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141 Your Crush or Lover Dies

Especially if they are fictional characters... *cough* Naruto *cough* - mayamanga

Yeah, if my babe died when I get one, I wouldn't know what to do

That is the WORST ever! - Pegasister12

142 Your Parents Die

I've seen this kind if stuff in books, it sounds awful

143 Failure

Failure and insecurities about it is probably the worst and the scariest LOGICAL thing that can happen to you. It's legit and should definitely be included on the list.

I'm sure everyone suffers from this insecurity.

Failure is scary.even when you parents see your failed school work

144 30 Missed Calls From Mom

This would be bad. What if there was an emergency

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145 Getting Lost In Great Fog
146 Mean Pitbulls

Not all of them are mean. - Pegasister12

147 Inanimate Objects Coming to Life
148 HIV Spreads
149 See a Rat
150 Your Best Friend Dies

My friend Alyssa died when she was 11 and I was 12

151 Nearby Volcano Erupts
152 Finding Out You Are Getting Cooked

One does not simply find out they are being cooked.

153 Eating Your Family
154 Mother Brain
155 Bloody Mary V 1 Comment
156 Crowds
157 Sin

Whether it be an incarnation or a concept, the basis of everything evil is one scary thing

Wearing mixed fabrics, eating bacon, and thinking for yourself are all so scary

We're all or have been living in sin.

There's no sin

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158 Balloons

I hate normal balloons (popping them makes me scared because they so loud) but I like water balloons since they're more fun and they don't make the loud sound

That's me. I'm afraid of the balloons popping. - Pegasister12

Normal balloons are not that scary, but strong, thick balloons will scare the HEEEL out of you when they pop, normal ones pop weakly.

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159 Having Your Appendix Taken Out

Has not happened to me but it sounds scary - mayamanga

160 Millipedes Millipedes Millipedes are a group of arthropods that are characterised by having two pairs of jointed legs on most body segments; they are known scientifically as the class Diplopoda, the name being derived from this feature.

When I was little I loved to observe on millipedes and even tried to pick them up (not with my bare hands of course, I used sticks) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

If they were as big as a skyscraper then the world would be doomed. - mayamanga

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