all the people you never said goodbye to, and that is the most horrible thing I could wish on anyone.

Very scary

Life on the surface is just as bad if not more worse

Scariest part is sharks in the ocean

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4 Justin Bieber's Singing

HE can't sing he sound like this boy in my class named Shatanya. He always trying to get selena Gomez and I don't think she like him! I mean when is he gonna him puberty.

My younger sister Anastasia loves listening to him and my ears are crying for help every time she listens to him

It is funny that something that isn't even scary at all is number 4 on the scariest things ever list just because of the need for trolls to make Justin the number 1 thing on every worst list, for someone people supposedly hate they do have such an addiction to him - germshep24

Grow up, CHILDREN! Obviously, you don't know what scary means!

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5 Drowning

One of the most frightening fears; you could die silently if people don't notice. - illusion

Get this above Justin Bieber

Only for black people

I almost drowned once. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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6 The Unknown

We never know what will kill us

We fear what we don't know, what we do not understand. - illusion

The only reason we fear ghosts is because we don't know what they are. Same with UFOs.

We just don’t know what the unknown would do. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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7 Hell

I don't believe in Hell.
If there is an afterlife in anything, there wont be any punishment and people suffer more than on earth.
More likely to be reincarnation or ghosts.
This sounds really stupid but if ghosts exist maybe the reason why no one has seen them is because it's the souls of humans and it's the ghosts of people in government that passed away (they threw Adolf Hitler into a cave) and have some laws you cannot haunt someone's house.

Come on. This has to be number 1. It's endless torture and pain. What's worse than that?

Well, what's worse is endless torture, pain, and having no idea what's going on. - MaxAurelius

Just magic mirror out of it.

Hell is worse than being dropped from 30 feet then dragged on concrete by a car then buried alive in red hot coals and suffering for a day while watching your loved ones suffer too. Yes. Why is being buried alive higher than this?

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8 Lost In Space

How are you gonna get lost in space if your on earth?

Come on man! this has to be no. 1! you would freeze and pass out in 15 seconds or you would be fried and cooked if you got too close to a star

How will you get oxygen! come on people this has to be 1 or 2!

I never want to go to space for this reason - AwesomeJawson

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9 Clowns

The lights are out and you're slipping between consciousness and resting and suddenly, out the doorway, you see a 6'7 clown walking in the hallway and makes a sprint towards your room.

Yeah, never know if some freak will come up to your door wearing a clown costume with a knife stealing and murdering everyone in the house!

On Halloween, there was a fake "watch out for killer clowns" message and I burst out crying cause I was scared and on Halloween I thought it was gonna be the end of me.

Clowns kill ya with damn sharp knives, dude!

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10 Plane Crashes

People often expect the worst conflicts when it comes to planes. Fortunately, you're more likely to die in a car accident or lightning than being involved in a plane crash. - illusion


I keep hearing those stories on the news about planes crashing and no one making it out alive...makes me more terrified about flying. - CharismaticKat

I hate planes! :( I always need to be drunk when I fly somewhere.

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? Toys Looking at You

Creepiest thing ever

You never know...

? Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Ann Warren is an American academic and politician. She is a member of the Democratic Party and is the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts.

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11 Burning Alive

When I touch hot drink it hurt, I don't want to know how it feels - Zalgiris

It hurts - ElSherlock

anyone who votes for anything else doesn't know anything about pain.

This should be number one

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12 Zombies

Well everyone grows up to be zombies, you know, those adults walking to work in the morning...

I'm a zombie, though. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

They don't exist - ElSherlock

I hate it. Everyone you like, you know, you love, just turned into something out of the normal.

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13 Death

Death is death. RIP

I don't want to die.

I agree with Firemist, but it's sad when they do. But there is a single question that will NEVER be answered... here it is. What happens after you die? Do you remember stuff?

Whenever I read about someone dying, I freak out (well except for Warriors because we know they actually go somewhere after their death). - Firemist

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14 Camping Out In the Woods After Hearing About Slenderman.

I personally do not think it would be scary, because I am a fan of Slenderman. So, actually to me it wouldn't be that scary.

Unless you are Chuck Norris, then you are hoping that Slendy shows up.

When I was younger I used to sleep walk and I lived on the edge of the woods. One day a friend of mine showed me one of the slender man games. As you can imagine I didn't sleep well for quite awhile

Meh,Slenderman isn't creepy at all - JustSomeRandomDude

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15 Nuclear Warfare/Fallout

War never changes... - Unknowngamer

We are all going to die

Its barbaric and it cannot happen.

