Five Nights at Freddy's


This game deserves to be in the top ten, but not number one. It's not as scary as some games, but the atmosphere and sound effects, along with the camera visuals, make anyone with a soul (or who is not aquatinted with it, or is Cry) paranoid as $&@#. Very original gameplay and storyline as well, though the hype around it serves to split the population into love it or hate it, which I find very sad. Good game, good sequels, amazing (if confusing) storyline.

This is possibly one of the scariest games in ages. If you're a first timer on this game, I can explain what you do. Just make sure you read this carefully. You work as a security guard at the magical place where fantasy and fun come to life called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. There are four main antagonists in this game, the leader being Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox. Your main objective is to watch the cameras and check your doors when one of the animatronics gets too close. Bonnie is usually the first one to leave the stage followed by Chica. Watch for those two first. You have to survive all the nights without running out of power. Also, make sure you listen to everything that a man named Phone Guy tells you to do. You might not hear from him anymore after Night 4. There is also one mysterious animatronic in the game called Golden Freddy. He can get to your office wether the doors are closed or not, so watch out for him. That's all and ...more

Its sad that few have never, or even heard of this game. I think it should at least be in the top 100. When you first start the game, you will probably be confused about what to do. However, at the same time, you get this strange feeling that something is about to pop out and kill you. I never played the game, but this is what I saw when my friend was playing it at his house, and I came in once in a while to watch him: You seem to be a secruity guard watching secruity cameras. As time goes on, the teddy bears start doing strange and scary things. Then a bear appears in your room, and the lights go out. Then the bear jumps out at you from the shadows, and the screen gets all statically, and the screen then changes to words: Game Over.

That has changed, have you seen markiplier videos yet. He has 20,000,000 views!

Perhaps the scariest game I have seen in forever. just the feeling of paranoia can really freak you out and give you nightmares. the characters (Freddy fazbear, bonnie the bunny, chica the chicken, and foxy the pirate fox thing) are moving around in this haunted pizzeria stuffing anyone they find into a freddy suit that is filled with crossbeams wires and animatronic devices. as the night goes on the characters get creepier and more paranormal. they will start to move on their own. they even sometimes stare right at the camera... they KNOW you are watching them. and the backstory behind this haunted pizzeria (which this place is supposed to be a parody of chucky cheese) really gives a great scare

I don't know why this game is scary. Sure they make me jump a little bit but nothing to get excited about

While I do think this should be in the top ten, I don't think it should be number one. I play these games mostly for the lore, and they barely scare me anymore, but there is no doubt that I was scared the first time I played it. It doesn't deserve number one, but I think it should be in the top ten at least.

This is the best game ever. It is really scary! This is a game were your in a building and then he robots come but you could close the doors. Every minute the door opens and you would have to close it is the monsters would not come.

Five nights at freddy's isn't really scary its just creepy when they attack! Actually its scary the first time then it just gets frustrating! When I first played it I died and I threw my ipod on the wall! But after so many deaths it didn't get so scary! And ghost car is way worse!

I love FNaF so much although I've only played the fourth game. But this game has lots of history around it and speaking of the fourth game it is very surprising because in five nights at freddys 1-2-3 you are a security guard and in the fourth game you play as a child and I'd say that SLENDER GET OUT OF THIRD PLACE! This game is quite scary also very popular I am a huge fan of this and there are many songs about five nights at Freddy's and a lot of theories to. And I might share my favorite animatronics with u since I'm feeling extra nice today so here you go. 1: Mangle/Foxy 2: broken foxy 3: Nightmare Bonnie 4: Nightmare mangle 5: puppet. And those are my five favorites haha get it? Oh no sorry oh u..u don't get it. I NEVER GET GOOD JOKES!

I've played quite a few horror games (Bioshock, Eyes, Year Walk, Limbo; nothing AAA) but this one is the only one which I have trouble playing for paranoia and tension. You just don't know when they're going to come! And when they do... Que heart attack!

That crazy bear, that weirdo on the phone, and, God forbid, that damn chicken are just plain nightmare fuel! Not to mention that they will rain hell down on you for FIVE NIGHTS. That may not sound all that bad, but it is.

This is a freaky game better enjoyed by watching Pewdiepie or Markiplier than playing it.

You play as a security guard during his night shift at a fast food restaurant with animatronics that usually perform for kids. But at night, they are scary beings that want to freak you out before stuffing you into an animatronic. You have to last 6 hours for 5 days without dying, inside a room with little power that you must use wisely for checking security cameras, closing 2 doors, and using lights, and if you lose all your power, the bear, Freddy, plays a little toon before jump scaring you.

These animatronics may not seem daemonic, simply security, but I can prove they are. During nights 1 - 4, you get pre-recorded messages from the last security guard who had your job, giving you helpful tips. On night 4, at the end of the message, you hear banging and the tune Freddy plays before killing you, just before the message cuts. In level 5, Freddy is speaking to you through the ...more

Honestly, this game is so scary that I was afraid to even put my headphones on!

This is the newest game on the list and I have to say it is creepy, suspenseful, and full of jump scares. play it in the dark with headphones on and get ready to have a heart attack

Despite the game getting old after a few hours, its incredible how a game and provide so much horror with such cheap tactics

This game had a lot of buyers just for the fact that this game is creepy, scary and bone chilling. I've played it my self and 4 would be my favorite one. Scott if you were seeing this I will say that you have made quite the name for yourself and I think that you should keep on making more fnaf games!

I believe this game is rather scary, not the teddy bears themselves, but the camera views. Looking into a corner while red eyes stare out of the shadows. Enough said.

This game needs to be #1. It isn't because it just came out, so not a lot of people have seen it. Trust me, this will either be #1, or equal to Outlast.

The first 3 nights your getting a bit scared once it's the rest of the nights you have to do stuff so fast you don't have time to be scared.

Sure, I jump, but it's honestly just not scary. With this in mind it kind of ruins it for me, what with the scenery and all. Bleak, not very good, and not scary.

Just a piece of advice: in the iOS version or any touch screen device, each hour is 45 seconds. In the computer version however, the hours are 30 seconds.

I don't play it, or think it's scary, in just obsessed with it, but my friends tell me it's scary, so my thumb hit the vote button.

How is this not in the top 10?! I have nightmares because of this game and some of the jump scares are scarier than in slender

I really respect this game. It brings an original new idea on how to play the game and it has a really creepy atmosphere with genuinely creepy looking enemies. It was disappointing that they had to use a jump scare when you die, other than that; it's great! I just wish the fanbase didn't ruin it like the creepypasta fanbase did with Ben Drowned. After the 2nd FNAF game it became kind off cliche and just plain stupid. The 2nd game introduced new ways for the enemies to kill you like the vent and not keeping the music box wound up. The 3rd and 4th are just boring, and FNAF World just looks like crap.

The movie of this game may as well be the scariest movie ever, I mean, imagine everything that the night guard does in this game, was done with him moving and talking

Yes this game is very scary (the first one only) I loved the lore (I especially love video game lore) so it was my kind of ge. I liked it until I saw the fans, then I thought " Oh God, what have you done Scott?! " So the fandom ruined the game for me as I started to see pictures of Foxy and Foxy comics.