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41 Wallmasters - Zelda Ocarina of Time
42 Elegy of Emptiness Statue (Link Version) - Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

Some people also thinks that it's scary because of the Ben drowned thing.

I have nightmares about that... Things...You Shouldn't Have done that...

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43 Grunt - Amnesia

They make me play the game in 10 minute sessions. They are unstoppable so all you can do is hide and hope they don't find you. Miles scarier then anything on this list.

It's not so much the Grunt, it's the combination of the Grunt with the scary, terrifying atmosphere of the game...
Most of these people have never played it so they just don't know

44 Ghost Easter Egg - Super Mario 3D Land

Find this world in World 4-4. it's creepy, right?

Really very creepy. I hope Nintendo would remove it.

45 The Sa-x (Metroid Fusion)
46 Necromorphs - Dead Space
47 Dead Hand - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

When I was little and I played this game (Zelda being my favorite series of all time. Played them all) I was afraid of the dark. I had to have my brother walk me everywhere. Even at age 15 they still creep me out. They were the mini bosses In The bottom of well and shadow temple that had 8 hands come out of the ground and a big pale fat creature would come and kill you

Why Nintendo?! Please just sell Deadhand to Silent Hill and get this over with. I think he'd do quite well in the Silent Hill games.

This was in an E rated game?! Granted in the 3ds version it's less scary, but I played the N64 version from the Wii shop, and it's really scary.

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48 Game Over Music - Sonic CD (US Version)

Sonic CD was a great game, but the US soundtrack was so darn creepy. Especially the boss music... - Gamegirl345

Japan: You lost? Well, try again! It doesn't matter!
US: You lost? Well, rot in hell, you could even complete the game.

49 Game Over Screen - Donkey Kong Country (GBA)

Even if you complete the game in your SNES, it even puts the game over screen, like if they congratulated the kongs and then beat them up because they are actually enemies - LegitRising

50 Weeping Angels - Doctor Who

Why do they even smash open a maze when thousands of indestructable statues that stalk you when you aren't watching. - TheGrammarPolice

I got scared of these when I was playing the doctor who level in lego dimensions the face freeps me out thiw makes freddy fazbear look like caillou - epictoonsfan1

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51 Genocide Ending - Undertale V 1 Comment
52 Moblins - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The guys where when you think everything is normal, you start to move and out of nowhere, one charges at you with a spear faster than ever. So scary!

53 Scp-895 (Camera Disruption)

The face only a mother could love...

54 Monsters Creeping Down That Dark Hallway In Silent Hill
55 Beating Heart of Liberty City - Grand Theft Auto IV

Funny because is not scary

More weird than scary

56 Crimson Head - Resident Evil

Don't EVER forget where you killed a zombie. For when you return to that spot, they become a crimson head! Really scary when you wander into the kitchen or basement thinking it's all cool since you already "disposed" of the zombies only to find there are bigger, faster, stronger versions of what you killed. They have definitely made my heart jump into my throat more than a few times. - evoxpisces

57 Kerrigan - Starcraft Kerrigan - Starcraft
58 Subway Stations & Tunnels - Fallout 3
59 Deathclaws - Fallout Series
60 Marx Soul - Kirby Super Star Ultra

Just the scream when ya kill him boys

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