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1 Being Buried Alive

I'm quite claustrophobic so being disabled from moving would be the most uncomfortable feeling for me.

I am super afraid of fire; I can't even cook. One time my grandma took me to a cooking class, I tried to put something in the pan, and I was splattered by hot liquid. It was horrible, I've got random scars on my arms and legs... fire.

You are stuck 6 feet unfer the ground, no one would hear your screams, the only thing you see is darkness, you can't move because of the tiny space and you get eaten by parasites that made a way there as you start dying of hunger,thirst, and loss of air, and you start feeling hopeless, as there is nothing to do but just wait to die in a slow, painful way, terrifying, right?

Asphyxiation, dehydration, starvation, diseases that people thought killed you but didn't for now, eternal darkness most of the time, this is just terrible

2 Fear

"What you fear most of all, is fear itself" which is (according to Professor Lupin), very wise.

Fear is scary and is what makes us afraid. It is the seedling of panic and sets terror into the body. It is the father of phobias and the mother of horror. It is fear. - Anna

I have fear all the time there is so much wrong in my life that it's just alway's there all the time and I hate it so much

Without fear itself we wouldn't be afraid of the things that scare us.

3 Being Stranded in the Open Ocean

This is one of the most horrifying things I can imagine. It's slow and hopeless. You're in a life raft watching your supplies decline and waiting for someone to save you when each day your doubt increases that it will ever come. It's worse than instant death because you have time to think about all the people you never said goodbye to, and that is the most horrible thing I could wish on anyone.

you're pretty much screwed here. Should be higher. Like... number 2.

This is my ultimate fear, especially if it is an endless ocean, and there are giant squids or something everywhere!

It would be so scary, not knowing whats beneath you while your resources slowly run out... And also, whoever put slenderman, according to the documentary he goes for those that fear him, so watch out

4 Hell

Come on. This has to be number 1. It's endless torture and pain. What's worse than that?

Well, what's worse is endless torture, pain, and having no idea what's going on.

Eternal torture. The worst part about it is probably knowing that you had a choice. You were bad, so it was completely your fault that you're there.

Think of every punishment, torture, and other stuff.

That is what you get in hell.


Not that I plan on going there, but it must be terrifying for people there.

5 Drowning

You are stuck underwater, unable to breath without people noticing your screams (because its almost impossible to spot a drowning person) even if you are a good swimmer, you can still drown, so be careful when you're around water

Scientifically, a lack of oxygen to the blood stream is the scariest thing (look up vsauce) being able to scare people even when lacking an amygdala, and drowning is usually the most common relative to this.

It already feels bad enough when you hold your breath for just 20secs

I am afraid of water; I voted for being stranded in the open ocean too.

6 The Unknown

I think we are afraid of UFOs because we do call them Unidentified Flying Objects. That UFO could be filled with killer aliens that want to take our planet and blow it up.

If you don't know, your brain comes up with a lot of what-ifs, and that sometimes gets really scary.

The only reason we fear ghosts is because we don't know what they are. Same with UFOs.

Well we are 7.7 billion people stranded on a planet working on a huge project trying to map out the entire universe and... who knows

7 Death

Like the guy below me, I'm scared of the unknown (and my comment was partly to comfort myself.) I also just can't comprehend living forever -in either paradise or torment.

I'm scared of the unknown. People say we get reborn and that is what scares me the most. If I get reborn, then will I ever remember my family or anything from the life I'm in now in Heaven? Or will I just remember everything from the new life?

I have reason to believe that this life will be like a dream, but you will still remember everyone from this life. I have a hard time believing God would allow you to forget everyone you loved on this earth. I can't prove it, but I find it hard to believe (or prove) the latter as well.

Somehow I don't get how some people say that death is 'evil' and 'a curse to humankind' death is a natural thing

The thing that scares me the most isn't death. It is the fact that you won't know what happens after death. It is a mystery.

8 Clowns

The fact that they wanna "play" gives me a creepy feeling like they are human dolls

How could you not vote for this, the clown over there is horrible

This particular clown is the reason I hate them. I'm not "afraid" of clowns, (or at least ANYMORE. When I was little they freaked me out more than Satan.) but, they do make me sweat a lot. And I think I'm still somewhat traumatized by Pennywise.

clown's are one of the scariest thing's ever. I had nightmare's for many year's about clown's.

9 Lost In Space

Space is scary (to me) by itself... to be lost in space is horrifying!

