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61 Herobrine Near You In a Dungeon With a Whole Bunch of Creepers Next to You and You're Surrounded

Here is a story made by me:

One dark night, a man named Steve wanted to go mining. He went out in the warm desert, and suddenly found an old and disgusting dungeon. He decided to look inside the dungeon, opened one of the chests, and all of a sudden, someone poked his back. It was Herobrine! His bright eyes made Steve scream like a little girl who got her lollipop stolen by a bunch of teenage bullies. Herobrine wanted to get revenge, and skill Steve for trespassing in his cave. Then a pack of Creepers were lurking in the dark, cold night until they saw the dungeon. The Creepers went to the dungeon, which made Steve want to get out his weapons and kill them, but it was too late. He died because Herobrine and the pack of Creepers killed him. Steve was never heard from again. THE END!

I know this story is ridiculous, but the person who put this on here gave me the idea to do this. This thought is dumb, though.

That sounds pretty dumb, but I think the person who put this on here wants to publish a book, or something.

Dang it are you trying to right a book?

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62 Nether Fortresses

I live these. The only flaw is that they are like huge mazes.

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63 Mob Disguise

I imagined someone screaming at a player disguised as a Creeper.

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64 When someone raids your home in multiplayer V 1 Comment
65 Creepypasta Mod

When I go mining with this mod I'm just mining with my bro when eyeless jack kills me and takes my diamonds.

We are not scary -Smile Dog and John

This is very scary.Once I watched this video for that mod and I saw a picture of the smile dog and I almost nightmares

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66 You Wake Up Find a Random Mob In Front of You

Unless that mob is a pig. Pigs are adorable.

A rabbit, seriously? What if it was a Wither, or an Ender Dragon?

Unless it's sheep, I'll count the sheep

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67 The Orphanage

Without the texture pack its funny.

By the looks of it, it seems like a creepy adventure map.

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68 Hearing a Ghast

Ghosts sound pretty funny and cute. They are bad when they fight you.

The uncanny valley is in effect.

- just after entering to nether and Minecraft is so laggy so you will never scape

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69 Herobrine mod
70 Door opens itself

Yes if you have redstone skills (learned this from stampy when he said he was terrible at redstone)

Does that actually happen in Minecraft?

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71 A Figure Staring at Your Window at Night

This happen to me its just a creeper

Stalkers... that's funny but creepy.


! that's creepy! I not going to sleep in minecraft anymore O.o

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72 Hearing a hissing sound behind you and you turn around to see a creeper just before it explodes

This happens pretty often, and it creeps me out. RUN AWAY, A CREEPER IS BEHIND YOU!

Not scary at all! But I hate when it happens.. think about it! It's not scary. Think if you have diamonds and a creeper explodes behind you! It's not creepy! I'll just be so angry!

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73 Five Nights at Freddy's Mod

He original five nights a Freddy's mod stank. He made the animatronics weak, and adorable.

FNAF is not even scary. Although, nightmare animatronics have angry looks when they scream and jump in your face. Fredbear and Nightmare have big choppers!

Once I was playing then I found five nights at freddys mod I spawned it then when I was hunting I saw my house with a pizza then when I was sleeping in minecraft I heard a nise sounded like freddy then I saw him next to me then it said bye bye your killed then killed me
so I deleted the game

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74 Being Stuck In the Nether

Now that's scary. No nether Portal? No Obsidian? well your dead, bish. -Wither

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75 Drowning in a dark cave V 2 Comments
76 The Sound Creepers Make Before They Blow Up

That doesn't sound scary, unless it is behind you.

77 Taking a Nap In the Nether

That just results in explosion.

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78 Tiny Terror from Spiral Lucky Blocks Mod

Actually most of the Lucky Blocks mods have some really scary stuff

79 Diamonds

Idiot, diamonds are not scary. It's not like an egg that spawns the World's Scariest Monster, but it looks like an egg.

What kind of idiot put DIAMONDS on here?! They are useful, and NOT SCARY!

For god sake's it IS scary! Really scary... NOT!

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80 The Sound a Bat Makes When You Kill It V 4 Comments
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