Top Ten Scariest Things On Minecraft

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81 Lava pool
82 Stuck In a Island V 1 Comment
83 Charged Creeper and You Don't Have a Cat or a Ocelot

I don't get why creepers are afraid of cats or ocelots. It's just weird. Charged creepers are cool though.

V 1 Comment
84 Wither Skeletons charging at you

These bad bones charge at you in groups and wither you so you can't see how many hearts you have left... I screamed when I first met these tall guys.

85 Getting Shot Into Lava from the Top of a Ravine V 1 Comment
86 Creepers Dropping Down From Above V 3 Comments
87 Finding a Pig

Pigs used to look like creepers so some people are scared of that

V 4 Comments
88 Stuck In a Dark Stronghold

Or torches. (simplest solve to darkness! )

I use eight minute night vision potion!

V 2 Comments
89 Villagers

They follow you every where you go they walk into you and make inhuman sounds

V 3 Comments
90 Subtitles When You Don't Realize it's You Making the Sound

I was on 1.11, and I noticed the setting "subtitles". I turned it on, but it said things like "footsteps", "eating sounds", "block mining", etc. I was on singleplayer, and I was so scared! I was freaked out until I realized that the subtitles were documenting MY sounds. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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