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81 Dogs Dogs The domestic dog is a wolf-like canid in the genus Canis, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.

I'm okay with little dogs, heck, I'm a SUCKER for them. But any dog above my waistline... Just can't do it.

How are dogs scary this would be my number 1 on cutest things ever!

Those things are vicious little savages that ripped off
My dogs ear!

I like different types of dogs, the nice ones, the cute ones.
The dogs that are big and mean and creepy (smile dog), NOPE! - TeamRocket747

82 Kim Jong Un Dropping a Bomb On Your House

That would be very scary. - TeamRocket747

This would be bad...

83 Someone With Red Eyes

Actually, I think red eyes are pretty bad@ss, but at the same time pretty scary too - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

84 Home Alone 4 (Because It's So Terrible)
85 You Being a Demon and a Demon Being an Angel
86 A Scary Movie Coming Alive
87 Grinny
88 Super Flexible People
89 Pregnant Justin Bieber

I'm sure Justin a Bieber in labor would sound better than his singing...

Not even this. Just Justin Bieber in general, pregnant or not.

This one gave me nightmares

I would facepalm - mayamanga

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90 Silent Hill Video Game V 2 Comments
91 Lightning

People underestimate the power of lightning. It can also kill you Instantly and you'll never know, then we have ball lighting that can go through your walls and kill you in your sleep. Nowhere is 100% safe. I refuse to go outside in thunderstorms.

I'm terrified of Lightning, because I've been in several very serious storms and lightning is really you're only light source... Plus it almost killed my dad one time it struck next to him and knocked him unconscious

92 Being trapped under ice

You could see everything going on, but not get to it

93 Terrorism
94 The Undead
95 Top Thrill Dragster
96 The Resemblance Between Michael Jackson And Voldemort
97 A Portal to Hell and Ghost World
98 Your Siblings Getting Possessed
99 Paintings that Stare at You
100 Happy From McDonald's

I think this was made to scare kids into not eating unhealthy food and eating more fruits and vegetables.

If I ever saw him in real life I would throw him in the nearest toilet or (if I were REALLY crazy) incinerator - mayamanga

Why? WHY? What was McDonald's thinking?

It's just a Happy Meal with a face. These things literally remind me of Minions. Eh, dunno why.

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