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61 Cars

You mean the machine or the movie?

The machine people - Minecraftisawesone

62 Surgery

Its scary thinking about them cutting you open and taking out Intestines or what ever! Its like murder!

That's why I dread the biology unit in school. - Coleybuddy

63 Bin Laden under your bed

At least it's better then having Justin Bieber under your bed.

Bin laden's dead now so it's not like he's coming back.

Tom: mom I hear some weird sounds under bed
Mom: don't wotry son I will check it and prove there s no one under bed
*Osama jumps from bed*
*entire city blows up*

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64 Playing a Horror Game

Yeah, and that Jason game coming out looks creepy and scary unless you play as Jason

Either if it has to be a scary pop up game like slender man or the exorcist maze game.

The scariest game I've played is Yandere Simulator, which is not really that scary... - mayamanga

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65 A Human With One Eye But No Eyepatch
66 Your Siblings Getting Possessed
67 Deformed Animals
68 Justin Bieber Getting Elected as President

Actually, Justin Bieber is from Canada! He's more likely to be elected Prime Minister, than President! - clusium

69 War

It's just sad that there doesn't seem to ever be an end to war... So much suffering is horrible, and scary in a whole different way as well, it's totally out of our control and we are not able to stop it

Nothing like being shot the moment you turn around. Or witching your own friend be shot to death. CREEPY!

Learning about war is cool, but ITS SCARY!

Not Obama, Trump is responsible for all this S026!
(Everyone claps at me and I finally become president of the US)

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70 Rape

Something that will have you scarred for life and the fact that you will have to live with that trauma forever.

Rappers I hope they get killed or rapped

How is this not in the top 10?

If I had a gun, I would probably hunt these things to extinction. (Not really but I just really hate these)

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71 Earthquakes

Big ones are scary.

I was going to see a movie tonight, until I realized it was about an eathquake. - AnonymousChick

72 Watching a Creepypasta In the Shower

Won't a computer in the shower short out from all the water?

73 Caskets

so dark - adventurer

74 Pennywise The Clown Pennywise The Clown

Pennywise: hey Georgey, want a balloon?
Georgey: hey, want a knuckle sandwich to the faaace?

75 Your Parents Being a Killer
76 Someone Pranking You With Scary Maze Game

My big brother said can you play this maze I need to go to the toilet but he didn't he stood their and I didn't see him and I saw Jeff killer and fell down now his grounded

I want to prank my 10 year old brother with this but then he will cry and get me in trouble. He did that when I pranked him with the scary rocking chair video. What a wuss.

The girl zombie isn't scary at all.

My brother did that to me before - Pegasister12

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77 Random stranger coming up to you in a dark alleyway

Well, deal with it the old fashioned way. RUN FOR YOUR EFING LIFE! - AnonymousChick

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78 Someone's Eyes Change Into Swirls.
79 Worms
80 Ghosts

Those of you who say their not, get a life your just scared. I have proof about ghosts pictures and videos on my phone. Why don't you believe!

Not real just everybody's imagination so yeah do not believe - kylebuschfan18

Love seeing ghosts on the camera and seeing orbs with my naked eye.

Ghostbusters was a great movie

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