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41 Smile Dog

Smile dog is really scary, just look at the image! - TeamRocket747

42 Old People Having Sex

Truly scary to even think of. - egnomac

They're too old for that stuff!

"You look like an avocado had sex with another old avocado"

Yeah, remember Chappelle's show

He was elected to the head of the school board and he was talking about how bad std s and teen pregnancies were so he'd call all the students to the stadium and have the principle and oldest teacher olin school have sex and make the students watch so they'll think twice

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43 Pain

I've always wondered how it is to break a bone... It sounds unbearable

Pain is probably the scariest thing ever. Every time you feel pain, your life chips away... one by one until you die.

44 Chucky Chucky Charles Lee Ray is a fictional character and the titular antagonist of the Child's Play horror film series.

Love Chucky # he will live forever!

45 Justin Bieber under your bed

Timmy: Mommy I hear some sounds like a cat is being strangled

Mom: Don't worry little Timmy, come on I'll show you there's no monster under your bed
(Bed flips open and Justin Beiber pops out and starts singing)


Jeez, thanks 4 putting that in my head!

At least there is no "under my bed" - benhos

Enough with the Justin Biber hate - Sparkjolt

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46 Getting Lost In Space

This was already on here, see how scary it is?! - mayamanga

47 A Talking Cloud V 1 Comment
48 B Movie Monsters
49 The Cover Of Home Alone 3
50 Teletubbies Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes .

I have no idea why but I think teletubbies are psychotic. Mainly because for some reason when I was little watched that show all the time, but when I try to remember what it was about I can't remember anything, but I do kinda remember that I didn't exactly like it more than I was mesmerized... Then one day my baby cousin (around 3 years old at the time) came over and she was watching Teletubbies and I had to watch her. I noticed that unlike when she was watching shows like Dora she wasn't giggling or even smiling, throughout the whole thing she just stared at the screen, also for some reason when they show the teletubbies looking at you I almost feel like that's what the purple one was doing, looking at me. It was creepy man.

I remember this magic event that scared me when I was little, does anyone remember it? If you do that's great but if you don't look it up on youtube, just type in teletubbies magic event magic house. It starts off with all four teletubbies sitting on the grass in a very far distance ( Erm, did you know? They were playing it safe! Duh! ) The camera cut to the sky with a grass ground below it, then four windows faded in and then a pink house with a red door with the number 4 on it faded in afterwards, then a shadow of a person from the waist up moving and speaking gibberish, at the bottom left window, the curtains opened to reveal a creepy puppet with red-ish lips, wearing blue and a blue tam o shanter hat with a red pom pom on top, he then sang a song in gibberish while the camera slowly zoomed in on him. I think they changed the puppet to a less scary one because they probably realised it was scaring the poor kids.

Its creepy... They have television on there tummy, and the sun! It's a baby

Oh hell no!

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51 Sonic.exe

I haven't watched it but someone told me about it

Not so muhc but oh nevermind

52 Cars

You mean the machine or the movie?

The machine people - Minecraftisawesone

53 Surgery

Its scary thinking about them cutting you open and taking out Intestines or what ever! Its like murder!

That's why I dread the biology unit in school. - Coleybuddy

54 Bin Laden under your bed

At least it's better then having Justin Bieber under your bed.

Bin laden's dead now so it's not like he's coming back.

Tom: mom I hear some weird sounds under bed
Mom: don't wotry son I will check it and prove there s no one under bed
*Osama jumps from bed*
*entire city blows up*

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55 Playing a Horror Game

Yeah, and that Jason game coming out looks creepy and scary unless you play as Jason

Either if it has to be a scary pop up game like slender man or the exorcist maze game.

The scariest game I've played is Yandere Simulator, which is not really that scary... - mayamanga

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56 A Human With One Eye But No Eyepatch
57 War

It's just sad that there doesn't seem to ever be an end to war... So much suffering is horrible, and scary in a whole different way as well, it's totally out of our control and we are not able to stop it

Nothing like being shot the moment you turn around. Or witching your own friend be shot to death. CREEPY!

Learning about war is cool, but ITS SCARY!

Not Obama, Trump is responsible for all this S026!
(Everyone claps at me and I finally become president of the US)

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58 Earthquakes

Big ones are scary.

I was going to see a movie tonight, until I realized it was about an eathquake. - AnonymousChick

59 Rape

Something that will have you scarred for life and the fact that you will have to live with that trauma forever.

Rappers I hope they get killed or rapped

How is this not in the top 10?

If I had a gun, I would probably hunt these things to extinction. (Not really but I just really hate these)

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60 Watching a Creepypasta In the Shower

Won't a computer in the shower short out from all the water?

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