Yep, being lost in space is possible the worst way to go down, its temperatures, no gravity and if your lucky enough you might even get head shot by a space rock or fly into a planet or star and die

You're just lost on space. Don't know where to go... Just sitting there. Which will eventually kill you

What are you supposed to do? How are you gonna get back to your family and continue your life? There's no oxygen in space, nor is there water, food, or other people to talk to. There's many other dangers of space. For example, the sun's radiation, burning up due to friction, extreme cold, and space debris. This is one of the most frightening thoughts.

10 Burning Alive

anyone who votes for anything else doesn't know anything about pain.

Burning alive will be the worst of the worst for be but I think...I don't like this at all...

Imagine being stuck in a boiling pot of water. This is what this would feel like... oof

How is this under grizzly bears? They're not worse than this!

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? Tubular (Super Mario World)

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11 Slenderman The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen

A murderer with no face targeting all that fear him?! I think not

I don't like things I can't tell emotion from; Slenderman does not have a face.

Slenderman is one of the creepiest characters ever and scared the hell out of my friends brother

This will scare you, I guarantee it. Especially if you are a young child. Without torches. And no adult to look after you. Imagine waking up outside, lost because you we're sleepwalking at night. Slender could have got you...dun dun dun

12 Zombies

My friends boggart. Though mine is sparkly vampires chasing me with Umbridge balloons

If I see a zombie apocalypse, I would get into a shelter and get a weapon

This would really suck... if you're a horrible shot. Even then if your a bad shot how hard can a point blank shot to the head be? Still... this scenario would not be fun in the slightest.

Zombies are the scariest thing since zombies.

13 Plane Crashes

I was watching untold stories of the er and saw a man who survived a plane crash. I am permanently scarred.

This is literally my worst fear. If I survive, losing my family and my possessions. Also, a water landing on the ocean. I'll take the bus, thanks.

Once I was going to a holiday for Australia and when we flew thunder struck and it got hit it was so scary and there we got a boat and there was this huge wave and we the wave just hit us and another plane came and flew us to Australia now I never go to that airlines anymore

That is scary. I was on a plane going to Wyoming, and it almost crashed. Some scary stuff. This is why I am afraid of airplanes now

This is scary cause there's a chance you won't survive, a zombie apocalypse would be scary but it kinda sounds fun, if you have call of duty.

14 Nuclear Warfare/Fallout

Just the fact that there's enough nukes in the world to destroy it is haunting.

There actually isn't enough nukes to destroy the world..But there is enough uranium to build nukes that could easily destroy the world

If you mean the game then yes I’m scared of it if you mean very Big Bang bang then I would be suicide scared

People now have enough nukes to nearly destroy the earth and if not, send us back to the Stone Age.

G=God, we're always just a few steps away from armageddon. Think about it. We'd destroy ourselves and only have ourselves to blame for it. At any moment, all of this could be over because of some people arguing over who gets the most resources.

15 Nightmares

Don't get me started with nightmares. I have depression and anxiety, so my nightmares are amplified by 1000. Therefore, I get very little sleep.

Another night I saw that I was standing in my room near the window. I was combing my hair my mom to was there she was standing behind me &was talking to me about something. Suddenly her facial expression changed like she was really upset or scared, she was looking @the window very stunned. &then when I asked what happened to her she told it was nothing while saying this she was sweating &then she slowly started moving backwards &when I looked in to the window I saw a black skull Iike thing, & then suddenly I was no able to move I fell on the bed but my mom was still standing there staring @me &when my uncle ran towards she stopped him & sad don't go & then both of them were staring at me I was not able to move it was like someone is controlling me but there was a photo of Jesus on my shelf so I tried my best to stretch my hands towards that photo but something was preventing me from touching it, Istretched my hands with great force and @last when I touched that photo I felt like ...more

Legit Creepy, one Time I Had A Dream I Was Being Chased By A Psycho And This Was No Ordinary Psycho He Was Way Worse He Wanted To Eat Me That's Right He Was A Lunatic

I once had a nightmare becase I was reading stuff about sleep paralasis >.<

I actually enjoy nightmares it is kind of like a horror movie that you're the star of, but then again it depends on the nightmare: for instance if you had a dream about a love one dying that would really be terrible or if you have one of those waking dreams where you are a wake put can't move your body while a bunch of weird things happen around you (which I am so happy I haven't experienced).

16 Creepypasta

There NOT exactly SCARY but they are entertaining to read in my option.

They scare the crap out of me! I wish they would have NEVER EXISTED AT ALL!
also my name is muffincat!

Slender never scared me. Jeff was freaky though. The Jeff The Killer fangirls are more scary than Slender and Jeff combined though.