People now have enough nukes to nearly destroy the earth and if not, send us back to the Stone Age. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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16 Creepypasta

They aren't scary - ElSherlock

Not scary not cliched. - XxembermasterxX

No. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Some creepypastas are scary.But scariest s 1999.

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17 Nightmares

I actually enjoy nightmares it is kind of like a horror movie that you're the star of, but then again it depends on the nightmare: for instance if you had a dream about a love one dying that would really be terrible or if you have one of those waking dreams where you are a wake put can't move your body while a bunch of weird things happen around you (which I am so happy I haven't experienced). - germshep24

Lol I haven't had nightmares for about 3 years

Night terrors are much worse. Watched Shane Dawson's video about that, awful, just awful. Addicted 2 him, need 2 watch him. - Joshuaisdotdotdot

I dream of myself in Pokemon animas (sorry I like the anima)

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18 Snakes Snakes Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears.

Snakes aren't really scary unless your in a situation where your face to face with a poisonous snake that is threatened by you and you missed their warning sign. As far as visually scary I would say spiders are more creepy.
There very cool especially the many non-poisonous kinds - germshep24

I think snakes are kind of cute honestly - myusernameisthis

These things aren't scary - ElSherlock

No, I love snakes, - Camaro6

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19 Slender Man

Once I was playing Slender: Bones of Children and when the jumpscare came up I dropped my phone. The volume wasn't even all the way up!

My head cannon is that slender only kills his pathetic fangirls but that's just me.

You don't believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny but you believe in a 10-foot rip-off of Gumby? - ACKREIK

He just wants to hang out that's all, but with the screaming children he can never go anywhere!

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20 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

I was about 10 years old when I searched up Jeff the killer on YouTube. I had seen pictures and videos of slenderman before and those didn't scare me at all. Well Jeff absolutely TERRIFIED me. I couldn't sleep for days after seeing that video. If you're a kid and don't know what this is, please whatever you do don't look it up. You'll regret it if you do. - CharismaticKat

He gives me night mares

Not scary - ElSherlock

I used to find the pic scary but now it's pretty funny. It legit looks like a hunk of white play dough with eyes and a mouth.

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21 Pop Ups

Do you like the Red Room? - RedTheGremlin

Dude! Help me! Sara is missing!
Edit: Its just a joke! I know its from that game Sara is missing! - Gabo147

Remember the car commercial? If you know what I'm talking about, you survived a heart attack

One of the scariest things since darkness. Most people get scared $&@: less from these loud, sudden blast of fear.

These things need to die and be forgotten about forever. Besides people are getting sick of them anyway.

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22 9/11 Terror Attacks, 2001 9/11 Terror Attacks, 2001

Not a scary feeling, but a beyond terrible feeling. Condolences to the victims affected in this tragic event. - illusion


A tragedy it was. - CharismaticKat

Sooo sad. I’m glad it’s over!

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23 Tornadoes

Good I live in England. 1 metre of the ground and I'm DEAD.

Thanks god I live in Brazil - JustSomeRandomDude

Not scary - Camaro6

I live in Minnesota, and we get a lot of thunderstorms around here. And I'm always afraid that they'll lead to a tornado - FuffleyandPeetah

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24 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

This list is a joke Justin Bieber? His singing. Teletubbies? Dora The Explorer? Daniel Radcliffe with long hair?
How about Epilepsy that's not on the list having a seizure.

Justin Bieber jokes aren't funny anymore. - Userguy44

Marilyn Manson is scarier. - CharismaticKat

This scares me more than anything

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25 A Human With One Eye But No Eyepatch

Reminds me of the "governor" from the Walking Dead AMC Series...

*kills hershal*

26 Going to Hell

It's not real - ElSherlock

You say that, but really you are offending so many people who do. - JoMama163

Going to Hell is eternal torture and every fear will most likely be utilized against you.

Been there done that

How this different from Hell

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27 Being Picked Up by a Tornado

If this happened, I'd just hope I'll end up in Munchkinland and have to go see the wizard to bring me back home. - FuffleyandPeetah

Sounds like a nice ride on the carousel!

