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41 Trees With No Leaves

Might as well make a sign that says "Herobrine was here"

Yup this guy is right it means herobrine's here

Stop herobrine isn't real so stop

Maybe it was a jerky lava (what am I explaining? lava doesn't come from the nothing! )

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42 Mobs V 2 Comments
43 Alpha Guardian Popping Up While You're On a Boat

I was on a boat once, and I passed a ocean monument. A gaurdian just popped up on my screen like a jumpscare. Can't believe I had to add this...

Like Freddy Fazbear underwater

This has never happened to me before but I've seen it happen to people also this should be higher on the list I mean this sk striking scary 😭"🙈

44 Waking Up to a Mob

You always expect to wake up in the morning with no mobs, but instead, you get a mob in your face.

Well, that is super disappointing to a house, that happened to me too!

Especially waking up to hear "Hiss" and your whole house gets destroged

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45 When you are on peaceful and something hits you and takes almost all your lives

Maybe a cactus? But one time something bombed under my foot in this mod. What about that?

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46 Ender Scares
47 When you wake up and Herobrine is behind you in the Herobrine mod

Don't have the herobrine mod(because I have no idea how to download them) but I've seen videos off of school WiFi,(yay) and they are scary (kinda) but if I do get it, I'm gonna build a nice awesome house, maybe a horse barn too, and invite him over for dinner, try to be friendly ya know?

So scary I always wet my pants when it happens =( I hate it
If u do you'll wet your pants

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48 Ambience

This is pretty creepy when it is in a cave or dark place. It scares me to sometimes. It sounds like a horror movie.

I hate these intimidating sounds.

Alex: *hears creepy noises in cave* You forgot to turn off the ambience again.
Marty: I'm on it. *pushes mute button*
Alex: Much better.

Seriously, ambience is creepy.

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49 That Scary Noise When You're In Caves

This is annoying and creepy at the same time. I hear them all the time, and it scares me so much. One time, I was in Survival Mode, I barely went inside a cave, and a noise appeared. I ran out, terrified. Why was this ambience added in the game?! IT'S SO CREEPY! I can think of some right now.

This is not the horror genre (or is it? )

It's called: ambience sounds, I agree that they are scary, but the sounds don't come from the nothing

This is why I'm kinda scared to go to caves alone

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50 Creepers Dropping Down From Above V 3 Comments
51 Smile Dog Picture

This is scary? I watched a video and the smile dog looked like it was laying in a dark shed, with a very thin smile, and very bright eyes

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52 Mineshaft

Not scary at all when I see one or fight one I just laugh

I love these! I bring my favorite cats and dogs!

I love exploring all of the paths in mineshafts. I don't even feel nervous at all! - Powerfulgirl10

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53 The Closed Map Experiment

It's a very scary insight into human nature. Look it up. - Winterush

54 When You Are Having Fun And Take A Glimpse At The Clock, It Says 3:00

The most possible time of seeing scary things. Lots of ambience and bats,or (if you have the mod or your mc is hacked)even see herobrine or even null in your world - MChkflaguard_Yt

55 The Nether

I like the Nether, but it is a very deadly place.

I like the nether it is pretty. It can't be the nether when peaceful mode is on! Bring on the ghasts, steve!

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56 Attacked by 9000 Wither and Creepers

Yeah, you know once that did happen and it really was a bad time and it actually happen and I got so mad that I actually died in my pants. Yeah it can happen... NOT!

One time my cousin and his schoolmate were playing Minecraft and they spawned 8 Withers but they survived.

Because they used invisibility potions

This is just plain stupid. 9000 Withers and Creepers will make your game crash.

What is the person trying to do, write a book?!

Your kidding me the game can crash!? 😠😠😠.WEIRDO OR WEIRDOS

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57 Finding a Dungeon

This is not scary at all! I love finding these! - Minecraftcrazy530

I love dungeons, except for the spawners.

This was a time where it was scary, I was in a cave.I pass the corner of the cave I saw a monster spawner and I rage quit before I had a heart attack

Did you Know: All the mobs come from the spawners in the cave...
It's creepy right!

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58 Spiders

I like spiders in Minecraft, but I hate them in real life. Imagine waking up with a million very poisonous spiders in your bed. Scary, right?

They are for sure creepy like in real life

I have a Minecraft spider plush

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59 Mining Along with Monsters and the disc 13 playing

No No, Disc 11 would be scary while mining in a cave with monsters. -A Know-It-All Miner

No mine along with monsters while the disc 13 and 11 playing, its pure horror than only one of them.

That sounds pretty creepy, but I somewhat like the disc 13.

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60 Herobrine Near You In a Dungeon With a Whole Bunch of Creepers Next to You and You're Surrounded

Here is a story made by me:

One dark night, a man named Steve wanted to go mining. He went out in the warm desert, and suddenly found an old and disgusting dungeon. He decided to look inside the dungeon, opened one of the chests, and all of a sudden, someone poked his back. It was Herobrine! His bright eyes made Steve scream like a little girl who got her lollipop stolen by a bunch of teenage bullies. Herobrine wanted to get revenge, and skill Steve for trespassing in his cave. Then a pack of Creepers were lurking in the dark, cold night until they saw the dungeon. The Creepers went to the dungeon, which made Steve want to get out his weapons and kill them, but it was too late. He died because Herobrine and the pack of Creepers killed him. Steve was never heard from again. THE END!

I know this story is ridiculous, but the person who put this on here gave me the idea to do this. This thought is dumb, though.

That sounds pretty dumb, but I think the person who put this on here wants to publish a book, or something.

Dang it are you trying to right a book?

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