I can't watch creepypasta! I know I never seen it but I heard of it, there's masky, jeff the killer, the rake, ITS SCARY! BUT I don't KNOW IF THEIR REAL! They aren't but there are killers and it just reminds you of it! Plus, I'm not old enough to watch it... I'm PRETTY GLAD! Creepypasta... Creepypasta... Imagine if this were real ( but now its a happy story ) - jeff comes in breaks door - ( good thing I chose lockdown! ) - I hide underneath couch while seeing him punched and hit by mouse traps that I set up! - ( hee hee I'm also a better fighter. ) - when he's weakened turns to fight - punch - jeff tries to stab with knife - I avoid the attack - turns into kitty - bites leg - hiss - turns back - STAY AWAY CREEPYPASTA! DID YOU KNOW NOT TO MESS WITH SMART KITTIES?

17 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

It's hilarious when you see "Jeff the Killer in a nutshell" before reading the actual thing.

Jeff the Killer is funny looking, but creepy looking at the same time. The reason I can't see his nose is the makeup, right?

Just looks like a guy in jeans and a hoodie with a bunch of makeup on.

It's just a stupid photoshopped pic of a girl with a horror story to accompany it. How is it scary?

18 Snakes Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears.

I love Australia, it is the best country in the world, the most thing I hate is these things! Snakes are disgusting

Snakes are the greatest creature on this planet I have my own as pets, people who are scared or don't like snakes have either never held a snake or only ever seen bad things happen that have included a snake for example, snake biting person or eating a person or other creature

Snakes are fascinating animals lol. Only the venomous ones are scary.

Yeah! And plus, the one in the picture looks like your average boop noodle.

Snakes aren't really scary unless your in a situation where your face to face with a poisonous snake that is threatened by you and you missed their warning sign. As far as visually scary I would say spiders are more creepy.
There very cool especially the many non-poisonous kinds

19 Tornadoes

Tornadoes are TERRIFYING! There giant and huge, their night time assassins, and their loud and scary. I'm afraid of Tornadoes, so you should to.

Tornados can destroy everything! & there is no way to get away from them.

I'm imagining what a guy named "Tornado" would look like. LOL

I live in Minnesota, and we get a lot of thunderstorms around here. And I'm always afraid that they'll lead to a tornado

20 Disease

Coronavirus,Cancer,Black death, Cholera, Smallpox, Spanish flu, and more! Disease is the one that killed millions of people in history, it affects people's bodies and keep them from functioning normally

Spanish flu, swine flu, cancers, Black Death, mad cow disease, flu, small pox, measles and A LOT MORE

Diseases are probably the scariest things in the world. Some can't be cured, even with today's modern medicine. Plus, you'd be getting killed (and it's a very slow and painful death) by something you can't see. I am afraid of death, but death from a deadly virus is even worse.

Spongiform encephalopathy, yersinia pestis, wet and dry necrosis and gangrene, yellow fever, malaria, ebola, marburg virus, polio, so many diseases and pathogens, and (not many) misfolded prnp proteins.

21 Pop Ups

Seriously? The list goes from Tornadoes and diseases to Pop Ups?

Remember the car commercial? If you know what I'm talking about, you survived a heart attack

One of the scariest things since darkness. Most people get scared $&@: less from these loud, sudden blast of fear.

These things need to die and be forgotten about forever. Besides people are getting sick of them anyway.

22 Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes. It is owned by Canadian Studio WildBrain, which is the largest independent Children's and Adolescent's Film Studio

Honestly, the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

OMG! Yes! I remember crying the first time I saw it. When my mom releasEd I was so scared of it she turned it off. Luckily!

Oh, yeah. They look all cute and funny if you're 3 or younger. To anyone else, they're creepy alien people with television screens implanted on their chests. What's scarier- Hell or Teletubbies? Teletubbies.

*punches all 4 of them in the face*

Get these nightmare fuel goblins out of here

23 Insects

Woah, I had a nightmare once about this! They may be harmless (some of them) but they look so creepy and disgusting! I'm afraid to even walk into the shower, and its because of these things! Some Insects are very annoying and bite for no reason too


I actually have insectophobia induced by trauma. Every time I see a butterfly (going to the zoo is a nightmare! ) my mom says "Big Baby! " and slaps me. Wait! This reminds me of something.

Eustace: Stupid dog! *puts on mask* OOGABOOGABOOGA!

Courage: *eats camera*

24 Naked People

Nudity is natural. I mean, I agree with that other guy. Naked fat people would be scary.

I'm not scared of nudity, but I don't like it.

No scary but nasty

I don't want to see a man naked because it is gross

25 Being Attacked

If anyone innocent were being attacked I would first punch/kick the attacker in the knee and then kick them in the... well you know what I mean and then last I would push them away

I never wanted to be attacked

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