Top Ten Scariest Things Ever

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321 Living In a Place With No Love or Godliness
322 All White Juries
323 Ignorance

So many people today are ignorant. Why?

324 Hateful People
325 The South
326 Fox Broadcasting Company

Bull. What's really scary is the that CNN, NBC, ABC, The New York Times and the Washington post is helping bad people get elected president.

The power of stupid in full view!...50 shades of white!... not factual news!... These crackers are funny!

327 Self Hate

You hate yourself, you hate your body, you hate everything you've done. You regret your only life.

328 Not Progressing
329 Lack of Scientific Research
330 Setting Evil People Free
331 Negative Thinking
332 Chris Crispy Cream Christy With No Shirt On!
333 Teaching a white women how to dance

Has not been done yet.

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334 Red Necks Drunk On a Weekend at a Bon Fire With Guns Yelling Yee Haw!!

That's an every weekend and Friday night, we don't normally have guns at a bonfire but whatever and we don't yell her haw (that's Cowboys not Rednecks) Rednecks yell "Yee Yee" I know because I am one, born and raised

That's bull for being on this list! By the way that's pretty crazy

You have'nt been to the south... Have you?... Texas?... moonshine & rednecks equal teabaggers... Ask the Indians.

335 Satan With a Ronald Reagan Mask!
336 Materialistic Greed
337 Machetes
338 People Voting Republican

What has a republican ever done for you?

339 Corporate American Fast Food
340 Bored security guards with no life
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