Top Ten Scariest Things Ever

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401 Buried Alive In Pokemon
402 You Are Able to See Through Yourself
403 You See Moving Coffins
404 Social interaction
405 Incarceration
406 Fat Women Laughing
407 Robots

Think of the 'Technologic (Daft Punk)' robot!

408 Being stranded alone in the Bermuda triangle
409 Accidentally sleep walking to the middle of area 51
410 Going to Pakistan
411 The General G├╝emes, Salta Gnome
412 Snails
413 Happy Appy
414 Small Spaces

Small spaces would have to be the scariest thing for me because ever since I was little I could not be in a sleeping bag or in an elevator for more than 5 minutes. When I am claustrophobic I get a high fever.

415 Plums
416 Toenails
417 Becoming a Brony
418 No WiFi

I used to run around shrieking this on the playground in third grade

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419 Wild Carnivores
420 Suicide Mouse
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