Top Ten Scariest Things In Video Games

Bosses can be scary, levels can be scary, heck even just... things can be scary so here is the top ten SCARIEST things in video games.

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81 Mob of the Dead - Call of Duty Black Ops II

Not only there are hanged bodies but also the Jump Scare Easter Egg!

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82 Skulltulas - Zelda Ocarina of Time / Skyward Sword
83 Hunter - Prototype

What man? Can't you guys remember this rude dude, whose entrance skipped your heartbeat once

84 Ghouls - Fallout
85 Spiders - Minecraft

They are bums I mean not because I'm scared of spiders but think your minding your one business but then a spider come and killed you

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86 Boss Battle - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
87 Zone 3 - Off
88 Tingle - The Legend of Zelda
89 Majora's Incarnation- Zelda: Majoras Mask
90 Amnion - Silent Hill Homecoming
91 Super Mutant Behemoth - Fallout 3
92 Numbers Station - Fallout 3

Can predict the death of Gary Coleman, the death of the British queen, etc.

93 Porky Minch - Mother 3

He is not scarier than bonnie

Bonnie is scarier

Who put porky minch and mooshroom delete it!

94 Blood - Any Video Game

Mondo mole from earthbound scares kids away

That's really what I'm worried about. The blood.

Especially when you least expect it.
Example: Zero - Kirby's Dream Land 3

95 Walker Jumpscares - Walking Dead
96 Granny Rags - Dishonored

One time I was looting her house and she snuck up on me. scared the hell outta me.

97 Suitor - Amnesia: The Dark Descent
98 The Feeling That Glados Is Going to Kill You - Portal 1/2

Only one thing was going through my head when I was playing this game. When is Glados going to kill me.

99 Death Scenes - Shadow of the Colossus

You see the colossus face and it is beyond creepy

100 Bloaters - The Last of Us
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