I'm imagining what a guy named "Tornado" would look like. LOL - SammySpore

You could die. - TeamRocket747

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28 Being Attacked
29 Naked People

No scary but nasty - Jabber

I don't want to see a man naked because it is gross - andrewteel

What - ElSherlock

I'm not scared of nudity, but I don't like it. - PhoenixAura81

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30 Being tortured

Come on this has got to be up there I mean having your toes ripped off or being put into bull and burned alive fun right

Being forced to listen to Justin Bieber song against your own will is worst then hell

31 Spiders

These things aren't scary just like snakes - ElSherlock

I know spiders are just tiny animals, but I am really scared of big, spindly spiders. Yes, they’re mostly harmless, but they look like they are going to tickle you or something!

Scariest stuff ever

Nah - JustSomeRandomDude

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32 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

He isn't to bad but not great either - Jabber

Scariest man ever

Politics is filthy.

He rather makes me laughing. - Userguy44

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33 Cars

You mean the machine or the movie?

The machine people - Minecraftisawesone

34 Terrorism
35 Getting Lost In Space

Whoever puts on this list, and This was already on this list. - LapisBob

36 Bees Bees

One time, when I was little, I was petting a bee and it stung me on the hand and my hand had big brown spots all over it.

They’re harmless if you leave them alone. They only sting when angered.

I wanted to vote for Insects in general, but I couldn't find it. I guess I'll have to vote for the scariest insect of all.

I'm kind of scared

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37 Elf On the Shelf

It's really creepy! - myusernameisthis

A elf was at my house...
It hung itself by the leg...
I caught it...
And it is the creepiest thing I say!

When I stared at an elf, I felt like it was IT. Except a 1000x worse

I saw my mom move it, I hid I the christmas tree

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38 Getting One of the Most Deadliest Diseases


Cancer - AwesomeJawson

Diseases are probably the scariest things in the world. Some can't be cured, even with today's modern medicine. Plus, you'd be getting killed (and it's a very slow and painful death) by something you can't see. I am afraid of death, but death from a deadly virus is even worse. - ethanmeinster

Get Small Pox, take a bath in soap, success.

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39 A Perve Watching You


Murder them.

40 Dolls

The fear of dolls - ElSherlock


I'm hungry

Dolls include Monster High and Lalaloopsy. Lalaloopsy dlls are awesome. - andrewteel

41 Insects
42 Seeing a Close Family Member Die Slowly and Painfully

And Trump is scarier than this? - Userguy44

I lost a family member once... He choked on a bone. His owner told my mom that he didn't make it. I almost cried. He was the best dog I've ever had. RIP, BENSON! - FuffleyandPeetah

That's horrible

My heart sank. My dog, she was there before I was born. She is dying slowly and painfully we may have to put her to sleep. I feel like crying. I know she isn't a person but truthfully I love her more than my brother.

Please don't die now Ellie! My beautiful black lab mix!

I feel the same. My dog died because of eating disorder and old age. He was more older, When they need the name, We call him Patrick (influenced by Patrick Star) He was so happy. - Princesssmooth

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43 Osama bin Laden Osama bin Laden Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian-born stateless terrorist. He was a founder of al-Qaeda, the organization that claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets worldwide. more.

He is dead - ElSherlock

More like Osama bin butthead

Thank God he's dead.. - Number18

He's dead are you serious right now? He can't hurt anyone anymore. - railfan99

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44 The Devil Inside

Lol it's an evil nun. - CharismaticKat

Good thing I believe in god

Sarah Palin as President!

That movie wasnt even that scary

45 Guns

I was afraid of my dad's gun - andrewteel

Well... I'm an animal lover so I can say I don't like guns to be shot at them... or people but my dad has like 5 huge guns set behind the door of the guest room...

If you gave me a gun and put me in a room full of rapists, I would become a mass murderer within 5 seconds.

Guns are not scary stupid people with guns are scary because they will probably shoot you

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46 Earthquakes

I live in Philly. Once I was awoken by my room shaking. Turns out that there was an earthquake in NJ at the time.

Big ones are scary.

I was going to see a movie tonight, until I realized it was about an eathquake. - AnonymousChick

47 The Video For “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”

It's Not Even Scary - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

Should I watch it?

Great song but the video is scary. - RiverClanRocks

Not scary - Sparkjolt

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48 2 Girls, 1 Cup

This is not scary it's nasty - ElSherlock

Why put this on the list, trying to forget that. In top 10 though - Joshuaisdotdotdot

49 Falling

The Alicia Keys classic? It's awesome! - RobertWisdom

Oh, you mean me 24/7?

50 You Being a Demon and a Demon Being an Angel

That means I'm an angel, which isn't scary. - computerfan0


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