Top 10 Scariest Things In School

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1 A Shooting Occurs

I live in england and I'm so sorry you people have to go through with these real shooting and have to have drills - Toenails

Happened in my school. The bullet just missed me by a whisker. my bus driver pulled me towards himself and I was saved.

Heard that TWENTY kids, a few teachers, and a principal died because of this...! Scary! Hope it doesn't happen to me.

HOLY CRAP! I don't want that to happen!

2 Bad Grades

Handing out tests results I about the most stressful thing ever. My breath quickens, my palms sweat, my heart beats fast... Really is that good or just sad? - keycha1n

Once, I thought that I didn't do my Spanish homework. I almost cried until I found it. - Merilille

This Is Just The Worst Lol - FettiMC

I get bad grades in Math always. I'm too lazy to study for Math, except all other subjects.

3 A Teacher Assaults You

This may be uncommon, but it's still scary to know that someone who's there for your education can harm you.

Teachers should get sued for that!

4 Bullies

I just ignore these guys and find every idiotic thing in the things they say... Honestly, most of these people are either narcissists and/or idiots.

When I was in 8th grade I was a really quiet kid of guy.i almost never talked and I was constantly bullied. One day one of the bullies tried to steal my money by beating me up. I got pissed and I kicked him do hard in the nuts that he couldn't move for and hour or so. After that I was never bullied again. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE

Its like, go get a life, you know?

I hate them so much!

5 A Stage Light Falls

It would hurt if it hits you in the head.

6 Sexually Harassed

That's what I call true horror.


7 You Get Made Fun of by a Teacher

Wow, total humiliation!

8 Get Locked In a Classroom

I can't imagine being stuff in a classroom with no food, water, bathrooms, or sleep.

This can only really happen if you someone hide in a classroom to be honest.

9 Having to Pay a Fine

It happened to me once in around middle or high school. It was a textbook that I got used. It was very worn and it was falling apart. One day it fell apart all by itself and I still had to pay for the damage THAT I DIDN'T EVEN CAUSE >:(

10 Homework

Homeworks r the worst things ever!


The Contenders

11 Strict Teachers

My high school special ed teacher was very strict and I was afraid of her

In music my friend burped and got sent out in the hall, had a talk with the teacher, then went to the office, and got in trouble at home. Just for 1 BURP

Horrible. Once I just made a small burb and the teacher yelled and sent me out of the classroom for nothing.

Mrs Holt definitely

12 Friend Drama
13 Trip to the Principal

It is frustrating that means I agree so if you get to deal with Sydney instead that means I wanted to say she made Pune iur of bulanek said things to me/called me boubonic

Why isn’t this number 1

This happens to me sometimes. I get all shakey and worried. I go to the office trying to think of what I did. When I find I didn't do anything, I really get the creeps. I go in. To my surprise, the principal just wanted to ask me about
something. :3

14 A Murderer is On the Loose

This should be higher.

More like a yandere fighting for her senpia.

15 Tests

How is this not number one? I have test yesterday it would be scary.

16 Special Ed Teacher

Restraints like abundance of them she said I love it when I deal with you

17 The Smelly Bathroom

Every school bathrooms are GROSS!

85% of the time these places smell like a rat ran in there and just died.


18 Flash Mobs

Scaaary including in front of your friends and crush

19 Fire Drills

True because some kids like me have autism. - Ilovestephanie

20 Lunch

Pokemonfan10, how is this the scariest thing at school? It's probably the only relaxing part of school at all.

21 Paying Fees

Always parents r suffering to pay the fees.I Hate this

22 Mean Teachers

They yell all the time

23 The Bus Driver
24 Bus Aide

Like bus drivers they can be rude and even scream in your face

25 Getting Told Off for Nothing
26 "We need to have a talk. Don't worry. You're not in trouble"
27 Scream Rooms
28 Pop Quizzes
29 "Class you re going to write a 10 page essay on___________"
30 Fights

Not scary. Fights are Exiting

31 "We will discuss this later/tomorrow"
32 Intercom Says "Will (Insert Your Name Here) Please Report to the Office Immediately? Thank You."
33 Guns Near Campus

In my high school a kid once brought a gun and once my sister’s elementary school bus was held up by an armed man

34 Fangirls
35 Detention
36 Knife Jokes
37 Swearing
38 Bombs
39 Resource Officer
40 Stalker Teachers
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