Top Ten Scariest Video Game Enemies

The down right scariest enemies you hope you never come across in real life.

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1 Slender Man - Slender Slender Man - Slender

Being in the woods at night is scary enough but having a faceless figure hunting you down will send shivers down your spine. - egnomac

You never actually see him move and he has no face and he shows up unexpectedly he could even be standing right behind you the whole time. - egnomac

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2 Necromorphs - Dead Space Necromorphs - Dead Space

The very first time I came across these alien like monsters in Dead Space I literally freaked the scariest thing about them is they come crashing down from the vents when you least expect it. - egnomac

Why do people just be so scared of slender he's not scary and it said I'm like him but the creepiest thing he's from creepypasta ah - simpsondude

Slender is a princess compared with this dudes...

Well, these are...disturbing - cdxtreme

3 Zombie Dogs - Resident Evil series Zombie Dogs - Resident Evil series

They may be small but they they're just enough to make you jump ever since that first time in Resident Evil when you walked down that hall way and these dogs bust through that window. - egnomac

The first time I went down the hallway and the dogs crashed through the window I literally freaked out.

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4 Garradors - Resident Evil 4 Garradors - Resident Evil 4
5 Pig Man - Manhunt Pig Man - Manhunt

A chainsaw welding pig man hunting you down with his thingie hanging out need I say more. - egnomac

6 Shrieker - Resident Evil 6

Not only are there horrible shriek scary the thing that makes them more terrifying is they call in more zombies to you quickly over whelming you. - egnomac

7 Crimson Heads - Resident Evil (GC) Crimson Heads - Resident Evil (GC)

Appearing in the remake if you leave a zombie laying around long enough eventually they transform into these blood hungry monsters there super fast and super lethal just one shriek from these guys will make you run back through the door you came just from. - egnomac

8 Pyramid Head - Silent Hill series Pyramid Head - Silent Hill series
9 Redeads - The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time  Redeads - The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Though there not the fastest enemies in the game but thanks to their special ability they don't have to be if one of them catches you in their site they unleash a horrible scream that paralyzes you in fear. - egnomac

While not meant to be a scary game, Ocarina of Time terrified me sometimes as a kid. The main reason for this was Redeads-and you had to run past them every time you turn the game on.

I thought it said redheads for a second

I agree egnomac, they're undead skeletons with rotting flesh unleashing a horrible scream paralyzing you in fear!

10 Hunters - Resident Evil Hunters - Resident Evil

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11 Regenerators - Resident Evil 4

The noise they make and their body movements... Scariest game character ever for me hands down.

In resident evil I’ve taken on zombies, dogs, psychotic villagers, hunters, lickers, crimson heads, piranhas, bats, a giant scorpion and slime, but these guys cross the line. They are truly the most terrifying resident evil monster.

12 Ghosts - Luigi's Mansion

How is this above fripking GIYGAS!

13 Giygas - Earthbound Giygas - Earthbound

DANG it. The undulating background... the screaming face shape... the fetuses... the fatally wounded music... he's scary.

14 Splicers - Bioshock

There is nothing scarier than having a crazy disfigured man waving a gigantic shotgun at your face.

The bit where they come to life made me jump, and I nearly threw my mouse when the Sergeon burst out of the Cupboard thing.

15 Omega Flowey - Undertale

This is a living nightmare, made of human flesh and a weed all mashed up, making all you nightmares become real, putting in a bad dream you will never wake up from, permanently scarring your game every time you die.

16 Mr. X - Resident Evil 2
17 Crimson Heads - Resident Evil (Remake)
18 Herobrine - Minecraft

He's so real he killed my sheep that were in my farm! 11! He set fire to my wooden house but I was smart enough to put it out with tnt

Who put Herobrine here? DELETE IT!




19 Monster Ock - Spider-Man (2001 PS1)

Carnage may be freaky but Monster Ock is definitely the worst of your nightmares.

20 The Desire Dog and The Amalgamate - Radiation's Halloween Hack
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