Top 10 Scariest Things In School


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1 A Shooting Occurs

Happened in my school. The bullet just missed me by a whisker. my bus driver pulled me towards himself and I was saved.

Heard that TWENTY kids, a few teachers, and a principal died because of this...! Scary! Hope it doesn't happen to me.

I was in maths class then the boss o the school said our maths teacher was in a vacaion in ne yrk and been shot I was so scary that I wennt to st anes colle

2 A Teacher Assaults You

This may be uncommon, but it's still scary to know that someone who's there for your education can harm you.

3 Bad Grades

Handing out tests results I about the most stressful thing ever. My breath quickens, my palms sweat, my heart beats fast... Really is that good or just sad? - keycha1n

Once, I thought that I didn't do my Spanish homework. I almost cried until I found it. - Merilille

This Is Just The Worst Lol - FettiMC

I get bad grades in Math always. I'm too lazy to study for Math, except all other subjects.

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4 Bullies

I just ignore these guys and find every idiotic thing in the things they say... Honestly, most of these people are either narcissists and/or idiots.

When I was in 8th grade I was a really quiet kid of guy.i almost never talked and I was constantly bullied. One day one of the bullies tried to steal my money by beating me up. I got pissed and I kicked him do hard in the nuts that he couldn't move for and hour or so. After that I was never bullied again. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE

Its like, go get a life, you know?

I hate them so much!

5 A Stage Light Falls

It would hurt if it hits you in the head.

6 You Get Made Fun of by a Teacher

Wow, total humiliation!

7 Sexually Harassed

That's what I call true horror.


8 Get Locked In a Classroom

I can't imagine being stuff in a classroom with no food, water, bathrooms, or sleep.

This can only really happen if you someone hide in a classroom to be honest.

9 Having to Pay a Fine
10 Friend Drama

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11 Homework

Homeworks r the worst things ever!


12 A Murderer is On the Loose V 2 Comments
13 Tests
14 Flash Mobs

Scaaary including in front of your friends and crush

15 Trip to the Principal

This happens to me sometimes. I get all shakey and worried. I go to the office trying to think of what I did. When I find I didn't do anything, I really get the creeps. I go in. To my surprise, the principal just wanted to ask me about
something. :3

16 The Smelly Bathroom V 2 Comments
17 Paying Fees

Always parents r suffering to pay the fees.I Hate this

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1. A Shooting Occurs
2. A Teacher Assaults You
3. Bullies
1. A Teacher Assaults You
2. A Shooting Occurs
3. Bullies
1. A Shooting Occurs
2. A Teacher Assaults You
3. Bullies



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