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21 Nasty Witches Lurking Alone In the Cold Scary Dark

One time I was exploring a cave and it jumped out from behind some iron and killed me stupid thing

I had to fight one with no weapons, luckily I won

I've seen 3 witches in a witch hut before

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22 Spider Jockeys

Once my friend was playing Minecraft when she was chased and almost killed by 5 SPIDER JOCKEYS!

23 Ender Dragon

Why are you insulting me? I am NOT scary. -Ender Dragon

I tried to eat cake in the end but the stupid dragon stole my cake. The dragon eats cake, not humans. Mystery solved.

She's beautiful, not scary! And I love the end! My black fur matches the beautifully designed end!

I love Ender Dragons. They are not creepy at all.

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24 Squids

I thought the squids were cute! I named on Squiggles and one Squirmy!

Well they aren't scary, they just give me the creeps because they are just creepy to look at

How are they scary? And, by the way, another list basically worships stampy and squid. What the heck?

These are some reasons why I am creeped out by Minecraft squid.
They don't look realistic.
Squid are uncanny and weird in general.
In Pocket Edition, they cause an ink effect when hit. Creepy...

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25 Skeletons Wearing Diamond Armor

I randomly saw one and thought I am no match for this thing, I died.

26 In single player and a guy you never saw before is staring at you

I love the solidarity video of it

27 Falling in a hole

I usually fall into holes I think herobrine or a troll player will lock my exit with bedrock because he might be in creative...I know! Am a scary cat! D:

I usually make a hole put bedrock inside around the hole put some lava in it go to survival and troll my friends by saying I keep my secret Easter egg instructions there (but I really keep secret instructions in my map if I forget one for example:the rainbow sheep Easter egg just name the sheep jeb_ I didn't make a mistake putting the line it's Jeb_ and u have a colour changing sheep or whatever)

I usually fall in and I just so happened to have no blocks of dirt OR a pickaxe

I HATE this

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28 When You Are Playing a Horror Map and Your Friend Scares You V 3 Comments
29 A Mobzilla V 3 Comments
30 The End

Oh my god, There is too much ender man to kill and even a ender dragon that will throw you in the void

The song Acid Rain reminds me of The End… mmm mm mm mm mm mmm m m mmm…


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31 Hitting an Enderman

How is this scary? (Besides the sound they make and they attack.)

32 Glitches

Once I was playing with my brother in festive and I went to sleep I was on the ground dying and my sister was suffocating and flopping up and down on the bed and we got up I heard abeiance but I wasn't in a cave and a enderman popped up and killed my sister and my brother was dead and I had half a heart because every time I sleep I fall on the ground and loose health and I died.

I saw this glitch it was not in Minecraft but a pikachu glitch in super smash bros brawl.My dad came into the room and turned off YouTube

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33 Falling In Lava

This has to be higher it is the most scary thing

It's like being attacked by a flaming Godzilla and I think it's called Godzilla because it's like god zilla get it? But wait a minute if it's god-zillia then GOD CREATED THIS MONSTER?! And if he created Godzilla then GOD IS EVIL?!

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34 Going ToThe Nether Then Falling In Lava With Diamonds

That happened to me but I survived thanks to notch apple

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35 Bob In Lucky Block Mod V 2 Comments
36 Hearing Strange Footsteps In Peaceful Mode (Like Someone Following You)

It happened under my house. Then track 11 was played. And I heard digging noise just beside me. I feel scared when I'm writing this. Just feeling bad and looking behind me at every once!

This happened to me sometimes. To me it's scarier than when you turn around only to find a creeper about to explode

Is the hero brine legend real or is it just a jerky enderman?

Never Happened I'm using Minecraft Pocket Edition!

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37 Entity 303

The skin looks somewhat cute.

What day did you met him? Entity 303 same with HEROBRINE?

Steve without eyes is called HEROBRINE

He has killed me

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38 Dying of food starvation

It leaves you with just half a heart left, and you pretty much jump at every sound. Then you usually die from something stupid like falling 4 blocks.

I don't know if this happens. It never happened to me before.

My sister killed a rabbit and I wa So far away she was eating and I had one half of a heart I made it and killed her and took her diamonds and ate her cooked rabbit!

It is only 1% scary

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39 Trees With No Leaves

Might as well make a sign that says "Herobrine was here"

Yup this guy is right it means herobrine's here

Stop herobrine isn't real so stop

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40 Mobs V 2 Comments
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