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141 Waking Up and Not Being Able to Move V 2 Comments
142 Ebola

Why is this only 79? Your bleeding everything in your bleeds and you die bleeding!

Ebola has to come in 1st place, because it's taking us to extinction.

143 Anxiety

Hmm when I think of something scary I just think of a bunch of funny guys wearing funny costumes and making people laugh. Yeah clowns. Are you kidding me CLOWNS?! You know what's really scary. Anxiety. Imagine your going along your day just fine and being happy then all of a sudden something in your mind convinces you something so bad is going to happen that you stop breathing and feel very sick. IMAGINE THAT YOU PEOPLE THAT THINK CLOWS AND SINGING IS SCARY. Anxiety is basically that feeling you get when your about to fall. Out of your chair, but for much, much longer. And you can't help it by grabbing on to something because nothing can stop it. Yeah guys I have a serious disorder with anxiety and nothing's worse than it, especially not SINGING and CLOWNS, though I rally am not a fan of JB's cow choking imitations. But trust me I know fear, and it doesn't get more real than a panic attack or extreme anxiety. Especially hard for an eleven year old who's been dealing with it more than ...more

144 Satan

So many trolls commented. This should be in the top 10. He's the king of a torturous and painful place, hell. - TeamRocket747

You mean Dick Chaney?

Satan is Justin Bieber.

A no they do not mean dick chaney

145 Scary Movies That Say "Based On a True Story"

I think that the scariest movies are the ones that are based on true events. Here's a list of 10 famous horror movies that you wouldn't believe were based on real events.

1-The Exorcist.
2-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
3-A Nightmare on Elm Street.
4-The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
5-The Amityville Horror.
6-The Blob.
7-The Hills Have Eyes.
9-Wolf Creek.
10-Child's Play.

The only horror movie based on a true story that's actually terrifying is Psycho. In fact, the true story is scarier than the movie.

Creeps you out doesn't it? If it doesn't, something might be wrong with you. Just saying. Clowns are creepy too. Pale, white face, scary eye makeup. Eugh.

I watch all those movies not scared

V 5 Comments
146 Humans Humans Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.

Hmm, I suppose if your confused just think about bullies and possessed people or Murderers they are all pretty scary.

Uh... Either the person who wrote this is an intelligent alien or scared of himself. ?

People are scary, they are the walking dead, there highly medicated trying to drive, I saw a women working out, talking on the phone that's scary, yikes

Some of us can be really scary. Killers, rapists, pedophiles, extremely rabid fangirls/boys (so cringey, it's scary), etc - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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147 Finding out that anytime you were in front of a mirror you were being recorded. Then finding out that a complete stranger who could be anywhere has the recordings and will broadcast it on every TV channel in 24 hours unless you find them.

That would kill me. Most of the time I am naked or singing so... :)))

There's a miror that I am right in front of while I'm waiting for the shower water to heat up. Uh oh - Coleybuddy

That would be scary. Lil b**** watching me getting changed every morning to shower.

148 One Direction Apocalypse V 1 Comment
149 The Pink Elephants from Dumbo

I honestly didn't find it that scary, but I see why other people find it scary. It's really trippy, bizarre, and makes absolutely no sense.

Was this disney's way of teaching kids not to drink?

V 2 Comments
150 George W. Bush Back As President

That's a moron! Too scary!... Save us Obama!

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151 Your Crush or Lover Dies

Especially if they are fictional characters... *cough* Naruto *cough* - mayamanga

Yeah, if my babe died when I get one, I wouldn't know what to do

That is the WORST ever! - Pegasister12

152 Your Parents Die

I've seen this kind if stuff in books, it sounds awful

153 30 Missed Calls From Mom

This would be bad. What if there was an emergency

V 2 Comments
154 Getting Lost In Great Fog
155 Mean Pitbulls

Not all of them are mean. - Pegasister12

156 Inanimate Objects Coming to Life
157 News
158 Fake Doll Baby Giving You a Creepy Look Then It Cries Like It Was from a Goosebump Book

To the person in the comment below me, is that a bad thing?

This is VERY specific. Just saying.

159 HIV Spreads
160 See a Rat
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