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1 Deprived Gaster

Look at him! He looks all melted! If you hit him a few times then he will look even worse! And who could forget the faces he makes! - TopTenX

2 Chara Chara Chara is a character in the game Undertale by Toby "Radiation" Fox who is one of the seven people to fall to the Underground prior to the fall of the player character. Her name can be changed by the player and will be assumed as the player character, until the Pacifist Route when Asriel asks for the more.

Have you ever had a nightmare of this demon trying to kill you? Well that’s what she does. Same philosophy as Flowey it’s kill or be killed. At the end of the genocide route she will tell you to erase the file. If you refuse the witch, then Chara is gonna walk slowly to you, screaming with a creepy face, trying to kill you. - TopTenX

3 Asriel Dreemurr Asriel Dreemurr Asriel Dreemurr is a character from the 2015 game "Undertale". He was created by Toby Fox. more.

Try looking at his final form. His wings are kind of dark looking. And look at his teeth! They look really sharp. - TopTenX

4 Sans Sans Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult more.

He might scare you to death the first time you meet him. He does say you will die if you did anything bad and don’t forget that his eye starts flashing when he’s ready to give you a bad time and kill you. So get ready to get so scared that you get dunked on, down to the bone! 🤣🤣🤣 - TopTenX

5 Omega Flowey

This guy looks so disgusting! He has two faces. One looks like a private part while the other is a television with a scary face on it. - TopTenX

6 Undyne Undyne Undyne is a main character in Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. She is the heroic fishlike captain of the Royal Guard, who takes it upon herself to protect the monsters of the Underground. Her name is derived from the word "Undine", and is a pun on the word "Undying". Her most loved monsters are her mentor, more.

She might be really cool, but it gets scary when she shoots spears out of nowhere, she chases after you, and when she dies. Again she melts in her death scene. - TopTenX

7 Muffet Muffet Muffet is a character from the game Undertale. She appears in a region called Hotland, selling pastries to raise money to rent a heated limo to help the spider clan from the Ruins (who are also raising a bake sale) reunite with the one in Hotland because the spiders can't cross Snowdin.

Is anyone afraid of spiders here? - TopTenX

8 Mad Dummy

Think about the music it makes when you make him mad! He looks so creepy in battle too! And his minions turn into scribbles and everything! I would not want to touch them! - TopTenX

9 Flowey Flowey Flowey is a flower in the RPG Undertale. He is the first character you meet, and also your best friend.

€�You Idiot! 😈 In this world, IT’S KILL OR BE KILLED! DIE! - TopTenX

10 Endogeny Endogeny

Just look at this disgusting dog! - TopTenX

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11 Amalgamates Amalgamates

Of course, amalgamates! - AndurtaelTem

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