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41 Eerie Smile - Mother 3
42 Deathclaw - Fallout series

Ever seen something that made you go the other direction? This guy is one of those.

43 The Amalgamates - Undertale
44 Lemon Bread - Undertale
45 Mancubus - Doom
46 Leech Man - Resident Evil 0
47 Stalkers - Dead Space 2
48 Gibdos - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
49 Wall Master - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Enderman... Really scary especially in The End! When you look at him, he SCREAMS! (Only on the PC. ) And he runs fast and takes a lot of damage. When I tried to hit him with my diamond sword but he teleports away and then teleported behind you! Scary!

50 Fast Zombies - Half Life 2

Oh my god, the first time I saw one of these things I yelled, wasted all my bullets, an threw my controller.

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51 Suiciders - Dead Island
52 The Witch - Left 4 Dead

She is SCARY! First if you startle her she runs for you until she gets you or is killed and she screams the ENTIRE time shes running and crys when not add the spoiler ester egg from payday two where she jump scares you on top of that if you play on realism SHES A ONE 1 HIT KILL

53 Servant Brute - Amnesia the Dark Descent
54 Banshee - Mass Effect 3
55 Predators - Aliens vs Predators Predators - Aliens vs Predators The Predator is a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Predator science-fiction franchise, characterized by its trophy hunting of other species for sport.

Even though I always play as the predators, I occasionally choose the humans and the predators are what I always look out for, yes aliens give you jump scares but you know you are dead when a bunch of predators are after you.

56 Ur-Didact - Halo 4

This guy is menesing until you reach him and KICK HIS ASS spoiler after you might cry

57 Giant Spiders - Spyro: A Hero's Tail

These disgusting things used to scare me so much when I was little. The way they would pop out of nowhere and try to attack you and the way they would crawl out of the ground was just so... eggh! They Were everywhere. Especially in that Area where I had to go through a cave with spiders popping out in front of you. I was so scared by that cave that I had to get my older brother to go through it for me.

58 Chainsaw Boss - Alan Wake

The second I heard this guys chian saw I threw my controller by acedent and when I found my controller I was dead he isn't that hard on easy but he is scary

59 Kackle - Donkey Kong Country 2

One guy said Mario is not scary but he is! I mean both Mario and Dnkey kong are fighters but Mario did appear in this game like yoshi, AND RARE MADE THIS GAME BUT SONIC MADE A CAMEO HERE BECAUSE ALL THE GUYS ARE Nintendo IN THE TOP!

60 Zombie Q - ChoroQ HG 4

This is really unheard of for many Western players, but when I tried searching through the haunted house in my childhood one of them are really the most traumatic enemies you might encounter. If you are ever familiar with Choro Q and played this game, what scares you the most is not just those zombies' hideous appearances but they are also twice the size as you are

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